Justin Blackmon arrested for marijuana possession


Justin Blackmon, the talented but troubled Jaguars receiver who is currently serving an indefinite suspension for substance-abuse violations, has been arrested again.

Blackmon was arrested for possession of marijuana Wednesday night in Edmond, Oklahoma, according to Channel 6 News in Tulsa.

Police say Blackmon was initially pulled over for a traffic violation and officers could smell marijuana coming from his car. They searched, found marijuana and took Blackmon into custody.

Blackmon has previously been arrested twice for drunk driving.

The Jaguars spent the fifth overall pick on Blackmon in the 2012 NFL draft. He showed promise as a rookie but was suspended indefinitely after playing just four games in 2013. Even before this arrest the Jaguars were not counting on him to play for them at all this year, and his inability to stay out of trouble raises questions about whether he’ll ever play in the NFL again.

144 responses to “Justin Blackmon arrested for marijuana possession

  1. Too bad he doesn’t have a penchant for domestic violence. He’d be in uniform by game 3.

  2. dang…… and to think I wanted him to end up on the Bears….. Good thing we didn’t mortgage the future on him. What a waste of talent.

    Him and Josh Gordon are going to make a CFL team very happy…. Sorry Browns fans….

  3. Wow, what a tard. Hell I quit getting high for a 50k salary this moron cant quit for millions. And to think ppl say he is a good character. Yeah, whatever

  4. Well the good news is Blackmon is now gonna have all the time in the world to smoke weed now that his NFL career is pretty much over.

  5. Unbelievable. Put down the weed, someone is willing to pay you millions of dollars to just put it down and play a game.

  6. Wow. As much as I hate to say it, he’s not comming back – to Jacksonville or anywhere else for that matter. What a waste.

  7. So Long Sucka!

    Keep your mouth off the weed until its legal nation wide! You are making how much?

    Kinda reminds me of Kenny Britt.

    Waste of Talent!

    Sign him DC, he’ll fit in with the other degenerates you have there. MeSean and and Fred “Dirt Thrower” Davis.

  8. Before we hear the “legalize it” crowd…remember that doesn’t matter in the NFL. This dude likely just lost his last chance due to smoking pot. Millions of dollars thrown away for a pipe…SMH.

  9. While I don’t support arrests for marijuana, I just don’t see how with that much on the line, you can’t just stay away from it. Him and Gordon. Just leave it alone for a few years. It will probably be legal by the time they retire anyway. It’s not like marijuana is an addictive drug. The NFL rules on it are antiquated, but the rules are still there and everybody knows them.

  10. Does this mean the reality show where him and Josh Gordon live in a house and have to deal with their landlord (Roger Goodell) is back on?

    Has not hit rock-bottom yet.

  11. I support the idea that people stop making excuses for guys popped for crimes they don’t think should be illegal. Fact is pot is illegal in Oklahoma. Pretty sure Blackmon knows that. For him to even risk it shows that the guy isn’t serious about his career. He will get exactly what he deserves.

  12. It’s just marijuana, but, the bigger issue is that the kid has zero discipline in terms of following the rules of the company for which he works.

  13. Man terrible. This guy definitely has all the talent, because whenever he has actually played, he made big time plays. I’m not downing him for using green, but with the trouble he’s already been in he should be thinking a lot smarter. This guy could be a top receiver if he could get it together. I remember wanting him on my Niners. Sad story so far, but I still think he has a chance if he gets it together…yesterday!

  14. I remember in early 2012 – that awesome bowl game where it was OKState vs. Stanford with Andrew Luck. Blackmon was a complete beast and dominated everyone, and that was with freakin’ Brandon Weeden throwing the ball to him.

    The thought of Blake Bortles hitting his stride while throwing to Blackmon is pretty sweet, but that just ain’t gonna happen. What a waste.

  15. So what has he been spending for a bag of weed these last few years? $5 million each in present/future earnings? Must be good stuff

  16. It’s evident that the rookie symposium isn’t effective. Guys like this and Titus Young need more than a wknd of speeches after getting drafted. The NFL needs to reach down into its money bags and pay for long term continuing education into what becomes of players who have nothing and get everything once they enter the league. I know it’s on the person themselves to make the right decision but evident problems like this sent going to go away.

  17. Man Justin, they watchin u. Stay at the house and blaze. Dont ride around in the whip. Folks in JVille was hype for this dude he could have been a beast in the NFL. Goodell is gonna throw the book and the kitchen sink at this dude.

