Greg Olsen: Panthers “kind of tired” of hearing they don’t have any receivers


Whenever the Panthers came up this offseason, it didn’t take long before their situation at wide receiver was part of the discussion.

The team said goodbye to every wide receiver that caught a pass for them last season and plenty of people were underwhelmed by the replacements that General Manager Dave Gettleman brought to town. Jason Avant, Jerricho Cotchery, Tiquan Underwood and first-round pick Kelvin Benjamin may not be inspiring rave reviews outside of the team, but tight end Greg Olsen says that people are “going to be happy” with what the group does when the season gets underway.

“It’s kind of been the storyline of the offseason. Any time the Panthers have come up that’s kind of been the first comment made by everybody. I think guys are just kind of tired of it,” Olsen said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I think we feel confident about our group. I think people are eager to get there, get to work and put together what works for us as an offense.”

Olsen also pointed out that the Panthers offense wasn’t predicated on big passing numbers while they were on their way to a division title last year. Losing Steve Smith will sting, but Ted Ginn, Brandon LaFell and Domenik Hixon weren’t putting up huge numbers and the Panthers did just fine thanks to their running game and defense. Losses on the offensive line could threaten the running game, which could present a much bigger obstacle for the Panthers to overcome than their perceived shortage at wideout.

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  1. The truth is the truth, Greg…. If you were an excellent TE, the claims would be a little less…

  2. Olsen is a slightly above average TE — nothing more — but at this point he’s the best receiving option the Panthers have. If he can emerge as a leader for them it will help, but he didn’t show any inclination toward that in Chicago so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  3. Actually what they don’t have is an Offensive Line! … That makes a happy-feet-QB even more likely to run or short pass to TE

  4. Olsen has been one of the most consistent tight ends in the NFL since he joined the Panthers. Josh is right, the OL is a far bigger concern than the WRs. This year’s WRs may be better than the panthers had last year.

  5. As he stated at the end, the bigger question is the O-Line. The WR’s were not good last year either and they were the 2 seed. Benjamin upgrades their Red Zone offense and Ed Dickson is a sneaky good 2nd TE to have. The offense will be adequate if the O-Line holds up.

  6. He should be.. This year’s corps is more talented than last years. Yes, we lost Smitty, but Ginn was fast but couldn’t catch. LaFell could.. block? But couldn’t catch and sad I have to mention block to describe a WR… The fact this article mentions Hixon is a joke. So yea, I would take Cotchery, Avant, and Benjamin over those 3. Plus the Panthers are going to run more 2 TE sets anyways… Notice I left out the Flat Top – spare me with the expectations you are thinking he is going to be a major contributor. He will barely make the roster as the 5th or 6th WR.

  7. I mean you don’t have receivers. Your 1 is an unproven rookie. Your 2 is what Cotchery who had over 500 yards for the first time since 2009 last year or Avant or has good hands but couldn’t get open in a 1 on 1 situation if his life depended on it? You lost 2,000 yards receiving and 14 tds from last year and were the 29th ranked passing team last year. What do you think people are going to say, this passing offense looks great?

  8. You can’t lose your entire WR corps and not regress. I don’t care how pedestrian you claim they were last year.

    This is a passing league and some continuity is required to succeed. My Panthers got older and slower in a position carried by Cam and Smith.

    Smith is gone and Cam is rehabbing. No, the team wasn’t reliant on passing, but each year, the NFL moves toward flag football and that is predicated on speed and passing. Benjamin was a beast in college. Can he even get open in the pros @ 4.61?

    The elephant in the room, is can the Panthers emerge as the Seahawks east and win?

  9. Their WRs weren’t even that good last year. They should be much more worried about that 0-line and having Roman Harper and Thomas DeCoud in their secondary.

  10. We are tired of our owner being an absolute idiot for overpaying RB after RB while simultaneously taking a worn out chain saw to our WR corps and replacing them with a combination of rookies and tired WR3, 4 and 7s. We are also tired of an offensive scheme that is tired, completely devoid of making TEs much more than blockers who are inconsistenly underused. We are also tired of our cheerleaders being arrested and our hometown’s awesome Southern food scene being unmentioned in all forms of media. Seacrest out.

  11. A good O-Line and a QB that makes good decisions are what make a receiving core effective. Smith was great in his prime, but the future of the Panthers offense is about Cam’s progression, not holding on to one aging WR.

  12. Chin up, Jags. Last season, when it was determined Harvin couldn’t play, and then Rice was later lost for the remainder of the season, everybody was saying that the Seahawks had no receivers, too. But Wilson still threw 26 TDs and ended the regular season with another rating over 100.

    You have a really good QB. You’re going to be just fine.

  13. My buddy said I could punch him in the mouth if the Panthers win the NFC South. So dammit Greg make these guys step up so I can punch this hater in the mouth.

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