Hernandez’s first murder trial moved to January


Whenever a headline about a guy’s upcoming murder trial contains the term “first,” that’s not good.

For former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, the first of two murder trial has been moved from October 2014 to January 2015.  Specifically, jury selection begins on January 3, and the trial starts on January 9.

Whenever the trial begins (and it could be delayed one or more additional times), Hernandez will face the accusation that he killed Odin Lloyd in June 2013.

Hernandez’s second murder trial, which accuses him of killing Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, is scheduled to begin on May 28, 2015.  That date also is tentative.

21 responses to “Hernandez’s first murder trial moved to January

  1. This would have never happened if he was drafted by the Redskins. He would have been surrounded by people who not only win football games here, but care about his well being in life. Unlike in that organization in New England. A complete disgrace on and off the football field. #ZeroSuperBowlssince SpygateNE

  2. And with this news the Ravens and Bengals have made inquiries into his availability to play this season.

  3. i’m a skins fan and obviously i can’t agree with such a blanket statement… though i will say i cant remember the last time a redskin was jailed or suspended for a crime…i just hope justice is served and this dude doesn’t get off by some bs technicality…

  4. Oh man I can’t wait for this. It’s gonna be entertaining since I live in Boston.

    Smart move to try the Lloyd murder first as they have way more evidence in that one. And if he were to get off on the Furtado/Abreu muder then that kinda removes the motive from the Lloyd murder.

    But in reality, I think the guy is toast. They have sooo much evidence in the Lloyd murder.

  5. With all these trials this chucklehead may be forty years old before they’re over and even if he gets off his NFL player years will be past. I’m joking obviously but with each year that passes that’s another year he doesn’t play football and another year he’ll never get back. As it is, these trials may not even be over until 2016 and even if he can somehow avoid jail time he’ll have been out of football for at least three years. I’m sure some team that doesn’t care about legal troubles (including murder) will sign him. The Ravens were the first team that comes to mind.

  6. robert831 says:

    “Why? Its been a year, move it along already.”

    Obviously you don’t know much about due process. Most cases need at least a year before they can go to trial, and many times longer than that. The prosecution has to be able to establish its case by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses and suspects. Rushing through a case just to put the guy behind bars for good that much faster is – somewhat ironically – the absolute worst thing a prosecutor can do.

    Besides, Hernandez is sitting in prison right now anyway. It’s not like he’s going anywhere.

  7. Sign-ability?


    He will be convicted of gun charges at a minimum.

    A jury of his peers is the key. Where they come from will dictate his freedom regarding the murder trials. Just how it works…

  8. The wheels move so slow.

    He is presumed innocent until guilty. While practically, I doubt he is innocent. But let’s just say he is. If he’s actually innocent, he’ll never get back in the NFL simply because he was suspected and sat for years in jail while trying to figure it out.

    Makes me question the whole judicial system.

  9. These things take time. They’re not going to rush because the public wants a show trial right this instant. Get in touch with reality people.

  10. @erikmc10:

    If the judge found sufficient reason to hold Hernandez in jail until trial, you can rest assured that there is a significant body of evidence to show that he is an ongoing menace to society and a very convincing body of evidence to show he is actually guilty of the charges against him. Judges never take that decision lightly, considering the decision to hold a defendant in jail until trial is one of the points that can be contended in an appeal. Further, Hernandez’s ability to hire quality counsel and still be held until trial really says something.

  11. How long will We be tormented by goings and comings of Hernandez and his attorneys or court hearings,,,,has nothing to do with the NFL..Hernandez has been released by the Pats almost a yr ago,,,he doesnt play for any NFL team,,so why Oh why do we have to be bombarded with these un-NFL articles?????Lets read about Mike Vicks prison time or killing bull dogs,,,see what I mean,,,its over,,,get over it. Move on to players who actually in the NFL.

  12. One way to look at it, at least to me, is that he is in jail, not out on bail having a good time. And as I live in the city where his current procedures are going on, Ill be happy to see them held somewhere else. Tie up their traffic.

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