  18. Well, what’s he supposed to do to get his buzz on? He can’t drink, so he turns to weed. I mean, is he just supposed to be completely dry?

  19. He is not done. He will retreat from the spotlight for 12-18 months and do a ‘tell all’ interview with Disney Sports Network, quoting the bible and claiming that he is married. Guess what? The owners and fans will fall right back in love. Anyone can come back…

  20. I swear, somewhere along the way these pot smokers need to learn how to bake brownies. How many have gotten busted for weed from the smell coming out of their cars?! Stupid.

  21. I’m for legalizing the weed, but that doesn’t matter here. Driving under the influence of anything is still DUI!! Kinda sad. He’s a has been before he ever was!

  22. To clarify the NFL policy, weed isn’t against merely “the rules” it is against the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players union and the league. This isn’t something imposed on the players by The Shield, it is something THEY agreed to via their representatives in the union. When they become an NFL player it is like saying, “I am not going to smoke weed.” Smoking weed for you or I may not be a big deal; smoking weed for them is a breach of their word, a breaking of a contract for which they KNOW the consequences.

  23. At this point, Justin please just move to Colorado and get a warehouse job within walking distance of your residence to support your habit.

  24. Idiot.

    He’s not Josh Gordon 2.0, he’s the original Josh Gordon.

    I don’t understand how you can just piss away a free ride like this.

  25. The fat lady has sung. Game over. Get it together Justin. I used to feel sorry for you, but if you’re high on the road, No sympathy. Maybe he can straighten things out and very back in a few years, but right now he’s radioactive. What a sad train wreck.

  26. Blackmon’s a real idiot.
    Hasn’t he learned the league frowns upon drug use?
    Just beat the snot out of your wife/GF. Goodell’s ok with that.

  27. Sorry to hear. Just very disappointed. The league has lost a terrific player. I wish him well in life after football. All jokes aside he’s on a bad downward spiral and his career in the NFL is definitely over I just hope he gets the help he needs. He had a lot of life left to live for.

  28. Even if the green is legalized it’s still banned by nfl as a performance enhancer…. Still won’t be able to use it….

  29. He should go to Dallas, where Jerruh can give him the “Pacman treatment”.

  30. Two points.

    1. Decriminalize weed. However…
    2. Even if decriminalized, don’t bake and drive. Period.

    It should be the same penalty as driving drunk.

  31. It should be pretty obvious he has a substance abuse problem. He needs professional help, and I sincerely hope he gets counseling and/or rehab. But before any of that can be successful he needs to admit and recognize he has a problem, and would have to want to get better.

    Of course the fact that the NFL bans suspended players from the team and any support/structure the team can provide to help them clean up their act, that is the WORST thing that the NFL could do if they honestly cared about the players. The team is a source of structure and can be like a family to many athletes who may not have much of a family of their own. If their only choice is to sit at home and hang out with their friends (who are often times losers), then it’s no wonder they have a hard time getting their act together.

  32. Has anybody ever messed up as fast as this guy? He didn’t even make it through his 2nd season. Thats like running a 3.9 40.

  33. He is done.

    And isn’t Ray Rice on camera beating a woman? Wonder what the hold up is there, other than idiotic hypocrisy and a ridiculous weight-of-offense vs. discipline scale…

  34. 1. Dude, you know the rules and it’s weed. Opinion on legalization (yes it should be) is irrelevant. This is not a little known rule and the whole reason you’re not getting ready for camp today is that rule. Really really dumb move.

    2. A single case of spousal abuse should be held in the same regard as 10 marijauna arrests. The disparity between the punishment for certain crimes is becoming an embarassment for the league.

  35. This evil pothead will get a 4+ games suspension while the angelic Ray Rice who only knocked out a woman gets 2…

    Sound completely backwards anyone?

  36. If Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon played for the Broncos and lived in Colorado, they wouldn’t have been arrested. Maybe the Broncos should start trading for some of these guys.

  37. Hahahahaha. I knew this guy was bad news all along.

    Really, Jags, let him go already. You look ridiculous by now.

  38. Pro weed people always keep saying it’s not addictive. I don’t know enough to say one way or the other. But there are so many people who simply can’t stop no matter what the stakes. That suggests there is some sort of dependence problem.

