Jaguars owner says they won’t cut Justin Blackmon

The Jaguars have every pragmatic reason to distance themselves from Justin Blackmon.

But owner Shad Khan said he’s not about to release his former first round pick, who has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL and was arrested for marijuana possession last night.

We want him to get help he needs,” Khan said, via John Oehser of the team’s official website.

That sentiment seems to be consistent through the organization, as linebacker Paul Posluszny said: “This is no longer a football issue…We want the best for him. He’s a good kid at heart.”

It’s good to hear the Jaguars embrace a kid (it’s hard to call him a player, since he’s barely played for them since his rookie year) who obviously has some problems.

He showed flashes of talent in 2012, when his play might have justified their investment in him. If he had torn an ACL, they’d have gone to great lengths to get him well, so they could benefit from his labor in the future.

But Blackmon’s problem now is not a physical one, and we hope the Jaguars are sincere in getting him the help he needs, even if he never plays another down for them.

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  1. Stop calling these guys ‘kids’. They became legal adults several years ago. Only in sports are legal adults called ‘kids’ whenever they screw up. Just call them screw-ups.

  2. Thats what a real owner do, he has every reason to cut him but he wants to get the kid some help. Mr. Khan is a father and he knows the easy thing to do is cut him but he just want to get him some help.

  3. He clearly has an addiction, people might say week is not addictive but they don’t get anything that makes you feel good can be addictive

  4. I think its great that the Jags are (at least at this point on the surface) willing to help Justin get the help he needs as its obvious there is a much larger issue that looms here.

    I still however cannot believe he would be a big enough idiot to smoke a blunt in his car while driving. Who does he thing he is Gemma Teller? This is wasn’t in Charming, CA was it?

  5. I’ll tell you what. If I had screwed up at my job as much as Blackmon has, I would have been let go a long time ago — whether I had a substance abuse problem or not.

  6. Blackmon likely sees all this as bad luck, but he would be wise to acknowledge that only Justin Blackmon has the power to put himself in these detrimental situations…and only he himself has the power to avoid them. He is the only person that is standing in his way, and if he has any interest in realizing his potential in the NFL moving forward…he’s going to have to put an end to the constant self-sabotage that has plagued him thus far in his short career.

    Everybody knows you can play kid, but being a professional encompasses a whole lot more than what takes place on the field.

  7. Your average male working at Wal-Mart that age has these same issues and society basically laughs at them and says they are morons and need to get a brain. Society doesn’t really give a crap about these people.

    Athletes being paid millions to play a game and have life pretty much handed to them do the same thing and you hear people playing the sympathy card and saying they need help and all this other crap.

    Got to love the sports/celeb bias

  8. “Remember, they did trade up for him.”

    Gene Smith did that. Gene Smith is no longer with the team. We could write a book with Smith’s draft and free agency failures, and there were way too few successes. That’s why the team is in the shape it’s in.

    Khan isn’t just looking at it from the point of the team. The Jaguars drafted two talented receivers this year and still have Cecil Shorts (plus some other guys who should be okay filling out the back end of the roster). They don’t need him back. Would it be nice? Sure. But is it necessary? No.

    People were quick to talk about getting Jim Irsay help for his addiction. Why shouldn’t Khan show sympathy toward a young man who seems to have some issues that need worked out? Khan might be a heck of a business owner, but the guy is also a pretty solid person, too.

    “Only in sports are legal adults called ‘kids’ whenever they screw up.”

    I call people his age “kid” quite often. And I’m honestly not that much older. I just tend to think of them as being old enough to be called adults but still so young they’re going to mess up a lot, and that makes me think of them as “kids.” Granted, my own maturity was somewhat forced on me by circumstance.

  9. Smart move by the Jags because it doesn’t cost them anything. He’s suspended, so they don’t have to pay him, he doesn’t count against their cap or take up a roster spot and it makes them look good for a PR standpoint.

  10. I know how easy it is to rag on Jacksonville, especially if you have never been here as I suspect most of the repeat negative posters haven’t. Shad Khan is an amazing owner and in his short time here has performed what in the past could only be described as “miracles”. Keep doubting Jacksonville…… we’re rising and rising fast.

  11. I like the move. Even though they probably don;t want Blackmon in the team (at the moment), they don’t want to cut him for

    1) They want to get something for him. Whatever that something is. Conditional 7th rounder to 3rd rounder (if they can get 6th rounder for Gabbert, they may get a 3rd rounder for Blackmon)
    2) They don’t want to cut him and be signed by Colts or Texans and light their offense. The want to somehow control where he goes. Probably to some NFC team.

