Chiefs, Jamaal Charles agree to new contract


So much for the Jamaal Charles holdout.

Just as Chiefs players were reporting to training camp on Wednesday afternoon — and just as reports were coming in that Charles was officially a holdout — Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Charles and the Chiefs have agreed on a new contract.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it’s a two-year extension that makes Charles the second-highest paid running back in the NFL, behind Adrian Peterson. Charles is now under contract to Kansas City through 2017. Charles was due to make $3.9 million this year, which is a fairly low salary considering that Charles plays a huge role in Kansas City’s offense — so huge that he is arguably the most important non-quarterback in the NFL.

Charles led the Chiefs last year not just in rushing with 259 carries for 1,287 yards, but also in receiving with 70 catches for 693 yards.

44 responses to “Chiefs, Jamaal Charles agree to new contract

  1. That was quick lol hopefully it’s more than Adrian Peterson
    Top 5 running backs
    1. Shady all around
    2. Charles all around
    3. Lynch
    4. Ap
    5. Matt forte
    Khalil Mack> Clowney and Barr

  2. Well, since he just got paid, I believe I’ll drop him down my fantasy draft board.

  3. That was fast. I like and respect Jamaal Charles. May he have great success against the Broncos and Raiders this season. (The latter is a no-brainer.)

  4. Wow. Sounds like he could have just walked in and asked, “Can I have some more money?”


  5. First Chris Johnson was “better than Adrian Peterson”. Then Arian Foster was. Now LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles are too?

    He was definitely underpaid. And I’m happy to see him get some appreciation. But can we please stop saying that any of these guys are on All Day’s level?

    It’s laughable.

  6. I hope Alex Boone isn’t thinking it will play out the same way for him. A top-3 dual-threat RB on a weapons-challenged team has a wee bit more leverage than a slightly above average OG on a team with lots of OL depth.

  7. My main man Jamaal !! Well deserved !! He was my rock, along with Peyton, in my fantasy league last year !!! Can you say champion?

  8. Just to reiterate, this guy is NOTHING like Chris Johnson. Jamaal Charles is committed to his team. He’s a hard worker. He’s not a me-first guy who blows up Twitter telling you how great he is. And I could never ever imagine him attacking Chiefs fans the way CJ verbally attacked the Titans fans who were critical of him several years ago.

    Congratulations to the Chiefs’ front office, team and city of Kansas City.

  9. Big money! Short term deal, too. Nice job, Jammal!

    I don’t think the extra cheese is going to slow this cat down. Nobody is faster down the sideline.

  10. Career yards per carry:
    • Jamaal Charles: 5.6
    • Jim Brown: 5.2
    • Gale Sayers: 5.0
    • Barry Sanders: 5.0
    • Adrian Peterson: 5.0

  11. Good to see a running back get his proper value in a league where running backs are being short-changed overall. Players should be paid by importance not by league averages. Good move by the Chiefs too.

  12. To all the people who said Charles should honor his contract, this just shows that even the Chiefs knew they were getting a steal when they are able to do a deal this quickly.

    By paying Charles now, it will not disrupt camp, will keep him and the team happy(no one wants to see their team mates shorted), and will make others on the team feel that they will eventually be taken care of.

    While I have enjoyed making fun of the Chiefs for the past couple of years, they handled this deal perfectly. Keeping your employees happy is the best way to create loyalty.

  13. Good on him…..Plus he gets to break the bank again with guaranteed $$ in just 2 years when tv contract revenue should escalate that cap # just a wee bit. Unfortunately its the sign of the times, hard for a NFL player to show any type of loyalty with the way contracts are currently structured.

  14. When you remember they extended Larry Johnson for 5 years 45 million 19 guaranteed in 2007 after finishing with over 1,700 yards rushing, over 300 receiving in 2006. Times have changed for RB’s, course Johnson did nothing after that extension.

  15. Dwayne Bowe is on $11M and Jamal Charles was set to make $3.9M. I think that he had a pretty good case to renegotiate. Congrats to Jamal and Andy Reid on showing the common sense to pay him more. He’s worth it.

  16. Good move by the front office. This way, the harmony of the team is kept in check and everything can function thru camp normally with no distractions.

  17. Quality players have the right to hold out and receive a new contract that matches their worth just as teams have the right to demand a restructure or to even cut a player. The market is constantly changing and old contracts can become obsolete on either side. This is an example of the Chiefs recognizing the value of Charles and adjusting accordingly.

  18. This happened so fast, it had to be in the works for awhile. His agent probably just told him not to report until all the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted. Then the Twitter crowd just ran with it. Just a guess.

  19. Andy Reid… so glad the Eagles got rid of this guy. Chip Kelly makes adjustments on the fly, Reid is stubborn and makes adjustments during a bye week. You can tell he’s a babbling fool when you hear his press conferences “er eh uh er uhhh ehh err uhhh”.

  20. I’m happy for him.why is it even a discussion if he’s the best back in the league? So far he’s the best back of all time. Stats don’t lie.

  21. humb0lt says: Jul 23, 2014 5:03 PM

    That was fast. I like and respect Jamaal Charles. May he have great success against the Broncos and Raiders this season. (The latter is a no-brainer.)
    He had that monster 200 yard receiving game against Oakland last season, but his career rushing average versus the Raiders is 3.3. His 5.4 average versus the Chargers is much closer to his career average. But keep yapping. Your stumbling ignorance is always entertaining.

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