Jerry Jones: Kyle Orton doesn’t intend to retire


When the Cowboys released quarterback Kyle Orton in July, it was widely believed Orton was weighing stepping away from the game for good.

Well, not so fast.

On Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones indicated Orton still has designs on playing in 2014, according to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

However, Orton won’t be playing for Dallas, which will move on with Brandon Weeden, Caleb Hanie and Dustin Vaughan as Tony Romo’s backups.

According to the Star-Telegram, Jones said the release of Orton was financially motivated, with the club now able to use some of the savings from Orton’s departure to address other areas, including potential contract extensions for wide receiver Dez Bryant and left tackle Tyron Smith.

By releasing Orton, the Cowboys got out from under his $3.25 million salary in 2014, but he gets to keep his signing bonus from Dallas.

Weeden, one of the Browns’ first-round picks just two years ago, got something of a vote of confidence from Jones on Wednesday, with the club’s owner saying his play helped the Cowboys feel comfortable parting ways with Orton, according to Nick Eatman of

If Orton indeed wants to play this season, he would rank as one of the top unsigned reserve quarterbacks on the market. A injury to a club’s starter could be a catalyst for interest in the 31-year-old Orton, who’s appeared in 75 regular season games.

62 responses to “Jerry Jones: Kyle Orton doesn’t intend to retire

  1. Kyle Orton is a heartless loser that only shows up to a football field to collect a paycheck. No desire to win whatsoever. Just fade into oblivion neck beard.

  2. Wow, Caleb Hanie? What, could they not trade a 7th-rounder in 2025 for Curtis Painter?

  3. They should have played hardball and fined him for several weeks. Then if that injury did happen wait until someone else was signed by that team to fill their void. Then cut him.

  4. Olé Kyle thought he could fleece the Cowboys in getting some more money… Give props to the front office for picking up on his scam and having a contingency plan in place to move on from him.

  5. I couldn’t understand why he signed a 3-year deal with Dallas on the first place. My guess is that he was miserable there and failed on his only chance to play over the last two years (Week 17 vs. Eagles).

    He probably regrets signing with Dallas and wants a chance to start elsewhere. Could probably start for the Texans right now.

  6. It was clear to most of us that Orton just didn’t want to play in Dallas for whatever reason. Since he never announced his retirement, we figured he wasn’t.

    There are several NFL teams that have current starters who aren’t as good as Orton. And I’m not even counting Dallas.

  7. Yeah, he just wanted to leave the Allas Cowboys… no D on that team.
    8-8 streak finally broken this year…only to go even worse lol

  8. Jones should punish Orton by trading him to the Raiders. Oakland would probably make a Carson Palmer like deal to get him.

  9. He’s not much better than Weeden. Wasn’t Weeden at Ok State when Bryant was catching passes? I doubt he will be crying about him. Maybe they are besties?

  10. Remember that one team that traded you away back in 2009? Well, you could always return there and back up the dude that you were traded away for.

    Seriously. Jay Cutler has a tendency to get hurt. His backups?

    Jordan Palmer, who has made 15 pass attempts in his career, and his greatest career achievement is losing to Chad Henne in a battle to back up Blaine Gabbert

    Jimmy Clausen, who played a major role in the Panthers having the #1 pick in 2011. He had 9 interceptions and fumbles (9 each, not overall) in 13 games.

    So yeah, Chicago. Whenever you’re ready.

  11. Yup…I think Houston would be interested.

    Orton’s best seasons were with McDaniels. Bill O’Brien runs a similar system. It makes sense to bring him in to compete with Fitzpatrick.

  12. When jerry started being “comfortable enough” with QB’s play in shorts throwing to stud wrs is when they started losing.

  13. I loved it in week 17 when Orton threw the game-ending interception against the Eagles, and the Cowboys’ owner turned around and yelled at his GM and president.

  14. Orton has found a profitable new career selling his neck beard hair to hair stylist to use for hair weaves.

  15. Is this a joke? The guy skips all team workouts, including mini camp (costing himself $70K) and even no-shows his physical, all while the Cowboys are telling anyone who’ll listen that they expect him to report because he actually intended playing for them and his release was all Jerry’s choice and was completely financially motivated. What a load of BS!!!! If anyone actually believes this, you deserve to have Jerry as the owner of your favorite team.

  16. If Orton truly has eyes to play again, I don’t see it happening in Chicago. The Bears have a completely different coaching regime since he was there last and they may not be even willing to take a look at him. But, if a reunion is on the horizon, could it be with Lovie in Tampa?

  17. Jerry Jones wanted Orton to say he would retire, so Orton would pay money back to Jones. Jones lost. That is all.

  18. Let’s see as a starter.:

    Tampa Bay

    As a back up:

    Probably a half dozen more franchises.

    There are a lot of crappy QB’s hanging around the NFL.

  19. Jerry Jones is already pissing and moaning on here just like he always does 24/7, and it will continue during the coming season as the Cowboys continue to lose and lose and lose some more with Moron Romo!

  20. Kind of a good move by Jerry. Romo is almost certain to be hurt and if he does they will lose enough to get a Top 5 pick and finally be able to fire Garrett.

  21. Here’s the stretch, the windup, and the sack of WE DONE!
    What a surprise when Romo gets hurt and WE DONE leads the ‘Boys to a 2-14 Record!

  22. It was the right move they should have done it sooner is all. I think they waited to see what Weeden was 1st. Weeden will do well for them. Orton is no big loss IMO.

  23. Wasn’t he traded to Chigago from Denver after getting beat out by Tebow? That tells you something. Way to go Cowbabies. Now they are stuck with Clevelands rejects as a back up to aging and injury prone Romo. Another 8-8 season at a theater new you.

  24. This guy was the highest paid backup in the NFL. If you thought you were a starting QB, you should have never came to Dallas. Because you beating out Romo, Man Please!!!

  25. So, Orton got what he wanted. To be cut and not have to pay back his signing bonus. So…. I would say he got exactly what he wanted contrary to what people are thinking happened here.

  26. I’m almost ready to believe that Dallas will make a trade for Ryan Mallett. You know, with Jones’ Arkansas ties. It kinda feels logical.

  27. As long as jones keeps running that team,

    Time and time again, jones proves he knows nothing about football.
    But he is jones golden boy, so he will stay, and the Cowboys will lose again.

  28. I can see it now…Orton sits on the couch…Romo gets injured in week 16…Cowboys are 8-7, playing for the division (yeah, RIGHT! That’s NEVER gonna happen!)…hey, Orton knows our system, let’s bring him in!…down by 6 with 1:42 remaining…

    Crap! History is repeated!

    I’m a Cowboys fan, and I hate my life right now…


  29. To think Tebow couldn’t find anywhere to play and here is Jones begging Orton to play out his contract so that he doesn’t forfeit that signing bonus. And, you wonder why the league is the way it is.

  30. Jerry Jones, GM genius, (sic)

    Orton would become the best quarterback on the Texans roster…instantly

  31. Kyle is a good QB & could be a starter with several teams right now. I wish him the best.
    As a Bucs fan, I would love to see him land in Tampa Bay. We are going to have a decent team this year & he would be a huge asset I feel.

  32. Tebow to Dallas would be a great move. Tim Tebow on “America’s Team” = all kinds of potential.

    On the other hand, could see Ryan Mallett moving to Dallas and Belichick bringing back the new and improved Tim Tebow.

  33. Tebow to Dallas, talk about a circus. That being said, still love to see tebow he was very exciting to watch @ Florida and Denver.

  34. Weeden is a taller version of Tony Romo, when you need him to make a play in the 4th QTR, he craps his pants!

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