NFL announces Lane Johnson suspended four games for PEDs


Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson has been suspended for the first four games of the 2014 season for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Johnson blamed the suspension, which had previously been reported but only today officially announced, on a medication that he says he took without realizing it was on the list of banned substances. He did not name the medication.

“In April while training, I mistakenly and foolishly put a prescribed medication in my body to help with a medical issue. I mistakenly failed to clear it with Eagles trainers and check the NFL list of banned substances. I am extremely sorry for this mistake and I will learn from it and be smarter in the future,” Johnson said. “This will be very hard on me to not be battling with my teammates for four games – but I will be ready and better than ever when I return.”

With Johnson and Miami’s Dion Jordan both suspended from Week One through Week Four, two of the NFL’s Top 4 picks in the 2013 NFL draft will be serving PED suspensions to start the season.

Johnson can participate in training camp and the preseason but will have to be away from the team’s facility from the start of the regular season through Monday, September 29.

81 responses to “NFL announces Lane Johnson suspended four games for PEDs

  1. ufostomper, I know! I too am shocked! Get ready for the lamest of jokes and nicknames for the World Champs. Trying to think of a good one for the Eagles now,…hmmm, ummm,….oooohooooh, um, the PEDelphia Eagullibles! Yes!

  2. Not that I am excusing this behavior BUT at least this guy admitted his screw-up.

    He didn’t try to blame someone else. He said straight out that he didn’t check.

    While it sucks that he is suspended, good show on being one of the few professional athletes to take responsibility for their actions.

  3. As an Eagles fan, all I have to say is this: when you are drafted into the league to be a professional athlete, than your professionalism should extend beyond the field of play and into your daily life as well. A true professional of his craft is fully aware of what he can and cannot do within the regulations of his occupation, and if you are ignorant enough to ingest something that would compromise your ability to do your job via suspension…that doesn’t show respectable professionalism whatsoever.

    This will be forgotten in almost no time, but it isn’t a good sign from a top-5 pick on a team where changing the culture for the better is of utmost priority.

  4. Does anyone know what is on this list of banned substances? I’d like to see what the possibilities are that he “accidently and unknowingly” took.

  5. I am mistakenly sorry for this mistake I mistakenly mistook. Mistake, mistake, sorry, I made a mistakey-stake. Totally not on purpose, ’twas a mistake.

  6. ” mistakenly failed to clear it with Eagles trainers and check the NFL list of banned substances…even though they pound into us week after week that this is exactly the kind of crap that we’re supposed to check with them about”

    Fixed it. Yeah, it makes a great sounding apology, until you remember that he’s supposed to know better (and most likely did).

  7. In 2014 there have now been 16 players suspended for violating substance policies. 0 of those players have been on the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks. Have a great day!

  8. ufostomper says:
    Jul 23, 2014 2:29 PM
    Oh no! You mean players on other teams but the hawks get suspended for PED’s
    Yeah, but not a full unit.

  9. The list is published online. So, unless he took allergy medicine, whatever he took looks kinda fishy. And if it WAS allergy medicine…I think he would admit that.

  10. Heard Seattle is offering their first round pick for him.

    Heard you are jealous of the Super Bowl Champs so you try and make stupid comments to make yourself feel better.

    Go Hawks!

  11. Standard PFT response:

    Happens to a Seahawk – Make jokes.

    Happens to anyone else – Make excuses.

    Good luck explaining why your teams sucked this coming year without mentioning how many games your players were suspended.

  12. So, even though it could cost them hundreds of thousands in lost pay, and being labeled a “bad” guy or a cheater, these college educated men still take drugs without clearing it with their medical coaching staff, even after years of seeing it happen to other people–and then of course they play the victim. Is anyone else sick of being sold this load of crap??? Man up, you got caught, dozens of others will not–oh waaahhhhhh. Your mom should have taught you better bro.

  13. “I mistakenly and foolishly…”

    Oh, please. You know what you were doing. Everyone knows the consequences. The banned list is accessible. Anyone who wants to obey the policy would go out of their way to look up what they’re taking, and they do. This is practically the same excuse as Mathis.

  14. What is it about the bird teams that instill the need for their players to enhance themselves?

  15. LOL, since they’re all juicing, I’m blaming the reporters who in the spring reported his weight gain, added muscle. Duh…I’d test him after those articles if I was the NFL. Media can be so dumb sometimes. NFL needs to be serious about it or do nothing at all. If these guys aren’t juicing, they’re doping.

  16. You just have to look at how each of these coaches left their colleges after they bailed just before sanctions were coming due to cheating.

    Shouldn’t surprise anybody that PED usage rampant on Carroll and Kelly teams.

  17. Attention. The NFL will no longer allow the following effective immediately:
    1. Gluten
    2. Sugary kids cereal
    3. Non-NFL sanctioned haircuts
    4. Sunshine
    5. Laughter

    The NFL thanks you for your commitment to the state. Back to work, all of you.

  18. They just need to make a catchy “Schoolhouse Rock!” song using all the names of the banned substances, that way everybody will be totally clear once they memorize the tune. A fun time killer for that long period before the draft, rookies can hear the vets try to sing it at the symposium.

    The last verse is “Let’s just be cognizant that this list exists and to be responsible in advance so we don’t have to deal with this stupid song anymore”.

