NaVorro Bowman opens 49ers camp on the PUP list


Some of the roster moves teams are making come as a surprise, but the 49ers knew this one was coming.

The team announced linebacker NaVorro Bowman was placed on the active/physically unable to perform list.

Bowman suffered a torn ACL and MCL in last year’s NFC Championship Game, so he wasn’t expected to be back on the field for the start of camp.

But getting him back on the field early in the season will be crucial for the 49ers if they want to get back to that level, as Bowman was playing as well as any defensive player in the league last season.

23 responses to “NaVorro Bowman opens 49ers camp on the PUP list

  1. A more honest headline would have been

    “NaVorro Bowman opens 49ers camp on the PUP list As Expected”

    They way you worded it makes it sound like he showed up out of shape or something.

  2. pftpoet,
    why are you even posting about the NFCW?

    You are a self-proclaimed Viking fan.

    The PED references are about 3 to 4 years old.. get with the times.

  3. I think Bowman is a tremendous player, and I hope he recovers 100% and soon. When there is a great talent around nobody wants to see him sidelined by injury. And I’m a ‘Hawks fan but I recognize excellence when I see it. Best to you. Recover soon.

  4. pfftpoet is a 49er-homer posing as a Vikes fanboy so he can troll without the backlash his team would normally draw.

  5. Navarro will have his revenge esp after how hawk fans were throwing food at him when he was on the stretcher.

    Stat classy Seattle.

  6. Maybe some of you Hawk fans living near Santa Clara can swing by 4949 centennial Blvd. and throw skittles at Navaro and wish him a speedy recovery…

  7. Still can’t believe he got snubbed for Defensive Player of the Year. Look at the side by side stats of him and Luke Keuchly…sure, I’m a little biased, but he arguably had better stats and to not even come close in the voting?

  8. They guy got torn up on that play.
    That he will come back at all is a statement on modern medicine and the man’s toughness.
    I’m a Raider fan who’s rooting for a good year for him.

  9. I see way to much disrespect on here between my beloved 49ers and the current Super Bowl Champions! We need to start embracing each other rather than drag each other through the mud. Look the Seahawks whooped us in the NFCCG the referees didn’t help them win the game so stop with all of the nonsense and move on! Get well soon Bowman! As a team we need to prove that we are better than Seattle which we have yet to do I think that this will be the lunatic coach Harbaughs last year if he dosent win the whole thing.


  10. I don’t expect him back this season and I don;t think he should play this season. It’s takes nearly a year for that injury to get anywhere near healed and strength back to 100%.

    Play Chris Borland. Probably one of the steals of the draft.

  11. Hey ninergang365 get over yourself and go jump on the SeaWagon! I truly doubt you are a 9er fan and if you are it’s obvious it has not been for very long.
    Get well soon 53!

  12. Bowman dpoy in my eyes speedy recovery the people who think you shouldn’t return this season to fully recover are obnoxiously afraid of ur ability to change a games outcome onfield

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