    Smart move.

  12. Given all the issues with young players in the last eighteen months, hopefully NFL teams will start passing on kids with questionable character. If they do, these kids might finally get the message that if you’re a chucklehead, you can kiss away any dreams about signing a big NFL contract and being even more enabled to be a chucklehead. Blackmon is throwing away MIILLIONS of dollars. He has probably already cost himself more than most of the people on this board will make in their lifetime. If he values drugs that much then he should just not even bother trying anymore and just be a full-time loser. What a shame. All the talent in the world won’t help if you have a brain that is never used.

  13. Much respect for this owner for having the intelligence and compassion to recognize that this young man has some other issues and needs help. If this were some other debilitating disease, there would be an outpouring of sympathy (for the most part) however the majority of the population still view mental illness/behavioral disorders as something a person can just shake off or get over.
    Insurance companies and the AMA disagree and perhaps it’s time the NFL comes into the light!

  14. have to love the obligatory “we have to get him the help he needs” line, though. I mean…he smoked weed. So did I. So did millions of others, and nobody thought we needed “help”. Okay, there were those weekends our dealer was “dry”, we could have used the help at that time but….me thinks this is different, no?

  15. Maybe management plans to sit down with him smoke a bowl & have a good discussion on how to get this issue resolved??!!??

  16. jpaq68 says:Jul 24, 2014 1:53 PM

    Smart move by the Jags because it doesn’t cost them anything. He’s suspended, so they don’t have to pay him, he doesn’t count against their cap or take up a roster spot and it makes them look good for a PR standpoint.
    Won’t matter anyways when he has to travel 6,000 miles next year to watch them play their home games in London.

  17. Blackmon doesn’t repect the Jags organization or the privilege he was given to play NFL football. As a hard core Jags fan I cannot understand or condone keeping him on the roster.

  18. Cut him.
    He will learn NOTHING if ppl keep being soft on him.
    He is an adult who made a conscious CHOICE to do what he did. He was taught right and wrong and he chose wrong, multiple times, which means he will NOT learn from his mistakes yet he is fine with his team paying a cost for his poor decisions.
    Cut him and force him to be personally accountable for his actions.
    Only then will he learn.

  19. He’s suspended, so they don’t have to pay him, he doesn’t count against their cap or take up a roster spot and it makes them look good for a PR standpoint.

    He doesn’t count against their cap? Please elaborate I’m dying to hear this…..

  20. Just reported in National Football Post that Blackmon was charged today (7/24) with marijuana possession in OK . New story coming here quickly. What to say now Shad.

  21. Yup, move him to that great clinic in Colorado that helps marijuana users. Oh wait, that place helps them use marijuana….. Never Mind.

  22. Pot is not an addictive drug , its all in his mind. He’s just plain stupid and ignorant to the fac he could be making millions then retire and smoke all day if he wants, in a state where its legal. Hes not a kid anymore hes a stupid adult who is throwing away his own talent and money. Mr Khan has more patience than most I guess. Admirable of him as a boss/owner but as a Jags fan, just let him go and swallow your pride and move on.

  23. jirashon says:
    Jul 24, 2014 1:43 PM
    That’s good to hear… But man you gotta question the guys logic. Remember, they did trade up for him.

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    “They” were fired for after the 2012 season too

  24. Has a team EVER regretted giving a player a 2nd or even 3rd chance? I can’t think of an example in any sport. Chris carter. Michael Irvin. Even Ricky Williams for the fins. Darryl strawberry. Steve Howe. Doc gooden. What team has had a regret for trying to see a guy through?

  25. This is a grown man were talking about here.
    Give an opportunity to some one who will appreciate it.
    Life is what you make of it.
    If it is something you have to claw and scratch for, then you will appreciate the end results.
    The man has to want to be clean, you can not make him want it.

  26. I think the NFL handles suspensions wrong. I get suspending a player when they violate the league policies. However, why keep them away from the organization? Wouldn’t this help a player being around his football family?

  27. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t smoke and drive, either. Wait til you get home. I’m not advocating it, but damn, if you can wait til you get home to crack a brew, then you can surely do the same with the wacky tobacci. It isn’t rocket science. I don’t believe it should be illegal, but you can’t be stupid about it. Drive the speed limit, and wait til you get home to light up.

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