Jerry Jones: No one has a better feel for me than Jason Garrett


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has one very important thing going for him: His boss loves him.

That was confirmed by Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, who when asked about Garrett’s job security insisted that the two of them are joined at the hip.

“I know first hand that we’ve got a relationship, that I have a relationship — there’s nobody that has a better feel for me than Jason in terms of a relationship,” Jones said.

Asked if the 2014 season is a make-or-break year for Garrett, and if Garrett has to make the playoffs or else he’ll be fired, Jones insisted that’s not the case. Jones also said he wouldn’t even use the word “playoffs” because he doesn’t want to jinx anything.

“This is not make or break. I’m not going to use that word you just used just because of superstitions,” Jones said. “But I’ll be serious with you: No, this is not. In terms of the record of this team, this is not a make-or-break situation for Jason and members of this staff.”

Right now, Jones is saying nothing but supportive things about Garrett. Five months from now, if Garrett is concluding a fourth straight 8-8 season (or if the Cowboys’ record is even worse), Jones may feel it’s time for a new head coach.

77 responses to “Jerry Jones: No one has a better feel for me than Jason Garrett

  1. Garrett is in charge of taking the blame when things go wrong, that’s about it.

    Garrett has no say in the offense or defense. Jerry handpicked the OC and DC, they report to him.

    Jerry is the owner, GM, and coach. The ultimate fantasy football player.

  2. That guy middle-aged man who cleans Jerry’s glasses probably thought that he had the best feel for Jerry. This news must sting.

  3. The headline leave this open to so many questions…

    But let’s just say that Jerry remains delusional which is why my Cowboys are sure to remain mired in mediocrity!

  4. Im sure he has a feel for you too Jerry!

    Eagles Number 1 in the league.

    The best
    RB Combo
    And a much improved Defense!

    Thanks for trusting in Jason Jerry! You have done the NFC East a favor by staying the GM!

    May you live and rule #CowboyNation Forever!

    -NFC East Fans


  5. Doesn’t the NFL have the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule?………these dudes are delusional…….the Cowboys have all the makings of 4-14 this year.

  6. Believe none of what you hear, What was Jerry going to say with Jason right next to him and start even more media buzz at camp instead of focusing on how the defense is going to get better etc.

    If Jerry gave Garrett an extension then that would speak volumes instead people hang on his every word as he plays you like a fiddle.

    Don’t need anymore Drama in Big D than there already is!


  7. “Jerry Jones: No one has a better feel for me in the glory hole than Jason Garrett”

  8. Another message from Jones saying Garett’s job is safe, contradicting what he’s said before? How shocking.

    Another mediocre at best season for the Cowboys with no hope for the future restored? Guaranteed.

  9. Of course. Skeletor basically tells him what goes and what doesn’t. Garrett always responds “Yes sir.”

    He wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without Skeletor’s permission.

  10. Sean Payton is at home a few minutes away crossing his fingers. He even hangs out with Dallas players in the offseason.

  11. Garrett would do better if jerry jones would stop sticking his nose in all of the football operations theres a reason why the cowboys have won a super bowl in nearly 20 years

  12. He’s saying nothing but supportive thing about him? LOL Further proof of why most NFL franchises separate ownership and management (have a separate GM or team president).

    I would love my boss too if all I had to do was sit back and watch him and others do most of my work while still collecting a paycheck.

  13. Jerry blatantly says to the Allas Cowboys fans “don’t matter what our record is, you dolts just keep feeding my bank accounts…..LOL”.

  14. I feel really bad for legit, longtime Cowboy fans. They know what championship football looks like and smells like having numerous Lomardi trophies in the case. To have this clown Jerry Jones seeking headlines rather than championships year in, year out must be incredibly depressing.

    I hate to say it, but the party could be over for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys by halftime of their first game. Ugh

  15. I’ll skip the low hanging fruit about what Jerry wants Jason to feel and instead give my condolences to Cowboy fans.

    Never been a huge fan and you’ve had more than your share of glory, but I’m sorry for the football hell this guy has you in, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. Garrett’s biggest problem right now is game management. But that can be corrected. As a collective, this team used to be woefully undisciplined.

    In Garrett’s time, the offensive line is now arguably the best in football. Tony Romo is playing better than I’ve ever seen him play, and Dallas has an underrated WR duo with Dez and Terrence Williams.

    If the D can clean it up, in a weak NFC East, this team will surprise some people.

  17. Only reason Garrett has job security is maybe Jerry Jones realizes he’s the one screwing up. Their defense got worse believe it or not. Romo IS a good fantasy football QB and that’s about it. Running game is decent if Murray stays healthy.

    But 6-10 in 2014 for the Cowboys. Dez Bryant is the only elite player they have.

  18. We know that Jerry, the problem is that you don’t know nearly as much about football as you think you do.

  19. I really don’t need to hear how Jason is feeling you Jerruh.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  20. Jerry is a zillionaire because has utterly mastered the needed salesman skill set of spinning anything he wants in an convincingly positive fashion. This particular speech could have been recorded 20 years ago and replyed every single July, and each year would sound just as effective and just as promising. The only problem is, he isn’t selling to new customers every year, and the same customer he has been promsing year after year should, and hopefully now does, see clearly through this message and take it for exactly what it is: Nonsense. The 2014 Cowboys are older in the wrong positions and younger in other wrong positions, and an overall less talented than the team that missed the playoffs yet again last year. The wise Cowboy fan knows but one thing: The only message we care about hearing from Jerry from now on is that he will finally step aside and once and for all cede football operations to someone who as good at running that as he is at persuading us that the Cowboys will actually finish above .500.

  21. Allow me to translate Jerry speak:

    Jason meets the main requirement which is stay out of the way and let me play with my toy, the Cowboys. Not sure I can easily find a coach that would be as passive as Jason. At least a successful one.

    Anyway the main thing is to fill the seats at the stadium not win football games. so as long as the money is rolling in, no need to call it a make or break season for the coaches.

  22. heres the translation:

    “As long as I, me, Jerry Jones, the guy that writes the checks, gets to make every single important and unimportant decision, and as long as the rubes out there keep making me richer and richer, I’ll sit here and say anything. Please continue to buy our merchandise; we got a good deal on some Kyle Orton jerseys right now.”

  23. I love the comments from fans of other NFC East teams stating their desire to have Jerry remain the GM of the Cowboys forever.

    The Cowboys went 5-1 against the NFC East last year, if Jerry is as bad as you think he is, what does that say about your team?

  24. Owner – Coach bromances don’t win superbowls…..oh wait, it was playoffs you’re struggling with……what’s that, you just want a winning season?

    Good luck with that.

  25. You know every comment seems to be negative about Jones and these cowboys,they are held in high expetations every single year because of franchise sucess,I am proud to be a diehard of this team and not one of so many others because as a fan you wait..they will be champs again because of the effort this organization puts forth. go COWBOYS

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