Get ’em while they’re hot: Buy your ladies’ Ray Rice gear

The league’s in house network referred to the “iron fist of the NFL” this morning while discussing the pending two-game suspension for the Ravens running back Ray Rice.

But that iron palm can still be greased, mind you.

In case you wanted to show your support for the Ravens running back during his time off for knocking his wife unconscious, you can order your very own Ray Rice ladies’ jersey from the team store, for the low price of $94.95.

Or even better, you can order the shimmering pink one (with the sassy laces to cover up your cleavage) from the league for only $59.95.

Those will be perfect for the warm autumn afternoons of October, when the league goes to great pains to remind you it supports breast cancer research.

If only they showed as much respect for the rest of the woman.

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114 responses to “Get ’em while they’re hot: Buy your ladies’ Ray Rice gear

  1. Look at this hit job! Did Ray Rice hit your sister?! The legal system and the NFL have ruled on this but this site feels the need to administer it’s own hit jobs.

  2. At least it isn’t too long. Don’t want it to get stuck in the elevator doors when hubby is taking you out for a drag.

  3. Rumor has it the suspension was lowered from 8 games to 2, because his team argued he used the back of his hand. Big difference then the palm or your fist.

  4. Let’s suspend him but we will gouge people for his jersey in the name of breast cancer. I’m sure 10 of women will be buying his jersey. NFL has no ethics or shame. Smh

  5. Next they’ll be selling Josh Gordon vodka with a complementary fake driver’s license.

  6. The only thing that is consistent with Godell and his administration is his “inconsistency”…….

  7. My nurse from elementary school needs to travel to NYC, put the headphones on Goodell’s ears, and see if he can detect the beeps. That’s the only way he’ll realize he is tone deaf.

  8. “Elevate” your spouses game & receive half of your next ER visit, all at no extra charge.

  9. LOL

    Good Lord. This may be the best article ever on this site. Congrats PFT, you just upped the level!!!

    I was going to make a joke such as some others, but I’ll leave it alone. Guy is a scumbag. They shouldn’t even have his jersey for sale.

  10. The way Ray Rice played last year, having him on the active roster may be a bigger penaty.

  11. It’s this kind of publicity that will leave the N.F.L. with a “black eye”. I wish they would quit “dragging this out”. I would like to “apologize for” the N.F.L

  12. The only thing surprising about thus whole situation, and it makes me profoundly sad to say it, is that they didn’t save the suspension for the late Friday news dump.

  13. his wife doesn’t seem to mind having been beaten unconscious, so I guess the rest of us will have to get over it..

  14. Do you have to go take the elevator at their official store to get to the ladies area?

  15. Shouldn’t he get as much time as any person would get if he hit a woman? Judge gives you 90 days, nfl gives you 90 days. Why is the penalty only 2 weeks?

  16. People need to get over this and move on. It not like he the first NFL player to hit his wife. Not saying what he did was right but if it not caught on camera he doesn’t get anything out of this.

  17. Great time for Josh Gordon to make his appeal! Oh yeah, it’s the same NFL that gave Rice dos dias.

  18. We are already VERY aware of breasts. If the NFL actually cared about women however, it would give domestic abuse the same amount of attention that it does to cancer.

  19. Great job NFL!

    Also hard to believe they still are selling women’s Ben Roethlisberger jerseys after he was suspended for 4 games!


  20. Perfect world Ray Rice and not Michael Sam would be considered the distraction in a locker room.

  21. The NFL is just a garbage corporate entity at this point. It hasn’t been about the game in a long time. They’ll rake in tons of cash for “breast cancer awareness” merch and only donate 5% of that to actual cancer research. Much like when they were trying to put the brakes on big hits, the NFL store was selling “NFL’s biggest hits!” dvd’s. The NFL today is a disgusting organization.

  22. Ryan Rucco and Stephen A. Smith on ESPN NY are defending the suspension based on its merits but saying that from a PR standpoint it could have been longer…ESPN is lost.

  23. 1st half of that video must not have been as bad as everyone says.[who never saw it anyway]

  24. Hey! Maybe the league lessened the suspension because she told the league and the prosecutors, “I asked for it.”

  25. Wow, this is some public outcry here. The Ravens are faced with a very interesting PR/moral decision here. I think they need to extend the suspension within’ the team govt.

  26. Two Games? Dude knocks out his girlfriend and gets TWO GAMES? Josh Gordon should be rolling over in his rehab. I am all about second chances. But only after you adequately pay for the first mistake

  27. if you are suspended a whole season for smoking marijuana, you should be permanently suspended for this or other actions where you cause harm to someone….

    Makes no sense.

