Jets place Willie Colon and Antwan Barnes on PUP

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Now we know part of the reason the Jets signed Jason Babin earlier today.

The Jets announced that they were placing linebacker Antwan Barnes and veteran guard Willie Colon on the physically unable to perform list to open training camp, in addition to the signing of the veteran pass-rusher.

Barnes is coming off some knee problems, so the addition of Babin gives them some experienced depth to get them through camp. Colon is dealing with knee and biceps injuries.

The Jets also released cornerback Lowell Rose to create the roster spot for Babin.

3 responses to “Jets place Willie Colon and Antwan Barnes on PUP

  1. Barnes was pure depth…If he’s playing significant time, something has gone wrong in the LB unit.

    Colon…a little more worrisome, but not like it wasn’t known that he has injury issues…Winters is supposed to fight him for the guard spot and hopefully overtake him anyway…

    …and what does this have to do with Babin (DE) signing again? Because signing a pass rusher helps negate the issue with the o-line?

  2. Ugh, see this is exactly why the Steelers finally gave up on Colon. When healthy, he’s a beast, and when he was healthy the Steelers signed him to a big extension – and then he was never healthy ever again. We’re STILL paying his dead money, at least this is the last year.

    It’s not just one thing either, he gets himself a wide variety of health issues. Every team seems to have a couple of these guys, dudes who would be great players if not for all the time they spend in the tub. Double ugh, and I hate to bring up the ‘roids, but isn’t this supposed to be one of the signs? Extra strong, extra fast, extra injury prone? Anyone?

    Either way, I always liked Colon, he’s a good player and just about the meanest, most physical guy you could ever ask fire on your offensive line. The Steelers line really never recovered from his injury problems which helped set them back a couple years. He’s also the most penalized of linemen, but at least he won’t make any penalties as long as he’s in the training room.

  3. Colon played every game last year, and will be will be back soon. The fact that he is not ready could be a blessing in disguise. There is a buildup of young guys fighting for reps behind Colon. Now they have a chance to fight for a future starting role.

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