Suggs wants Flacco to drop more “F” bombs


Yes, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has the hardware and the cold-hard-straight-cash-homey.  But is he ready to become a true franchise quarterback?  The kind of guy who acts like an unofficial member of the coaching staff, getting in guys’ faces when they screw up and/or periodically firing off a primal scream, Tom Brady-style, in order to keep his head from exploding, Scanners-style.

Linebacker Terrell Suggs wants to see Flacco act more like Brady and Peyton Manning, pissing and moaning and generally having tantrums when guys don’t show the same abilities and smarts as their on-field leaders do.

“Joe is just ‘Cool Joe,’” Suggs said upon arrival at training camp, via the team’s official website.  “Most of the time he’s not the most vocal.  But sometimes we may need that.   He may have to cuss somebody out.  He may have to cuss me out.  It’s good to hear your quarterback get after somebody sometimes.  I think it will be a good thing.”

Suggs suggested that Flacco has in the past been more passive-aggressive when it comes to making his points.  Suggs wants Flacco to be aggressive-aggressive.

“He has cussed me out before, but Joe knows how to do his little subliminal slick shots,” Suggs said.  “We’re looking for a little bit more direct. . . .  I’ve said it from the jump: We have a lot of leaders on this team.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Joe Flacco come into his own.  Be one of those premier, elite quarterbacks and talk to his team.  We’re definitely going to stand behind Joe, stand behind Haloti [Ngata] and hopefully they all stand behind me.”

The knock from some on Flacco is that he doesn’t seem to care enough.  Basically, Suggs is trying to get Flacco to care more.  Or to at least act like he does.

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  1. His personality will dictate how he “leads”. If he tries to be someone he’s not, then it will not be effectively delivered. All people, in general, need to be themselves for their best chance of success.

  2. Carson Palmer was like that too, but he didn’t win like Joe has, which made it annoying. Flacco chilled all the way to a super bowl ring against SF. I wouldn’t change if I were Joe.

  3. Feeling the vacuum of leadership and identity left by Ray-Ray’s departure, and rightly so. Flacco ain’t that.

  4. Flacco reminds me of Johnny Unitas in the way Joe carries himself and I am fine with it. He has the same amount of rings as Peyton and way younger. I love “Joe Cool”.

  5. Well when I google “Cool Joe” all I get are references to “Joe Cool” of which Flacco is one of the listed entries, as are Joe Montana and Snoopy. What’s wrong with being like those guys?

  6. This is like a wife wanting a husband to change his personality. You get what you get. He is what he is. A person who’s been calm their entire life doesn’t just become a cussing lunatic all of a sudden. Unless they just had a nervous breakdown.

  7. Well , he cared enough to pull off something only Joe Montana has ever done in this league.

    And that’s good enough for me and the rest of my fellow Ravens fans.

    That’s all that really matters too.

  8. Super Bowl quarterbacks I never saw chew out a teammate: Kurt Warner, Steve McNair, Roger Staubach, Doug Williams, Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and yes, Joe Flacco.

  9. Blah, Blah, Blah. That’s your job Suggs. QBs don’t need to be loud. He’s a gamer like Eli.

  10. Being a Bengals fan I couldn’t care less about Flacco but I’d rather a QB be “cool Joe” instead of a pouty, Cutler who blames everyone else and throws tantrums.

  11. Plus, Flacco hasn’t earned the respect of other players the way Manning and Brady have. He’d be overstepping his bounds if he acted like them.
    He just ain’t THAT good

  12. Whos saying Flacco is soft? Thats not the same as apathetic or devil may care, which are legitimate accusations.
    Id say Flacco comes across like most freakishly tall men, in that hes kinda disinterested in those around him.

    Facts though:

    Flacco said something was “retarded”

    He told his team to rush the field in the SB if SF was to run it back

    As soon as the Ravens won and they put a camera in Flaccos face he dropped “an F-Bomb” Remember?

    That paints the picture of a kinda dont give a rats behind son of a gun. kinda cool imo

  13. Suggs probably thinks Flacco should get arrested a couple of times too, so he has more “street cred.”

  14. Joe Montana’s clutch two-minute drives weren’t the only reason he was called “Joe Cool.” That described him for all 60 minutes, folks. In that regard, Flacco’s a lot like him, actually.

