Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice is retiring

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The Seattle Seahawks will enter the 2014 season with one less player than they expected to have.

Per a league source, receiver Sidney Rice has decided to retire from football.  The source says that the 27-year-old Rice’s decision arises from his history of concussions.

More recently, Rice has been unable to play due to a knee injury suffered during the 2013 season.  A torn ACL caused him to miss eight games in the regular season and the playoffs.

Signed in 2011 after four seasons in Minnesota, Rice never came close to matching a breakout season third season in the league.  With Brett Favre arriving in Minnesota, Rice generated 1,312 receiving yards in 2009.  Since then, he has appeared in 16 regular-season games only once.

Cut after the 2013 season by the Seahawks, Rice rejoined Seattle in April after getting clearance from Dr. James Andrews.  Rice was due to earn a base salary of $1 million this year.

103 responses to “Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice is retiring

  1. Wise Words of Wisdom:

    Once you leave the historic Minnesota Vikings, your whole career goes down the drain.

    There’s a reason we let go of you.


  2. Had a good career. No better way to retire than retiring on top with a ring! Thank you Sidney for your contributions to this team!

  3. Will miss you Big Sid. You were grossly overpaid, oft-injured, but balled out when you could and were a great teammate and community member. Ok haters – have at it.

  4. Not a huge loss by any means. But no doubt this board will bring all the haters making this out to be the reason they can’t repeat.

    We have it better.

  5. He woke up in the morning, didn’t feel like going to camp, probably because of all those injuries through the course of his career.

  6. Don’t respond to any hate mail folks. Richardson, Lockette, Norwood, and even Lockette looking good. 2 tight end sets coming

  7. He was a bust on the field, but he did a great job in the community #classact plus this means chris matthews should have a shot 6ft4 210 pounds

  8. Rice never came close to matching a breakout season third season in the league
    ——————————————————– Proof positive that HOF QBs make HOF WRs.


  9. Probably wise. Health and a long, happy and healthy life is worth way more than a paycheck – period.

    Once a player has had a serious concussion, it’s much more wise to call it a career than to keep going; regardless of the glory and money involved.

  10. He made a hell of a lot of money off of basically one good season with the Vikings. I hope he’s been wise with it.

  11. Just could not stay healthy. I thought that season in 09 on the Vikings when he obliterated Dallas in the playoffs he was on his way to stardom . Very sad.

  12. Wow. What a non factor he was in Seattle. Hell be remembered as a Viking in my eyes. As a Ram Fan, im dissapointed as I like a team that Rama face to be at full strength. Injuries suck.

  13. “thepftpoet says:
    Jul 23, 2014 3:57 PM
    Wise Words of Wisdom:

    Once you leave the historic Minnesota Vikings, your whole career goes down the drain.

    There’s a reason we let go of you.”

    thepftpoet logic:

    down the drain = huge payday, super bowl ring & being able to retire before permanent neurological damage from further concussions.

  14. Will miss Rice’s leadership, but his on-field performance never quite measured up to his talent. I didn’t think he would make the team anyway, but retiring does save the Seahawks $1M in cap room that could come in handy this year of the next. Best wishes to Rice for a happy & healthy retirement. Going out on top is never a bad way to go.

  15. Good luck to him in the future, and good job getting out before permanent damage was done – with the added incentive of going out with a Ring.

    Just imagine, if fate had taken a different twist, he likely would have died on a cold college field somewhere in the middle of Nowhere, Minnesota.

  16. Make a few more million and be drooling on yourself by 50, or walk away now, financially set for life, and enjoy it?

    Good choice Sid.

  17. Buying lots of franchise restuarants and such in the Seattle area, being pretty smart with his money, He’ll be fine. Thansk #18

  18. Good luck Sid! Too bad injuries got the best of you. Seahawks got to be hoping Percy shows up in a big way this year

  19. On such a run-heavy offense, it’s difficult to generate a ton of receiving yards. But when the ball did come his way, Sidney tried to make the most of it. Made some key catches. Sometimes he was electric.

  20. thats really too bad. Sid was an extremely talented receiver when healthy. great hands, ball location, body control and physicality. could go deep or make tough catches as the sticks for possession. i always hoped he could get rid of the injury bug but am glad he decided to retire rather than putting his body and mind in further jeopardy.

  21. He was a talented player that I always liked even though he never played for my team. It is always a shame seeing younger guys having their football careers cut short from injuries. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

  22. Sad to see him hang it up. But can’t blame him. He never fulfilled his potential due to Injuries in Seattle. No one can blame any player for getting hurt. That’s just how the NFL goes. He is a class act and I hope Seattle keeps him around to bring along the younger guys. Best wishes to you Mr. Rice. You were a great player with bad luck. Enjoy retirement and thank you for being a class act.

  23. damn… that sucks. I liked Rice’s game coming out of college and that season he had with Favre showed he could play. Sad news to hear, but good lucking moving forward!

  24. faepernick says:
    Jul 23, 2014 4:19 PM
    Another terrible free agent signing by the Seahawks. They love to grossly overpay injury prone receivers. Go Cawks!
    Stop crying about last season. Denver would have beaten the 49ers anyway.
    Kapernick is overrated and chokes with the game on the line.