    Sorry the beat falls flat at the end but by natural design the song is dreadfully laborious to get through and it’s not funny anymore after you get far into it.

  19. Cheaters gonna Cheat, does it really matter when the whole NFC East is playing for 2nd place.


  20. Yeah, I am surprised players in the NFL use PED’s. Get over yourselves. Every team has players on their team that use them.

  21. So you mean to tell me this guy who likely took aderall or something likely harmless will miss 4 games.

    When a player like oh say Aldon Smith has been arrest for making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport, arrested twice for DUI including one they found marijuana on him, was stabbed in his home, was arrested on gun charges and was involved in wreck in which the car he was in flipped.

    With all of that Mr. Smith he has never been suspended by the team or the NFL for even a single game during his 3 + year career…… Yet guys take one pill fail a test and miss 4 games…. SMH

    Maybe this policy should be reevaluated

  22. Looks like Chip has decided to go a step further beyond creatine and Vitamin B12.

  23. eaglesnoles05 says:Jul 23, 2014 2:31 PM

    Jax, Indy, Wash, SF are those games. Disappointing.

    Why so glum, chum? Those first three games are easily winnable, even without Lane. San Fran could be tougher, but if Aldon Smith is serving a suspension at the same time it could even itself out.

  24. Kinda getting tired of the lame excuses for taking PEDs. I’d be much happier if one of two things happen. 1, the player says, I got caught taking roids. Or 2, don’t say anything at all.

  25. Unnamed source just told me Pete and his crew just boarded a private jet and on their way to Philadelphia

    Unnamed source just told me you are a petty jealous little guy.

    Superr Bowl Champs

    Go Hawks!

  26. What does this tell us about Oregon and Chip Kelly?

    Interesting to see the former top two PAC 10 coaches both have PED problems.

  27. Surely, physicians know about the “banned substance list” and know that their patients are NFL players so, I have to wonder why any reputable physician would put his/her patient in this situation. Is “the list” public? If not, how are athletes suppose to be more educated about pharmacology than their doctor and refuse to follow the physician’s course of treatment? Even things not on the list can give false positive because of trace elements or chemical interactions that create something else. Most people, including players, trust the competence of their physicians and do not question when being treated…they don’t say, “Sorry doc, I have to run this by my employer”. The NFL’s drug policy seems entirely too vague and open to interpretation by the league…when did Roger Goodell go to medical school?. This situation could happen to any player on any team so fans should be careful when pointing fingers!

  28. Wow! Johnson suspended 4 games for PEDs..

    Couple that with the giants multiple injuries to their linebackers and Snee’s retirement, things are looking good for the skins

  29. Are these suspension announcements faster when the banned substance is a PED? The NFL has evidently been building a case against Josh Gordon since before the draft yet we haven’t heard a peep from them.

  30. To all those posting the lame Seattle Pedhawks jokes, remember, they who they are because they don’t get caught. OK, a few do, but for the most part, the skill is not getting caught.

  31. Until 2012, I have never seen a single person wearing a Seahawk jersey. Now everywhere I go I see people wearing them. We all know the “12th man” means the Seattle doctor.

  32. They should have an app for banned substances. The player can simply scan the barcode on the “OTC medicine” and a big “NO” will appear on his smart phone screen, followed by a phone call from the coach.

  33. His first game back will be against the Rams..more specifically Chris Long. That might not end up well.

  34. In 2014 there have now been 16 players suspended for violating substance policies. 0 of those players have been on the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks.
    Vikings are facing ped suspensions, not Seattle


  35. To all those posting the lame Seattle Pedhawks jokes, remember, they who they are because they don’t get caught.

    “they who they are”….Please try and type a coherent sentence.

    Thank you

  36. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Jul 23, 2014 3:48 PM
    New England Patriots don’t need PEDs to win every year.
    They just need to tape opposing team walkthroughs and harbor murders.

  37. Until 2012, I have never seen a single person wearing a Seahawk jersey

    Is that when you finally came out from beneath the rock you live under?

    #12 jersey was retired in 84.

    Your jealousy is showing.

    Super Bowl Champions

    Go Hawks

  38. I’m surprised no one has made the direct connection of Dion Jordan and Lane Johnson… Chip Kelly!!! Coincidence maybe? Worth a look Mr. Goodell… Yes.

  39. @ydousuk says:
    “they who they are”….Please try and type a coherent sentence.
    “I don’t see nothin’ wrong wit dat sentence.”
    Sincerely, Shannon Sharpe

  40. His agent just downloaded the standard form letter “apology” from the NFLPA website and inserted Lane’s name.

    People to Lane: “Nice apology”
    Lane: “Huh, what apology?”

  41. Hundreds of thousands on the line, teams’ starting players availability on the line…and there’s no mechanism by the NFLPA, teams or agents to micromanage every medication they’re taking? Yeah, whatever…

  42. Lets all get outraged when a 6’6″ 310lb guy who runs a 4.72/40 pisses dirty. Common people this stuff doesn’t happen in nature. Grow up and realize that peds have been a major part of football since the steelers first Superbowl.

  43. why didnt he pull a sherman and crack the cup and then say that there was a cup with dirty urine in it…cause drug testing places always leave those laying around

  44. I say let them take whatever they want. They are freaks of nature anyhow. It seems like the system is too arbitrary the way it is handled now.
    Oh and FIRE Goodell

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