Aldon Smith expects to hear from the league very soon


Ray Rice isn’t the only guy waiting for the league office to lower the boom.  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith also is on deck for some sort of discipline under the NFL’s personal-conduct policy and/or its substance abuse policy.

The difference in the those cases comes from the fact that Rice has had his meeting at the league office.  Smith hasn’t.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Smith had not yet been summoned to 345 Park Avenue for a review of his latest off-field issue, which culminated in a no-contest plea to three misdemeanor weapons charges and one DUI charge.

For Smith, it’s his second DUI incident.  The first one, in Miami, was reduced to reckless driving.  That history could influence the NFL’s handling of the latest DUI.

The recent reduction of the weapons charges from felonies to misdemeanors could help Smith’s cause before the Commissioner, but Smith has had enough incidents and situations during his three NFL seasons that anything other than a multi-game suspension would be a surprise.

The source believes Smith’s meeting at the league office will happen next week.  Either way, the hearing, the decision, and the appeal need to happen before Week One, when the 49ers travel to Dallas.

21 responses to “Aldon Smith expects to hear from the league very soon

  1. Well, after beating the rap with the legal system, I’m sure the League will hand down a hefty slap on the back and congratulations.

  2. well if Ray Rice can get 2 games for beating a female…

    I expect Aldon to be suspended for a quarter of the 1st game

  3. The penalty needs to be hard enough to convince Aldon Smith he can’t drink anymore.

    Reasonable evidence shows that alcohol was involved each time.

    He is throwing away a great career with his drinking.

    and no… I don’t think he will get the suspension that he needs.

  4. I think it will be what the Shield calls an eight game suspension, credited for the five games last year and fined for the five game checks. Net three game suspension this season.

  5. So expected… Why don’t you run over to the Justin Blackman blog and give your holier than now blast… Mr. Rice can also use a little Seahawks righteousness.

  6. All u haters now have nothing to talk about now that aldon got no jail time…And yes he will be putting midget Wilson back on top of his head in the near future!!! Keeeepp the hate comin!!
    49ers soon to be 6th time champs….

  7. You all have to remember that Smith already missed 5 games volumtarly.. If gets a suspension this year.. it might be for 4 games and since he already did a 5 game self suspension .. Goodell might only give me a game this year..

  8. As a Hawk fan I really don’t care. We don’t play the 49ers until Thanksgiving anyway and I know he won’t be suspended that long.

    The real question is: Can he stay out of trouble and has he learned his lesson?

    Based on how ecstatic he his dad was over the lack of sentencing I’m gonna say no he hasn’t learned from his mistakes. Odds are he will screw up again

  9. When it come to 49ers players they want their guys to get away with murder. His games he missed he was in rehab and yet is still having alcohol related incidents. The weapons charges, blasting guns on the street and getting stabbed you all think one game is good enough. Ray Rice situation is apples and oranges but keep looking the other way while your team is new criminal standard of the NFL.

  10. 1/2 a game, and Goodell will personally escort him back on to the field. What a joke the NFL personal conduct policy is. Enable criminals and drug dealers and when they are of no use, discard them like trash.

  11. He deserves more then he will likely get. I hope having a kid is enough for him to pull his head from his arse! It is for some people and hopefully thats the case with him.

  12. Maybe he can get popped for peds like Sherm and then crack the cup and say that the testing place poured his urine in a cup that already had been Used since they leave those lying around

  13. Gun charges for not making ridiculous modifications to his guns because of California laws I don’t think it warrants any suspension at all the airport incident thrown out the dui taken care of on his own and would have been disciplined for last year 1 game is fair

  14. I understand that the niner fans want to see him back in the lineup. Fair enough I actually want to see him in the lineup as well.

    Specifically on Thanksgiving. I want both teams to be at full strength and no excuses.

    On the other hand, because it was reported that he had been drinking at the airport, I don’t think he has been as far off the wagon as he would like us to believe.

    I hope that whatever suspension is handed out, is enough for him to realize that he is throwing away a great career.

    The suspension should be based on what is best for Aldon Smith.

    It should NOT be what is best for the Niners, Seahawks, NFL, Roger Goodell or anybody else.

  15. “Cause Marshawn has never had problems with dui’s or guns? All aldon has to do now is hit a lady with his car”

    You’d like to make this about Marshawn Lynch, but it isn’t.

    What ML did while he was a Buffalo Bill is irrelevant.

    Actually since ML became a Seahawk he has had exactly 1 DUI. He had no DUI’s while he was a Bill.

    Though Roger can certainly take a look at ML’s DUI and issue a suspension, a DUI on the exact maximum number allowed for BAC is a far cry from passing out in a vehicle and wrapping it around a tree.

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