Report: Chiefs, Charles have had talks on new deal

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Linebacker Justin Houston didn’t join the Chiefs for offseason work as he tried to leverage himself into a contract extension and the question of whether or not he’d report to training camp on time has been a big one in Kansas City.

It now has to make room for the question of whether or not running back Jamaal Charles will be there. Reports on Tuesday indicated that Charles will not report to camp on time in a holdout for a new deal that will pay him more money. Not everyone is convinced that Charles will be a no-show, however.

Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs have had discussions about a new contract for Charles, who is set to make $3.9 million this year and $6 million next year under the terms of his current deal. Paylor also reports that the Chiefs “believe” Charles will report to camp with the other veterans on Wednesday whether or not they have agreed on a revised deal.

Charles’ desire for a new deal is a fairly strong one, given his importance to the Chiefs and the fact that his compensation ranks him below less effective backs as well as other members of the Chiefs offense. He’ll also be 29 when his current deal expires and that’s not a great age for a running back to sell himself on the open market.

It’s a headache the Chiefs don’t need with contract decisions to make on Houston and quarterback Alex Smith before they become free agents after the 2014 season, but one they appear to be willing to deal with if it means ensuring Charles is leading the offense again this season.

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  1. Based on his production, he’s definitely underpaid for his services. I can’t ever blame a player for holding out for more money if they deserve it. They have a very short window in which to be productive and they have to take advantage of it. Teams cut guys all the time who are under contract, so when a guy holds out, I don’t hold a grudge against him.

    Charles is not the biggest guy in the world either and the Chiefs appear to want to run him until his wheels fall off. Players who don’t deserve it but hold out anyways, that’s another matter; but based solely on what he’s done, Charles certainly does. Pay the man.

  2. This one is interesting to me.

    I wonder if Charles will see anything near what McCoy and AP already have, or if he gets a lower deal like many other backs.

    I honestly believe he is just as versatile as McCoy, and definitely belongs in a top 3-5 tier at the position.

    But the question remains, are franchise running backs making 10 mill a year a thing of the past?

  3. this is typical crap…. the runningback market is soft anyway. if he were to leave he would get gerhart, johnson or moreno money anyway. his contract is fine. play and shut it

  4. There is no thing as a long term contract in the NFL either the players holds out or the team cuts them so why don’t these players get paid for production and sign one year contracts.

  5. If he has 2 years left. I would make him wait. Like you said he will be 29 when the 2 years is up and he will not be in high demand at that point anyway. So why waste the money.

  6. extending charles actually creates more cap room this year to sign houston and smith, due to the signing bonus on a new deal not counting against the cap. with the cap going up 10 million every season, they won’t put themselves in a bad spot signing three of their best players.

  7. also, charles plays at 210 these days and has had ONE notable injury in four seasons as a starter, the freak ACL tear (just like peterson). he’s one of the toughest and most durable players in the league – the talk of his size being a concern is even less valid now than it was when he fell in the draft.

  8. Willnit says: “Chris Johnson 2.0 coming riiiight up.”

    Actually, take it from a former Chris Johnson fan: Jamaal Charles is what CJ could’ve been if the horrid waste of talent had been a hard-working team-first guy. … I’d give anything to have had Charles in the Titans backfield the past few years. For starters, we wouldn’t have missed the playoffs by one game two separate seasons. … I mean, thanks, Chris Johnson … Thanks a lot.

    Not over it,
    Titans Fan

  9. Pay him and pay Alex Smith. Two stand up guys who are the identity of the team. It’s been a long time since the Chiefs were scary good – like they were in 2013. Both guys deserve it my guess is that the Chiefs are smart enough to make it happen.

  10. call ing him CJ 2k is hilarious to me.

    he has NEVER been that guy. he doesn’t care when his OL sucks. that doesn’t mean he runs for 3.0 ypc like CJ does, no, Charles will run for 6 yards plus. last year was his WORST as a starting HB in YPC. yet if they didn’t sit him that final game he has 2000 total yards and 20 td’s…

    he already came back from an ACL injury proving he is one of those freakish people who can do that sort of thing. also could mean he can play longer than the average HB can handle. worst case he splits carries, at 5-6 a clip I don’t think 15 carries and 5 catches will be that heartbreaking or anything near the fall of CJ2k

    not to mention Charles is the best pass protecting HB in football. he can also catch passes with the best of the HB ‘s. so he has Sproles like longevity even beyond his years as a starter.

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