Manziel won’t get first-team reps right away


Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel got plenty of first-team reps during offseason workouts.  He won’t be getting any in training camp, at least not initially.

He will get reps with the ones at some point,” coach Mike Pettine told Tony Grossi of  “But early on . . .  we only talked about how we would handle things very early in camp and then make that assessment after the first off day and then have a plan for the scrimmage [on August 2].  We’ll see where he is coming out of the summer.”

The summer break began with Manziel defiantly saying at the Rookie Symposium that he won’t be changing his off-field ways for anyone.  Grossi asked Pettine whether he was surprised by that.  But Pettine seems to still be OK with Johnny Football being Johnny Vegas or Johnny Rolled-Up-Hundy or Johnny Whatever when he’s off the clock.

“Yeah, but I think it still needs to get to a point where if it’s affecting his job, that he’s in a situation where he goes out and has a good time, are there other players in the NFL that do that? Absolutely,” Pettine said.  “But his persona, and it’s a phenomenon, has created something where people seek those photographs and are very eager to put them out.  Does he go out more than some guys?  Maybe.  But he’s young and that’s his lifestyle and it is the offseason.  If this is a pattern during the season and it is affecting his work, then that’s much more cause for concern. . . .  To me, his life as an NFL player truly starts now and he’ll be judged on that. And if we get the hint that there’s behaviors affecting his work or there’s criminal activity then absolutely there’s cause for concern.

And that’s precisely why the NFL should quit testing guys for recreational drugs, especially in the offseason.  Teams don’t care about what a guy does unless and until it affects his job or his freedom (which in turn affects his ability to show up for his job).  If the individual teams don’t care about anything more than that, why does the collection of 32 teams care?

Of course, Pettine does indeed have a concern about the photo of Manziel tightly rolling up a piece of paper money.  Pettine confirmed to Grossi that player and coach talked about it.

“I felt very positive coming out of the conversation and I’m very confident moving forward, now that it’s 100 percent about football, that it will be much less of an issue,” Pettine said.

If it’s truly 100 percent football, it shouldn’t be an issue at all.  And if Manziel hopes to be like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, it needs to be 100 percent football far more often than when it’s football season.

And when football season starts, it currently appears Manziel will be on the bench.  Pettine admitted that his goal of naming a starter sooner than later favors Brian Hoyer.

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  1. Trade him and pray that you can get a 4th round pick. Next year’s draft class is stacked with QB’s, never should have drafted one this year

  2. Name the starter now.

    Otherwise you are saying “I am gonna wait to see who looks better in shorts- the super stud 1st round pick we traded up for rookie athlete extraordinaire who is an instant star and cash cow for the franchise and can do everything a football player can possibly do better than the other Qb we have, or Brian Hoyer.”

    And thats a joke.

  3. Thank Goodness!! Let the NFL season get underway already. Enough of what these KIDS are doing on there off time.

    Is it just me or has this been one of the longest off seasons in history??

  4. Give Hoyer his shot! Hasn’t he earned it? He’s paid his dues, works hard, played well last season (before the injury) and has been a class act since his days with MSU.

    Seems to me that Mr Manziel (hate calling a man-child Mr) would do well sitting and learning a thing or two from a player like Hoyer (who hasn’t had anything handed to him like Johnny Football)

  5. Manziel in the same breath as Manning and Brady? Maybe you should become his agent. We’ll see what he’s made of in a real game when the chips are on the table. Until then he’s just another rookie who could turn out to be another hyped dud.

  6. It doesn’t make sense to play Manziel with the horrible WRs this clueless GM Ray Farmer has given him. Hoyer won’t be successful with these horrible WRs. All the defense will have to do is put 8 in the box double Jordan Cameron and say go ahead try and beat us.

  7. Hoyer will start the season. A rookie coach will not go with a rookie quarterback from the get-go. No way, no how.

    The Browns have a bye after their first three (Steelers/Saints/Ravens) games and then play a fairly soft schedule.

    If Hoyer plays well and gets at least one win he will continue to start after the bye. If he loses all three games Manziel will become the starter.

  8. 2. Manziel is just a dumb kid exhibiting the behavior is what happens to a spoiled and pandered kid. Ryan Leaf, Version 2.0.

    The originality displayed on here often leaves my jaw agape in awe.

  9. Florio makes a very odd statement: “And that’s precisely why the NFL should quit testing guys for recreational drugs, especially in the offseason. Teams don’t care about what a guy does unless and until it affects his job or his freedom (which in turn affects his ability to show up for his job).” New money and young men who like to party doesn’t mix. These aren’t normal guys either. They are physically powerful, intimidating, and rich guys. The teams and NFL actually MUST care…the NFL image and teams’ reputation in their local communities are important. No one wants a bunch of 30o lb potheads or cocaine cowboys driving around their cities because they are “off” work. Sorry, but playing in the NFL is a privilege. Also, like any other job, drug testing is there. The NFL needs to do some fixing of the player image…way too many arrests for drugs, DUI, and domestic violence this year.

  10. Cleveland’s current coach seems to have a lot more common sense than their last two combined. (Yeah that Weeden couldn’t see a 100 yard long American Flag coming but I’m pretty sure that won’t translate to him not being about to see a pass rush so he should be our starter right??)

    Let Manziel actually suck before we call his lifestyle a distraction. At this point he’s still Johnny Benchwarmer so if going out late effects his clipboard holding ability it will be addressed.

    The kid hasn’t done anything illegal. People forget he’s 21 and should still be in college. Stop comparing him to a bunch of near 40 year old married QB’s like Peyton Manning (who still has less Superbowl rings than “pillar of the community” Ben Roethlisberger).

  11. When he gets thrown to the wolves watch how long he last before he gets creamed this is a whole different level of talent when they put a hit on you you will know it ask Griffen

  12. Johnny Eightball should be in rehab right now, not an NFL training camp. That’s probably what’s best for him.

  13. Would Tony Dungy have drafted Johnny Manziel?
    If Michael Sam is too big a circus, what about Johnny Football? The big tent is going up in Cleveland and the crowd is getting excited.

  14. I have to admit, the circus around Johnny Football is much bigger than the one around Michael Sam… Until Dungy’s comments, Michael Sam had been a relatively dull story during mini camps and OTAs.

    Meanwhile Johnny Football is driving full speed into self destruction, seemingly laughing the whole way.

    I’m a huge Johnny Football fan and really want to see him succeed, but he has to get a handle on his life and do it soon.

  15. Pettine is an odd bird. Paraphrase of his comments about Manziel:

    “Do it, but don’t do it, okay. Don’t do it but if you do do it, don’t act like you do it or just did it. So, it’s better not to do it, but it’s okay if you do it when you’re not doing it while working. Ditto?”

    Criminy; no wonder he can’t figure out who to start at QB.

  16. Let Johnny Football play and watch him quickly become Johnny INT followed by Johnny PUP.

  17. pettine’s a first year coach who only knows defense….not a good fit for a offensive magician like manziel….let’s hope pettine doesn’t screw the pooch on this one….the browns have a chance to take a big step forward….that ain’t going to happen with hoyer….

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