Jonathan Stewart out a couple of weeks, Edmund Kugbila out for year


The Panthers dealt with injuries to running back Jonathan Stewart and members of their offensive line throughout last season and they aren’t wasting much time picking up where they left off.

Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman said on Thursday that Stewart injured his hamstring recently and will miss a week or two of camp while he recovers. The team doesn’t feel it is an overly serious injury, so Stewart will remain on the active roster as opposed to being placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

Whether or not this specific injury is serious, it is part of a pattern that doesn’t bode well for Stewart earning a big role in a backfield that also features DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert. He’s played just 15 games over the last two years and has averaged under four yards a carry both seasons while dealing with a variety of aches and pains.

Gettleman also announced that guard Edmund Kugbila will have back surgery in August and miss the entire season. The 2013 fourth-round pick missed his rookie season because of a knee injury and his absence exposes a few more ribs on an already thin offensive line.

17 responses to “Jonathan Stewart out a couple of weeks, Edmund Kugbila out for year

  1. Stewart’s up to being himself and Kugbila is likely a lost cause.

    So tell me again, how “in Gettleman we trust” works.

  2. Losing Kugbila does not hurt the Panthers. They haven’t even seen what he can do in the NFL. In 2013, he injured himself immediately after the draft, and he’s injured again even before camp.

    They signed two guys (Velasco and Matthews) already to replace him. However, losing Stewart for 2 weeks could be monumental.

  3. Of course, using Stewart to catch passes is one hedge the Carolina Convicts (Greg Hardy, DE) are using to justify depletion of the WR corps. Pretty soon, it will be “all Cam” and then what?

  4. Well Gettleman didn’t give the huge contracts to Beason, Delhomme, Stewart and Williams, that was Hurney…. so Gettleman is doing just fine considering his original handicap.

  5. Its time for Gettleman to man up and admit he made a mistake in drafting a player who will never play a down for the Panthers. This was a wasted draft pick but everyone thinks the sun rises and sets at the whims of Gettleman. How did he hurt his back? Training camp has not even started? Idiotic draft pick by a man who thinks Byron Bell is a starting left tackle in this league. Cut Kugbila and the walking mash unit Stewart and move on. It is not going to be a banner year for the Panthers anyway because of the way Gettleman handled the offseason. Better luck in 2015? Maybe 2016? Who knows??????

  6. Can’t help but feel this team is in for a pretty major regression this year.

  7. mmmratings says:
    Jul 24, 2014 1:20 PM
    Well Gettleman didn’t give the huge contracts to Beason, Delhomme, Stewart and Williams, that was Hurney…. so Gettleman is doing just fine considering his original handicap.
    Oh, compared to Hurney, who doesn’t look good … but maintaining a playoff team … well, you be the judge.

    Gross gone, Smith gone, 1/2 secondary gone, all WRs gone, keeping Stewart last year, drafting Kugbila, 3/5 OL gone. Yep in Gettleman we trust alright.

  8. Not related to these injuries, but I have absolutely no idea what the Panthers strategy was this offseason. Unless it was release some of our best players and not replace those that retired. Is the GM trying to get Rivera fired? Seems that way.

  9. As soon as I heard this I could’t help but laugh and shake my head. Jonathon Stewart is hurt again. Shocking lol. I hope this is legitimate and he isn’t trying to get out of two weeks of practice because it would be great to have all our backs healthy for once considering how much we pay them. Like I said can’t help but laugh.

  10. qdog – Kugbila was a 4th rounder. Does it look like a good pick, no. But how many 4th round busts happen every year? As for Gettleman, he had no budget this offseason to go on a spending spree. Unlike our federal government NFL teams have to stay within a budget. In the Panthers case, that budget was zapped largely from mistakes made by Hurney.

  11. Stewart’s injured to start training camp? Say it isn’t so.

    Next up, Jake Locker.

    Sorry Panthers fans. I’m a Titans fan and a Jake Locker fan who feels your pain. … I find the humor therapeutic.

  12. I think the current expectation with regard to Stewart is that unless otherwise stated, we all just assume he is injured…

  13. I’m way more pissed about Ed than Stewart. Whenever Stu is healthy, they keep trying to squeeze him in for a few plays and the YPC plummets overall. If Cam, D-Wills, and Tolbert can stay healthy, the Panthers have a decent running game. As far as depth goes, Barner or Gaffney should be able to pick up the slack.

    Ed, however, is a catastrophe. The Panthers could use a healthy second year guy out of the 4th round in MANY positions.

  14. I saw a figure on NFL network last night that showed Stewart is the 8th highest paid RB in the league. Yikes!

  15. I like Stewart and want him to do well but I am NOT confident…. He will be cut next year.

    Thanks to Marty Hurney …

  16. Jonathan Stewart is dead weight. But what else can we do with him until is contract runs out. The lose of Kugbila doesn’t really hurt since he’s never played a down since he been on the team.

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