Mike Pouncey now expected to miss two months of season

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Despite some early optimism, it looks like Dolphins center Mike Pouncey’s absence will be a lengthy one.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Pouncey is now expected to need four months to recover from his June hip surgery, which would extend his rehab into late October.

“Eight weeks is probably what we’re looking at,” a source said of the time Pouncey was expected to miss.

The Dolphins have an early bye week, so he might just miss seven games if that timetable holds up.

The Dolphins open camp Friday, and Pouncey will be placed on the physically unable to perform list at that time. The more interesting call will come at roster cuts. They can save a roster spot by using the regular season PUP designation, which would mean he’d miss at least six games.

The Dolphins had plenty of upheaval anyway, with an overhaul of their offensive line at every other spot. Now, they’re looking for a center for the first few months.

19 responses to “Mike Pouncey now expected to miss two months of season

  1. Has a pats fan, I was really nervous about the season opener being at Miami. Pouncey and Jordan being out has really helped calm my nerves. Miami has the most talent out of the other 3 AFC east teams

  2. Ouch, it’s never a good thing to lose your center. We Steeler fans know this all too well after last season and it took us half of the season to recover. At least they have plenty of time to find an adequate replacement.

  3. I remember when our (then) 1st round draft pick Gabe Carimi messed up his knee early in the regular season. First it was “two to four weeks”, then after four weeks it was “two more weeks”, then after that it was “day to day” and a couple weeks after that he went on IR.

    Makes me wonder if the Fins have the Bears’ old medical staff.

  4. Look on the bright side, the Dolphins will get to “reboot” again next year. Who will be the next person to get a ride in Ross’s helicopter?

  5. Kind of ironic that he has a “Doctors Hospital” patch on his jersey in that pic… no?

  6. john jerry – knee surgery and out of work
    mike pouncey – hip surgery and out of work
    richie incognito – mental asylum and out of work

    Jonathan Martin – Healthy and Employed


  7. Karma for BullyGate…bummer, but karma is always deserved. Plus, they might not replace him with the same caliber player but at least the replacement will have more character. Gee wiz the Fins OL couldn’t possibly be worse than last year!

  8. Sorry, but I think there’s something wrong with your math. 4 months would be late November not October.

    Right now is July 23, which makes August 23rd 1 month away, September 23rd 2 months away, October 23rd 3 months away, and November 23rd 4 months away.

    That would make the Dolphins week 12 game against the Broncos exactly 4 months from today. Assuming the doctor’s are correct and he has no setbacks between now and then, then that would be the earliest he’d be able to return. Add in the bye week and that’s a minimum of 10 games missed not 7.j

  9. To the guy above, Pouncey had the surgery in late June, so 4 months from then would be late October. Sucks either way though.. He’ll probably miss 7-8 games.

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