  28. One incident. No prior history of violence against women. No footage of the actual assault.

    Yeah, the NFL should be ashamed of themselves for looking at the facts and applying logic instead of passionaltely over-reacting.

  29. Thank you all! These are some the funniest comments ever. Positively hilarious. Fell on floor laughing at one that said “it should come with a helmet”

  30. Those jerseys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they apologize.

  31. For those bleating on that the courts didn’t convict him, so the NFL shouldn’t suspend him, you’re missing the point I offer this article and the comments as reason #1 why a private company but public image conscience nees to act against their employees who ruin their image. Right now the Ravens are disgrace for their hands off approach, the NFL is a joke for their slap on the wrist, and Ray Rice is an absolute scumbag for beating his wife.

    That she didn’t want the gravy train to stop and hence no pressing of charges is of no consequence to the conduct policy mandated by the league. Their public image took a hit.

  32. “Right now the Ravens are disgrace for their hands off approach,”

    Almost every team with a player facing a suspension waits for the league to rule before taking any additional action.

    “the NFL is a joke for their slap on the wrist,”

    You have no idea of what was on the video inside the elevator. No idea of what was said when Goddell met with Ray and his wife. No idea of what the detectives investigating the case had to add.

    ” and Ray Rice is an absolute scumbag for beating his wife.”

    He hit his fiancee after she physically assualted him in an elevator. That’s all you know. There’s no evidence ofthis being a pattern with him or something he would ever do again. In fact, he’s expressed nothing but remorse for the incident. Whether you believe it’s genuine is besides the point. The fact is, there’s no evidence to suggest that he is anything but remorseful.

  33. I’m floored!!!

    Seriously though, I don’t think my employer would suspend me for 2 weeks without pay if they had video tape related to me knocking out my spouse. I think they’d be a little tougher than that.

  34. jayniner says:
    Jul 24, 2014 12:13 PM
    “IRONY doesn’t even begin to define this one….”


    This statement is more true than you realize.

  35. tommikula says: Jul 24, 2014 1:15 PM

    This is like reading PFT before 2008…. I love it!


    Amen and halleluia! Ah, the good old days – when ALL the articles were actually smart and funny, like this one (and not just pushing some partisan PC drivel) and the comments were almost universally witty, insightful and uncensored.

    God, I miss those days, and that carefree spirit of a fun PFT.

    The fact that the above comment – at this moment – is rated with 30 thumbs up and ZERO thumbs down should be a clear sign to PFT brass that others feel the same – we all want PFT to buy its soul back from NBC!

    Please, at the very least, lighten up a little on all the heavy-handed censoring, won’t you?

    Remember how fun it can be, when we all just let loose a little? 🙂

  36. The costs of these jersey goes up and down, depending on where you punch the sale out.

  37. Next month NFL highlights the OJ Simpson Steak Knife collection…. buy one for you, one as a gift and we throw in the Isotoners NO CHARGE TO YOU. These ones are one size fits all.

  38. I thought the NFL was worried about public image…not sure why they’re still associated with a woman beater.

  39. I usually don’t like most of this writer’s stuff because he seems to hate on my qb at every opportunity (Smokin’ Jay), but I applaud this article for calling out Rice and the NFL. Two games, what a joke. Hope this coward gets severely concussed and turns into a Sidney Rice.

  40. Is this resulting from the time she didn’t get out of his way fast enough?

    After they move all his jerseys and apparal merchandise, the action figure hits the shelves. Comes with 12 spoken phrases from “I thought I said shut your mouth” to “Stay in the car” and lifelike, realistic backhand motion. Removable open hand and closed fist included. Battery is included too.

  41. and if I remember correctly, NFL gives less than 10% of the sales on the pink gear for breast cancer research. They market it like they really care so much, but still can’t part with more than $10 on a $100 jersey that costs about $25-30 to make. Such greedy pigs Goodell makes me sick

  42. Yes, a bonehead move and oversight.
    But how many of you feel your company communicates well between one department to the other ALL the time. Left hand and right hand here folks …

  43. Are they sold out of the Aldon Smith gun flasks complete with number 99?

    I’m worried about missing out.

  44. Why pay that much to the NFL after this sham of a punishment? Rice is a counterfeit man means a counterfeit jersey should work.

  45. This story is in poor taste. Others may be deserving but this is low class.

  46. We as women continue to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to womens rights. If it were up to women today, we may not have the right to vote. Women are setting themselves back a thousand years. Why should men respect us when we show no respect for ourselves. We need to stop whoring around and having children out of wedlock. They are called bastard children for a reason ladies. Stop bringing down society and yourselves and maybe, just maybe men will start respecting us again. You have to act respectful to get respect. We live in a world that is the ‘boys club’ and we need to take our place before we loose what few rights we do have!

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