Griffin takes another shot at the Shanahans


Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III has made little effort to conceal something that should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to the team — Griffin and former coach Mike Shanahan and former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan didn’t see eye to eye.

Last month, Griffin applauded the absence of “ulterior motives” in the organization this year.  On Thursday, Griffin took a more direct, but still passive-aggressive, dig at the Shanahans, when asked by reporters about Griffin’s supposed inability to read defenses.

“You don’t go from the ability to read defenses one year and not have that ability the next, so I don’t believe that one bit,” Griffin said.  “And it’s really just a good thing to have two coaches that believe in you.  Sean and Jay have done a great job.  They’ve given me a lot on my shoulders in that quarterback room and I cherish that.  You want to be asked to do more or just to do the bare minimum.”

The comments imply that the Shanahan didn’t “believe” in Griffin, and that they wanted him to do “the bare minimum” when running the offense.

Then again, the latter observation could be a reflection of Kyle Shanahan’s approach to the quarterback position, given that past pupils like Rex Grossman have described Kyle as wanting the quarterback to run the offense precisely the way Shanahan wants it to be run, with limited discretion or thought on the part of the quarterback.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Kyle Shanahan insists on that kind of structure from his latest pupil, the man named Johnny Football who plays some of his best football when the predetermined plan has landed in the johnny.

67 responses to “Griffin takes another shot at the Shanahans

  1. This guy has proven nothing and acts like he is the greatest QB to ever grace the field. We should thank our good graces we get to see the god RG3 play the game of football…….poorly.

  2. It’s funny how earlier in the off-season Schuab took a dig at Kubiak saying that Kubes gave Schuab zero control at the line of scrimmage. Now Rex Grossman and RGIII are saying the same thing about Shanny. Kubes came from the shanny tree.

    Just food for thought.

  3. I’m a big redskin fan and I used to be a big RG3 fan… to me, he has shown his true colors and I have lost respect for him. He should have taken the high road through all of this.

  4. So, now, in Washington you have: a rookie headcoach, know-it-all, disrespectful players all over the field, plus an ever-growing controversy over the team name… what could possibly go wrong this year?

  5. I’m no fan of the Shanny’s, but this guy is really classing it up lately, hmmm? Stop,trashing your coaches passive aggressively. If you’re going to say they sucked and this year is better, SAY it. Better yet, just say things are going well.

    As for Kyle wanting the offense run his way and limiting RGKNEE, do you think that could have anything to do with he way he wasn’t close to 100% last year? They never should have let him play week 1. When they did, they had to protect him. He shouldn’t have started until at least week 6. Might have been a whole different story if he stopped trying to be Superman and realized being 100% healthy is not the same as being 100% of the player you were.

  6. Shut up and prove your not a one hit wonder. Shanahan was ok when you were successful. It’s nice to have someone else to blame when you suck. What counts is what you put on the field and so far there hasn’t been much since defensive coordinators have figured you out.

  7. Awe just look at that picture, they’re just so happy and in tune with one another. Is there any question that all the good things Griffin has done is because of Griffin and all the bad stuff was all Shanahan’s fault?

  8. He should take a shot at a hardresser. C’mon man. There thousands of people in the DC area, who can help you “get your hair did”.

    Push comes to shove, fly your mom in. Grooming does matter for an NFL QB.

  9. Are we SURE he didn’t consult with Donovan McNabb? I’m so not a fan of Mike Shanahan’s but leave it be, dude.

  10. McNabb Jr. Has spoken… What a self absorbed drama queen… Just play ball

  11. Shanahans are bums! Outdated coaching that doesn’t work I’m the nfl anymore? Kyle is lucky pops had some pull!

  12. @explosionsauce

    Exactly. When you lay all the blame on the previous coaching staff you have to produce or else. Who is going to blame if he underwhelms this season? He can’t even use the learning a new offense excuse because he set rookie records and won rookie of the year playing in a new offense.

  13. The Shanahan’s made their reputation on the career of John Elway. Same as Gary Kubiak. Once Elway retired there were very few successes under the Shanahans and Kubiak.