    – Titans Fan who lived in the San Francisco Bay area from 1985-90.

  15. Who do I want on my fantasy team? Brees, Manning, Brady. Who do I want in the playoffs? Eli, Ben and Flacco.

  16. Total myth that you need an “in your face” leader to win titles. Eli and Jeter are both lead by example guys and they got rings for days. Cool Joe’s the same.

  17. He already dropped one F-bomb on national TV after he won the Super Bowl.

    You’ll get more of those don’t worry.

  18. Advanced statistics, sabermetrics and studies by the best of the best at MIT have all shown that there is a direct correlation between high number of F-bombs dropped by the QB and championships won. That’s why Bart Starr was so successful, right?

  19. Suggs is a clown. Tremendous sense of humor. It frequently loses its meaning when transcribed.

    I’ll take Flacco’s “passive-aggressive” leadership to 5 playoffs in 6 seasons, three AFC Championship games, one Super Bowl trophy, and, singularly, the best QB performance in the history of NFL playoffs. Brady, Manning, Rodgers and other fantasy darlings with limited playoff successes, notwithstanding.

  20. Joe showed little emotion upon hearing Suggs’ comments, but inside he was steaming. The thought went through his mind that, “Terrel should just go copulate with himself, and copulate with the horse he rode in on as well.”.

  21. Good Lord, if Johnny U played today, people would be complaining about him like some are about Flacco.

  22. Suggs suggested the same thing to Ray Rice but Ray mistook the “F” to mean fiancés.

  23. “I’m really looking forward to seeing Joe Flacco come into his own. Be one of those premier, elite quarterbacks …”

    At least Suggs put to rest the nonsensical talk that Joe is a top tier QB. And I think Suggs should leave well enough alone. I can see it now – Joe getting in Steve Smith’s face, and Smith responding by punching him out cold, Rice-esque.

  24. Flacco is alittle soft, but pushing to be a Tom Brady is not going to benefit him. A leader needs to be sure of himself and trust in his team and in his abilities and apply neccary disciplinary actions where needed. Flacco can do it. He has his own style.

  25. Give me a break with the Joe Cool comments. Flacco is a slightly above average qb that was a product of a very good defense. Clearly he cant shoulder a team when their defense suffers which was evidenced last year. He just doesn’t have the “it” factor.

  26. I don’t have a high opinion of Flacco I will admit that. However, I think the way he carries himself is fine. As a QB he’s ok not good or great but to be honest that’s all the Ravens need him to be. He’s the best QB the Ravens have ever had and he actually impressed me by winning a Super Bowl. Take that for what it is Ravens fans.

  27. As a grown man (Monday-Friday), I don’t need anyone to cuss me out or motivate me to do my job. The little lady may disagree on Saturday and Sunday, but if T-Sizzle needs to be yelled at so he can do what he’s paid to do, he should retire.

  28. Joe Flacco just has to be himself. Not all QBs have the intense personality of Tom Brady to be an unofficial member of the coaching staff. Tom is one of the greatest but is such a perfectionist and has such influence, that a WR making a route error is always in danger of being cut and the players know it. If Joe’s personality changed from Joe Cool to Joe Obnoxious it wouldn’t have the same effect. Besides, Steve Smith is now a Raven. There should be plenty of F-bombs for Suggs to hear.

  29. Just give Flacco and offensive line and I’ll be happy. Joe can pick apart any defense with adequate protection. And I respect the fact he doesn’t throw fits like a lot of QBs in the league.

  30. Furthermore, what is more frustrating to a defense? Not getting into a QBs head. Joe never lets a defense look like they are getting the better of him.

  31. It’s tough to get in everyone’s face when you know, deep down – that you’re just piggybacking on a loaded team…

    joe cool is joe smart enough not to annoy the real reason why the team wins.

  32. Hey, his own dad said he’s basically boring as picking fly crap out of pepper—watches TV when home, grunts in response to queries. It’s who he is. Fire’s not there. Doesn’t mean he can’t win, obviously. But this is the team that fired their SB winning quarterback Trent Dilfer, also as exciting as dry toast. I’ll take competence over flash any day. The man goes to work and does his job well. And I hate the Ravens. Maybe y’all want Bubby Brister for some drama….

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