  39. Oklahoma??? He probably would’ve gotten away had he been driving in Colorado or Washington state. Maybe the Broncos or the Seahawks will pick him up.

  40. arrested for pot posession?!

    God I love Minnesota. You can carry an ounce and a half on your person and you will NEVER be arrested as long as it is in the same bag and you don’t have any scale or device to aid in distributing.

    I get how this is a mistake by a young man with a potentially very bright future. And I get how these athletes are role models for our children, but how is this a performance enhancing substance?

    NBA doesn’t even test for pot. You don’t hear about it, but it’s true. You also don’t see NBA players being crucified in the media for it, but you know they do it.

    Maybe the NFL should follow suit? It is somewhat ridiculous that a man who smoked some plants would lose his job for a year or more, and a guy can PHYSICALLY ABUSE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING (male or female) and be welcomed back in next to no time.

  41. … and THAT’S THE GAME!

    Already on indefinite suspension and gets arrested again? Yep, he’s officially done.

    Paying attention Josh?

    By the way, I don’t care to get involved in the argument over weed being legal or not. The law today is that it is illegal, period. You can’t make your defense be that “it is a bad law”. There are thousands of those …. live by it until it’s changed.

  42. dang…… and to think I wanted him to end up on the Bears….. Good thing we didn’t mortgage the future on him. What a waste of talent.

    Him and Josh Gordon are going to make a CFL team very happy…. Sorry Browns fans….

    After Ricky Williams, the CFL implemented a rule that treats an NFL Suspension as a CFL Suspension. They have to be cleared by the NFL to play in the CFL. Same for PEDs.

  43. He’s toast 🙁 Hate to see anyone squander his talent.
    Hope he gets the help he needs – the judicial system may be his last hope.

  44. IF he gets it all, i would say give him 2 years and perhaps we see him again in 2016 on the Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati Bengals REHAB Team! WHO DEY!!!!

  45. At this point The Jags just need to cut him and try to get whatever money back they can because he has showed he has no interest or intentions whatsoever in getting clean and joining the team.

  46. If Blackmon was drafted by Kansas City
    His career wouldn’t be such a pity
    Coached by a genius like Reid
    This young man wouldn’t need
    To turn to drugs to avoid feeling (crummy)

  47. what is WRONG with this guy? Are you just allergic to millions of dollars in money you could be making??

  48. Charles Rodgers 2.0

    He better realize that he will end up broke and in and out of jail just like Rodgers. Rodgers had to pay back like 9 million dollars to the Lions, I wonder if Justin will too?…. They both had tremendous talent and blew it. I just don’t get it.

    And Josh Gordon better straighten up because he’s headed down the same path.

  49. One dynasty fantasy league of mine has Blackmon, Brazil and Davis. I have cued the commish to sanction the team by renaming them Ricky’s Rebels.

  50. Dude had to catch passes from Blaine Gabbert…

    Fo’ Real – seriously….

    Let’s let him smoke his pot and get his DWIs… it’s how most normal humans would cope with blaine gabbert’s ducks.

  51. This guy obviously has a problem. He should get treatment. The NFL by suspending him and preventing him from being at the team’s facilities only serves to further isolate him and exacerbate his medical condition. Blackmom should sue under the ADA as addiction is recognized as a disease. The NFL preaches concern for the athletes, but is more interested in punitive behavior than treatment.

  52. Why don’t players just move to like CA if they want to smoke a bunch of weed?

    Maybe they get busted by the NFL for substance abuse policy even if they follow the laws?

  53. Many of my pro MJ friends tell me it is a great drug because it simply relaxes you, is not addicting, and will not hurt you with your job unlike alcohol abuse. Well, I look at Blackmon and think, it is addicting and it is going to cost him MILLIONS of dollars. Not good.

  54. I remember during the pre-draft process a feature on ESPN about Blackmon and his friendship with a little girl with a debilitating illness. That kid looked up to him like he was a hero. Everybody thought Blackmon was a great character guy, and no one doubted the Jags when they took him early in round 1. Wonder how they all feel now? If I were the Jags, I would be all over the rest of his signing bonus, and wash my hands of him. This guy is incapable of learning from a mistake. He goes from multiple DUIs to a weed possession charge. Stupid doesn’t even scratch the surface on this one…

    Cris Carter recognized the path he was on, and made a change, even before he got cut by the Eagles. Thing is now, it’s going to be a lot harder for someone to give them another chance, because they may not even get reinstated, and if the Jags release him, he would have to serve whatever suspension the league imposes when someone else signs him.