  14. One of my favorite quotes, by the Czabe.. “If RG3 is a Ferrari, then Mike Shanahan is Lindsey Lohan”.

  15. Okay, the question was “Is it encouraging to you to have two coaches who believe, “Okay this guy can get it done.” And he responded with something to the effect of yes I enjoy having my coaches believe in me. But I course the media wants to read into everything and provide no context. Don’t believe me? Go to the redskins youtube. It was the fist question.

  16. He’ll be blaming Gruden after they start 0-2 and the whole thing with him, Garcon and DJax looks like one repetitive Washington franchise dumpster fire….as always.

  17. here we go again, time for our weekly RGME quotes. I cant wait to see what excuses this guy has this year for being a below average QB. he is kind of eliminating people to throw under the bus.

    Name another QB that is constantly calling his coach by the first name?? have you ever heard him call him “coach”?

    RG3 never knew how to read a defense, he just ran the ball in year one and every once in a while threw it to a wide open guy since everyone was concerned about the run. cant wait for this guy to be out of the league in three years.

  18. It’ll be funny if RGIII gets benched (rested) for the last three games this year.

  19. Laugh now, but if the Redskins, ‘somehow’ win the Superbowl, then expect a name change, as soon as all of that Racist (sarcasm) merchandise is moved off of the shelves.
    Hail To The Redskins!

  20. Anyone notice the other quaretbacks from the same draft??

    Oh I almost forgot them because they are busy winning and working together with their teams.

  21. Its not that he was able to read defenses his rookie year, but the scheme fit his ability to make plays with his legs. His threat to run would freeze the defense and most of the time he just threw it to his first read. Fast forward to year two – defenses blitzed the hell out of him and DBs didn’t really have to worry about him running the ball so they could drop more in coverage. Result – a ton of sacks and better covered receivers.
    Barring another injury, this is his chance to prove he was worth all those draft picks the Rams are enjoying.

  22. Who’s fault will it be now that the Shanahans are gone. Probably the tendencies that they developed in him over the last two years. This will give him another two years of poor play that he can blame on someone else. Vince Young II

  23. Eagles have the
    Best WR’s
    Best QB
    Best RB
    Best RB Combo
    Best Offense
    Best Coaches

    Stay Classy Washington! I guess DC doesn’t draft classy players anymore?

  24. andrejohnsonforpresident says:
    Jul 24, 2014 4:07 PM
    It’s funny how earlier in the off-season Schuab took a dig at Kubiak saying that Kubes gave Schuab zero control at the line of scrimmage. Now Rex Grossman and RGIII are saying the same thing about Shanny. Kubes came from the shanny tree.

    Just food for thought.


    This is 100% true. Following the loss to Seattle due to Schaub’s pick-six, Kubiak said it wasn’t Schaub’s fault because they always run the play that is called.

    That might have worked in the late 80s and 90s, but it’s a completely different game out there. If you can’t trust your quarterback to make the right decision to audible, you should probably find a new quarterback.

    It was that comment that sealed the coffin on Kubiak.

  25. I’d rather attend an Akili Smith seminar than hear anything this over-inflated egotistical running-back-with-a-strong-arm has to say about anyone, let alone a multi-SB-winning head coach.

    It was the Shanahans who made RG the rookie of the year by hiding his lack of ability to read defenses. Most coaches can’t accomplish that feat for one game, let alone 16.

    He should be THANKING them.

  26. I used to like Griffin, but you don’t throw your past teamates under the bus under any circumstances.

    RG3 never read a single defense his first season, he just ran faster than everybody chasing him.

    Even if Kyle Shanahan is a horrible OC, as the leader of your franchise, you don’t air dirty laundry.

    Have you ever heard Tom Brady complain about the vast amount of OC’s he’s had in NE?

    It’s because Brady love or hate him, is a leader.

  27. Hmm, Schaub put up good numbers under Kyle, RG3 put up good number under Kyle. Funny how you guys blame the Shanahan’s for everything. I just wonder who made RG3 start the 1st game of the season.

