Race car delivers a healthy Reggie Wayne to Colts camp


Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne has been waiting quite a while to get back on the football field after tearing his ACL last season, so it is understandable that he wanted the first day of training camp to get here as soon as possible.

And it’s just as understandable that he wouldn’t want to waste a minute commuting when that day arrived on Wednesday. The Colts shared a video of Wayne making his first appearance of the summer as a passenger in an Indy Car driven by race car driver Ed Carpenter.

Wayne was wearing a modified Colts helmet during his ride to camp, but he’ll be trading it in for the more traditional headgear. The team also announced that Wayne has been cleared to take part in practice and continue preparing to make his game return in the first week of the regular season.

Running back Vick Ballard also has the green light in his return from an ACL injury, giving the Colts back two key members of the offense who were absent as the team won the AFC South and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. With tight end Dwayne Allen also back and Hakeem Nicks joining the club, the Indy offense is primed for another strong season.

12 responses to “Race car delivers a healthy Reggie Wayne to Colts camp

  1. Reggie is the best! He makes a grand entrance to training camp every year. Just watch as he tears up the league again this year, he’s ready to roll!!

  2. Remember PrimeTime’s golf cart that cost something like $50,000??? Haha oh man, back when you were allowed to have a personality and celebrate in the NFL…

  3. Hakeem Nicks could learn a few things about mental toughness from Reggie Wayne.

    Hakeem “The Tin Man” Nicks will likely get hurt the first week of training camp….

  4. My sentimental favorite was the bus full of kids, but I also liked the dumptruck (cement mixer?) arrival wearing a hard hat. What’s next year? Rappelling down from one of those hover-carriers from The Avengers with Samuel L Jackson?

    My only question is how was it legal to drive this thing on the street? License plate? Headlights/brake lights? I don’t think so….

  5. Reggie was very brave to get into a car with Ed Carpenter, particularly since the car probably had to turn right a few times to get to the facility.

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