Falcons, Roddy White agree on extension


The Falcons and wide receiver Roddy White were talking contract extension earlier in the offseason, but tabled things for a while after White’s brother was killed.

They have both resumed and completed those talks. On Thursday morning, the Falcons announced that they have agreed to terms with White on a four-year contract extension that will keep him tied to the Falcons through 2018.

There are no financial terms to pick through yet, but if White sees it to the end there’s a good chance it will be the last contract he’ll ever sign as he’ll turn 37 in the final year of the deal. It would also mean that he spent his entire career in a Falcons uniform and that he’d further cement himself as the best receiver in Falcons history.

White battled injuries last year and caught 63 passes for 711 yards, his lowest season totals since the 2006 season. Better health for him and for the rest of the Falcons offense should lead to a better season all around.

UPDATE 9:28 a.m. ET: According to multiple reports, it is actually a three-year extension and the announcement from the Falcons rolled the existing year on his deal into the extension. That means White is signed through 2017 rather than 2018.

32 responses to “Falcons, Roddy White agree on extension

  1. Remember when Vick was there and everyone blamed the lack of quality WR’s, instead of Vick’s accuracy issues?

    I do.

  2. Glad to hear it. Now they just need to focus on drafting his replacement in the next year or two so he has a chance to groom them before hanging up the cleats.

  3. Without a decent defense, the Falcons could find themselves at the bottom of the division again.

  4. Really good player. Entertaining guy too. Bet he’s one of the focal points of Hard Knocks. Probably should stay off Twitter though.

  5. This is just as bad as Brooks Orpik’s contract with the Washington Capitals. I don’t like the idea of paying a 38-year old 5 million dollars per year.

  6. The fact that this guy just couldn’t seem to heal last season does not bode well for the future. That’s a long extension for an aging receiver.

  7. I really like Roddy White, but he’s 33 years old coming off one of his worst seasons, and he was injured. Giving him a 4 year extension doesn’t exactly seem like a great move.

  8. …and to think that in 2005 & 2006 during the lousy Mora era he looked to be a bust. It was the young blond-loving Petrino Brothers that whipped him into shape.

  9. You’d think after the Saints recent success they wouldn’t still have an inferiority complex toward the Falcons. Guess the all time series record still sticks in the craw of some Cajuns.

  10. Not sure an older WR coming off an injury plagued season is the best extension candidate, especially when you have a paper thin defense.

    Looks like we’ll have plenty of stat padding games for Matt Ryan this year and 42-38 shootouts.

  11. In Roddy’s last 5 games of last season he had, 43 catches, 502 yards, 2 TD’s. He proved once healthy he’s still a stud. People need to get over paying a 38 year old receiver $5 mil dollars. He’s never gonna see this contract at the age, unless by some miracle, he turns into Jerry Rice. I’m sure once the numbers are released it’s gonna show, by extending him now, it’ll lower the cap number in the next year or two. After that if he continues with injuries they’re cut him. It’s not very hard to understand. This isn’t hockey where they’re stuck with his contract (comparing this to Orpik’s deal is ridiculous).

  12. This is the type of guy that I drafted and watched do nothing all yr in fantasy football in 2013, and that I will draft again for 2014 and laugh all the way to the wr3/flex stud bank.

  13. Great news! The failcons just tied up more money with this loser. Non-franchise, choker QB + no defense + 1 overrated WR (maybe 2) + clueless headcoach = another year in the cellar. I’m so glad this abomination is in our division – 2 easy wins every year.

  14. Locking Roddy up was a solid move for a team that I hate. White has always been a very tough wr. He runs his mouth way to much but it gives him alot of attention. Falcons will be tough as always but they still lack a d line and o line. Very thin team. Will still be tough to beat. They shouldn’t of been focused so much on Roddy and more focused on trying to find a medicine man for julios marshmallow foot. I do find it crazy though how a fellow nfcsouth wr named colston has avgd more yards catches and tds per game in their career yet gets not as much love.

  15. From this Saints fan:

    Good signing by ATL, bad for the division. Dude’s a big mouth that nobody likes, but when healthy, he can usually back it up, and he’s still got plenty left in the tank.

  16. I don’t understand this extension for a declining Roddy White. Especially when you’re going to have to give Julio an extension next year.

  17. Bad move, he is not half of what he used to be. This is why the Falcons have such a thin roster, they overpay their top guys and are too dependent on them.

  18. Yes the Saint are the great team
    The Falcons are the worst

    I guess every W in the Falcons column means that the Saints got Outcoached

    What was that you said about S Peyton?

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