    Makes the Allen Robinson and Marquise Lee draft choices look even smarter now. Robinson has a chance to be the #1 on that team in my opinion (this year’s Keenan Allen), and Lee and Shorts are solid complementary pieces.

  55. First comment is does this officially make Trent Richardson not a draft bust?

    second is for the person who wrote the “Josh Gordon 2.0” comment. Not quite. The Browns got 2 seasons out of Gordon and his “problems” (just like Johnny Manziels) have been over dramatized because there is nothing better to talk about during the off season.

    Pretty sure the Jaguars would rather have Gordon as Gordon’s potential 1 year ban is because he came into the league on a probation because his entrance into the supplemental draft was because he was suspended from the NCAA and only coaches that are being disciplined by the NCAA can apparently enter the NFL with no repercussions whatsoever (Pete Carroll and Jim Tressel anyone?). Otherwise he would only have 1 strike against him (which wasn’t for drugs BTW) which shows he is at least putting some effort into changing his life as opposed to Blackmans constant issues since being in the NFL.

  56. Everybody thought Blackmon was a great character guy, and no one doubted the Jags when they took him early in round 1.

    Huh? He had enormous character red flags and plenty of analysts weren’t pleased with the pick.

  57. The NFL Players need to just take a page from the NBA and refuse to have it as part of the drug screen process!!! Ofcourse they can make it happpen, they just have to have the stones to stick together and make it a reality. If marijuana becomes legal nationwide(which the trend certainly does indicate its a matter of when not if) then the NFL would have little if any leverage to substantiate their policy!!! Marijuana is most certainly not a PED and should be viewed in the same vein as a person that likes to take part in social drinking. What is truly sad is that young promising careers will be cut short/destroyed due to something so inherently insignificant. SMDH

  58. People that say it isn’t an “addictive” drug say that because it doesn’t what they call “addictive chemicals” as they like to say, which really isn’t true. People can become addicted to damn near anything. Food dependency, sex dependency, ..drug dependency. I live in what they call in PC terms, an “Urban Community” and I see it all the time. Just like with alcohol a lot of the people use the drug as an escape and become dependent on it.

    Heard so many times on how it isn’t addictive and that they can quit any time and that they just quit. Not even a week later they’re back at it. Yes, you can be a weed addict.

  59. This man needs involuntary rehab out in the wilderness somewhere. The saddest part about this is, you have to WANT to stop. He shows no interest in doing so. He seems to be entering treatment facilities because his employer tells him to. I hope he can get clean before he ends up dead.

  60. You can be a tv addict. one can be an food addict. Some people are addicted to smoking. some like video games. some crave success. you may be addicted to life, you may sleep too much. If it was coke a cola, you bet it’s an addiction. However, all of those addictions can be toppled. So maybe I like to smoke too much weed? I am addicted to reefer bc it’s part of my daily routine. Its a cure-all for insomnia, anxiety, upset stomach, and of course, stress relief. Hey, I choose weed over alcohol, cocaine, meth, pills, and also, a laundry list of things that are far more addictive and worse.
    Middle finger is the flag that I wave when I’m silenced!
    Hail to the Redskins!

  61. At least go where it’s legal son, no charges then.. You can just as easily send your career down the toilet in Washington or Colorado.

  62. This is a tragedy, this guy is the best wide receiver I’ve ever seen play the game. He would have shattered records and was a lot of fun to watch on the field, I still don’t think they should give up on him, just make him go into rehab and see if he can get the help he needs. It will be very sad to see him go, I hate he’s waisting his life and there have been a lot worse still allowed to play the game, remember ray Lewis murdered someone, Lawrence Taylor said there wasn’t one game he didn’t play he wasn’t high on CRACK!!! CRACK!! Not maijuanna, CRACK!!, so come on you guys he’s a pot head which is an easy thing to over come! All he needs is the right help, if he can get that and prove to stay out of trouble, I say don’t take away our right to see the best at their position play and compete against each other,many Blackmon was the best at his position, possibly could have proven to be the best ever at his position. I personally think he can still do it, he’ll it took Ricky Williams how many years to make a come back after he told the NFL he would never stop smoking pot, he grew up and made a come back, so I say still don’t give up on seeing him on the field, just say a prayer for the young man to over come his demons.

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