    Seattle won a ring and Sidney deserves to retire healthy.
    This should scare the NFL as the trend will continue to retire with health. Only downside is it allows chumps l8ke Cordarelle Patterson to look good bc the NFL will have am abundance of young WRs

  25. QUITTER !!
    Afraid to face the 49ers this year. huh ?

    Sidney KNOWS that the 49ers will RULE the Seahogs !!

    Go 9ers !!

  26. “Farve made him alot of money” <== yea, with his gun-slinging-throw-it-up-for-grabs, style..haha. The receivers made Farve.

  27. And no shocker Seahawk hating Florio leaves out Sidney’s quote of “I will always be a seahawk”. Tells you a lot about the organization and how they treat their players.

  28. The average Joe football fan wont take CTE seriously, until one of their favorite football players starts killing people in public. Then they will ask why did it happen? He must have been sick and we didn’t know it. Then they will get back to the waiver wire for their fantasy football league.

  29. We all know that the Seahawks were a once in a franchise wonder last year, so he’s clearly decided to go out on top.

    It’s not worth the risk of concussions affecting him later in life when he knows that the Seahawks won’t win another one.

  30. “The receivers made Farve.”

    This is totally false when you consider some of the receivers Favre had. Did he make some boneheaded throws and gambles? Yep. But to say he made a living out of just heaving it up for grabs is very misguided.

  31. I watched every game he played at South Carolina and he was one of the best college receivers I’ve ever seen. He never could put it together in the NFL, injures and inconsistency derailed him. Good dude though, best of luck to him.

  32. A perfectly healthy Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin would have been huge loses for the Vikings but in retrospect it turns out that they made the right move.

    You couldn’t cover Sidney when he was healthy. Not the fastest WR but you could just throw it up to him and he would get it. Best of luck to him.

  33. Smart move. He gave his all for us when he was here and healthy, I don’t begrudge the guy wanting to keep his faculties intact for the long-term. Thanks Sidney for your contributions and helping lay the foundation for last year’s Super Bowl victory.

  34. same seahawks fans who were saying two weeks ago that they were excited about him are now saying he was expendable. bunch of phonies.

  35. Hope Sidney lands on his feet outside of the NFL. He had loads of potential, but outside of 2009, we just never saw that much of it.

    Good luck, Sid.

  36. And nobody will notice. Quite the selection of pass catchers they have up their. Formidable.

  37. Better safe than sorry. His roster spot was not secure anyway and I am glad he is protecting himself rather than chancing it for vet minimum money

  38. Im disapointed his career wasnt better. Yes he was playing with Favre but he was also making spectacular catches ala Megatron. I guess the cumulative injuries really slowed him down.

  39. Sidney was a good football player. It’s a shame his career came to a close so early. I was happy the Vikings didn’t overpay him although I wanted him to re-sign. However, when he played he went all out. Nothing but respect! Congrats on your ring.

  40. I think we’re pretty good for now at WR. We’ll just let our farm team in Minnesota develop our next talented wideout until it’s time for us to raid them again.

  41. The lesson here is that if you can manage to squeeze one good year out of being a Viking, you are better than most. Go for the big payday with another club and if you want a Superbowl ring, just get out of Minnesota.

  42. Translation: Rice, the #1 receiver during our Superbowl year, understood he wouldn’t make the team because the receivers have been upgraded so dramatically.

  43. Bummer. Class act and would be considered one of the elite WR’s in the game if he stayed healthy.

  44. Too bad; was hoping he was at his best this year. A good player and a true professional. You never heard of him getting into trouble, but then again what can you do to get in trouble in Seattle…It’s probably the most depressing area to play football next to Green Bay, Jacksonville and Buffalo.

  45. Class player.
    Never complained.
    Always gave everything.
    Enjoy your retirement, #18.

  46. My dislike for Rice goes back to the Fail Mary game, when he hitched a piggy back ride on Packers CB Sam Shields, and it was called defensive pass interference. Rice pointed downfield the way Seattle was going like DPI was definitely the right call. Good riddance.

  47. I’m surprised to see all the positive comment’s about his work ethic and character. He was a very talented wr that couldn’t stay healthy and made poor decisions regarding his rehab. Like a lot of wr’s he was a prima donna.

  48. Yet another receiver who should pay 25% of his career earnings to Brett Favre. He got many a receiver to get overpaid. Bill Schroeder, Antonio Freeman, Javon Walker, on and on…..

  49. This guy had flashes of randy moss brilliance when Favre was throwing him the ball. He could dominate on fades, and had cris carter tippy the catches on the sidelines. I’ll never forget an onside kick recovery he made against the packers…the guy must have jumped 45″ off the ground, straight up.

  50. He’s pretty much set in terms of $$ as long as he doesn’t blow it all. Plus he’s got the Wingstops up there. While seattle isn’t a white trash chain restaurant haven like the Bay Area or Minnesota, I’m sure he’ll make a profit off those as well.

  51. allways rooted for the guy, i wanted him to do well.

    but in the end i really think this guy being great was a product of Favre. I wish he could prove me wrong but injurys ….

  52. For everyone that praises this guy, is there no one who will join me in saying the opposite? This guy has been the epitome of a bust since getting paid & arriving in Seattle. Now, a few months removed from a SB victory (to which he did not contribute) he’s retired? Most of us watching football for the past 3 years assumed he was already retired….
    Got paid, got hurt, got ring, hangs it up.

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