  28. The sooner he stops taking digs at the old coaching staff and matures and moves on the quicker he will be a better QB.

    If he is still thinking about the last regime all the time and can’t move by it and grow, he will never be an elite NFL QB.

  29. Shut up and play. From what I saw today at camp you didn’t look like somebody who should be talking. Defense made you look all out of sync and rattled. Best chill and just play or you can continue to dig your self a hole you wont be able to play your way out of.

  30. Mike Shanahan was an out-of-touch underhanded autocrat. Kyle was an autocrat. Mike blamed injured 2nd year QB for his failures, and really learned nothing. Kyle did learn and may apply what he learned with Cleveland. We will see what Griffin has learned on the field. You haters know what you know. Nothing for you to learn.

  31. Take note Cleveland fans: Kyle didn’t get along with any of his QBs in Washington. Unlikely Johnny Football will break that string.

  32. Are we sure RGIII never met with McNabb? Because he seems to be playing the passive aggressive card like none other than #5 himself.

  33. Redskins didnt look respectable last year until Cousins got the nod. He had better poise and decision making, but being a better player is apparently not as important as trying to polish a turd to save face on a bust. I will be in attendance at FedEx for the Monday night matchup with my Seahawks. We will see what RG3 can read.

  34. I really can’t wait for RG3 to shut up his haters and for Russell Wilson to fall down to earth.

  35. Isn’t RG3 considered one of the most disliked players in the NFL ( by other players) because he never accepts blame or responsibility for anything?

  36. I think RG3 is a quality football player and person, and evidently — I’m the only guy in this entire thread who thinks so.

    I expect Griff and the Redskins to do well this year. Garcon, Reed, DeSean, RG3 and Morris at the so-called skill positions is pretty sweet. You OL has been upgraded too.

    The biggest addition to your defense may very well be ILB Keenan Robinson — I think he will excel, if he can finally stay off I.R.

    For a number of reasons, I also anticipate a jump in Kerrigan’s performance/production/play too. The key reason is Kerrigan’s work ethic and standard of play he considers acceptable or not acceptable.

    My belief is that the ‘Skins will play a lot better than the majority of people expect.

  37. I love Bob, I love the Redskins BUT I wish he would move on from Shanahan. I almost want to go to Subway, get a foot long BMT, toasted, and head down to training camp and beat him with it until my hands hurts because he keeps talking so much at Shanahan . He’s been gone for months now. Move on already.

  38. This guy is one or two seasons away from being Mike Vick minus the dogs.

    Vick came into the league he had a great arm, speed and an offense that seemed unstoppable. It took defensive coordinators a few years to take him from superstar quarterback to the average qb in the league (prior to his legal troubles). Then his comeback he was top of the world till a game that meant nothing against the vikings where his major weakness was exposed, he didn’t win many games after.

    RGIII may not realize that the same is happening here. The teams in the league have a lot of footage of this guy and are setting up on stopping just him. Realistically the skins need a dynamic back or something that will force the coordinators to spread the focus.

    Also I would love to see this attitude with a system like the Patriots. That system works because everyone buys in, when people don’t you lose games. He may not understand that.

  39. It’s not only RG3 that has stated this, Jay Gruden said exactly the same thing a little while ago. Basically that the Shannys didn’t put much in the way of reading defenses, audibles, etc. on the QB.

    The bottom line is as a skins fan I am glad he is being challenged and developed. We’ll see how he does. For sure he will do better with more freedom. With great responsibility comes great accountability.

  40. Remember when this clown said nobody is going to tell him how to play QB? And now he is blaming his failures on what he says other people told him?

    Jay Gruden, get ready for the underside of a bus that is traveling your way as I type this.

  41. The ShannaScams haven’t won squat since Elway. The Broncos team made Mike look good.


    Elway only has any Lombardi because Mike Shanahan has an incredible gift of finding and developing RB’s that no one ever heard of before. So, yea that was Shanny.

    But the bottom line is, Shanny has his trophies,RG needs to shut up until he gets one, which may be never.

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