Charles gets $8.3 million guaranteed

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Omitted from the news regarding the new contract obtained by running back Jamaal Charles from the Chiefs was the amount of the four-year, $28 million contract that is guaranteed.

It was possibly omitted because it wasn’t an eye-popping number.

Per a league source, only the first year of the deal is guaranteed, which it would have been as of Week One of the regular season anyway.  The total amount is $8.3 million, a dramatic increase in the $3.9 million Charles was due to earn in 2014.

Nothing beyond 2014 is guaranteed.  So if the Chiefs were to cut Charles after this season, he’d hit the market with $8.3 million in his pocket from the upcoming season.

Charles probably could have given up some of the total dollars in exchange for getting some injury-only guarantees in future years.  But why bother?  The money only gets paid in the event of a serious injury.  For what the player would have to sacrifice by way of salary, it makes more sense in some situations to simply buy a disability policy.

6 responses to “Charles gets $8.3 million guaranteed

  1. See no one can even take a picture without a raider being in it, this shows how far we’ve come with our greatness. All other franchises must look up to us.
    Khalil Mack>Clowney and Barr

  2. I see both good and ughs here. First Charles shows “how not to greedy” by accepting this. He wants what’s fair and how pkaynig and not missing camp are more important. He leaves room for Houston and Smith to possibly work out a deal.

    The Ughs is the fact that he is way more valuable than what he will get.

  3. @heretopissuoff

    Thanks for giving the fan of a real orginization a hard laugh. I really needed that.


  4. Chiefs are lucky he’s a team player as he’s a lot more valuable than that. That’s fair pay though.

  5. Charles is an all around class guy. KC needs to do everything in their power to keep Charles his entire career if he is willing to be a team guy. It’s not many times I will say this, but Charles has every gripe if he is not one of the top 3-5 paid backs in the league.

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