HGH use up among high school students


Nearly three years ago, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to implement HGH testing.  And they’ve yet to actually implement it, due to a series of roadblocks and hurdles that currently has the two sides squabbling not over HGH testing but the Commissioner’s power when it comes to players disciplined for PED violations unrelated to positive drug tests.

Meanwhile, more and more kids are using HGH.  As mentioned earlier in the morning on The Dan Patrick Show, a new survey featured at Time.com shows that 11 percent of 3,705 high-school students admitted to using HGH without a prescription.  That’s an increase from five percent in 2012 and 2011.

It’s entirely possible that the ongoing discussion of HGH arising from the inability of the NFL and NFLPA to actually implement testing has increased national awareness of HGH, introducing more kids to the product.  And with the NFL still not testing for it, kids looking for a reason to justify the use of HGH could easily twist the lack of testing into a belief that the NFL doesn’t really think it’s a big deal.

The NFL acts like HGH is a big deal, but the NFL won’t do what needs to be done to get HGH testing rolling.  While it’s understandable that the league doesn’t want to set a bad precedent by yielding to the union a little-used slice of Roger Goodell’s authority, the league office is full of very smart people who should be able to find a way to craft a win-win.

As a result, the impression lingers that the league is trying to avoid a lose-lose, in which HGH testing would expose a major PED problem and sideline many of the men fans pay to watch play football.  Some even wonder whether the unspoken goal of the protracted delay is to allow players who require some sort of pharmaceutical enhancement to find a comparable product that isn’t detected via current testing or easily masked.

Regardless, in the three years since the league and union agreed to adopt something other than the honor system for HGH, more kids are using it.  Which makes it even more important for the NFL and NFLPA to make a strong statement by finally testing for HGH and suspending those caught using it.

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  1. This directly points to the influence professional sports has on the youth today.

    They see the Seattle Seahawks get away with it and actually win Superbowls because of it.

    So in their head they get a vision that basically tells them that if they using illegal performance enhancing drugs, they will win.

    It’s ruining society.

  2. Tip of the iceberg. Money is to good for kids to pass up if they have an oz of hope to make it in the pros. This is an NFL, society problem.

  3. INTERESTING FACT: Of the 3705 high school students who admitting doing human growth hormone without a prescription… 2217 of the students reside in pittsburgh, 1486 reside in seattle, and 2 reside in other cities.

  4. 95% of HGH they’re taking, not real HGH. So much fake HGH out there and no high school kid should take HGH. Any high school kid that wants to try or taking HGH should read about it. HGH is not for young adults.

  5. The lefties have ruined the economy to such a degree that there are no jobs for HS kids like there used to be, they are reducing the military, greedy evil colleges are increasing tuition like crazy to a point where it is unaffordable and their is little ROI, so kids have no choice but to juice up and try to get a scholarship.

  6. The real truth of the matter is that neither the NFL nor the NFLPA actually want HGH testing.

    With bigger, faster, better athletes comes bigger, fatter, better pay days for both the players and the league.

    This concludes your Economics 101 lesson for the day…

  7. Sincerely doubt that Adrian Peterson would have come back so quickly without using HGH.

    Cordarrelle Patterson obvious user as well…

    The entire Vikings organization should be tested daily until they kick their PED habits.

  8. What are you gonna do?

    You have a better chance of getting a college scholarship if you enhance your performance than if you don’t. Meaning you have a better chance of playing pro if you enhance your performance than if you don’t. And surely there are “underground manuals” illustrating precautionary steps to lessen the likelyhood that you get caught.

    To alot of these kids, I bet it’d be like expecting starving people not to steal a loaf of bread sitting in front of them because it’s illegal. And to other kids, they are hot-headed greedy adolescents who are tempted by the what if…

    I understand it. Until “4 games suspension” stops being the weak first offense penalty in the pros, expect this epidemic to swell uncontrollably. EVERYONE can do it til they get caught once and only lose 4 games, so why not?

  9. To feed the meter to park all day in miami beach is abot 25 dollars. The ticket you get for not paying is 18, and you have a month to pay it. Same principle, in a way.

  10. From what I read, real HGH is like thousands of dollars. It is not in pill form and needs to be injected. Where would these kids be getting thousands of dollars to obtain this? Also isn’t it only really easily available outside the U.S.?

  11. I dont know if I buy this. True HGH is expensive as heck and not easily acquired, moreso than steroids. If kids are getting their hands on it, it is with the direct involvement of parents and or coaches.

    Seeing how theres many OTC supplements that claim to boost HGH and are more widely available and affordable, I wonder how many are simply referring to these supplements instead, kinda how in the late 90s, kids who took creatine were claiming that they took steroids.

    I dont doubt for a second that this is an issue at elite athlete factory big money private academies but I dont see the average high school kid dropping thousands of dollars on HGH.

  12. Geez Goodell…..put your foot down! You seem to control everything else, but it sure is taking you a long time to get this mandatory testing going! Makes it a little suspicious???

  13. All mass media is advertising. If you say anything in the mass media, you’re advertising it; no matter if you talk bad about it or not.

    It’s even been shown that when people see imaginary/fictional TV shows, they are more likely to believe that what they just saw is real.

  14. This is a such a a joke. The NFL knows that not of their players use it so that’s what the roadblock is. Think about baseball and what a huge problem it is, then think about football and how much more it cod benefit you since the game is so much more physical.

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