Marshawn Lynch will be holding out


The Seahawks managed to coax running back Marshawn Lynch to show up for a mandatory minicamp amid concerns he would hold out.  Now, Lynch won’t be showing up for training camp.

Former teammate Michael Robinson, who’s currently working for NFL Network, said on the air moments ago that Lynch said he’ll hold out.

The move exposes Lynch to $30,000 per day in fines, along with (after five days) partial forfeiture of his $6 million signing bonus.

In 2012, Lynch signed a four-year, $30 million contract.  He’s due to earn $5.5 million in 2014, with a cap number of $7 million.

The move comes a day after the Chiefs bumped the 2014 pay of Jamaal Charles from $3.9 million to $8.3 million, via a two-year extension that puts him under contract for four years, $28 million.

Lynch’s holdout represents the first significant negative development for the defending Super Bowl champions, who gave long-term contracts in the offseason to safety Earl Thomas and cornerback Richard Sherman.

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  1. Wouldn’t call it a negative. A new contract was likely anyhow, and lynch not being at camp just means less wear and tear before the season.

  2. No big deal. He’s a veteran. He knows the plays, he knows the offense. I chuckled when the NFL app on my phone popped this up as “*BREAKING NEWS*”

  3. Players complain about back-loaded contracts because they can be released and not see those $. Now we have them holding out from front-loaded deals because they don’t like their salary for the year. Come on, Beast. Get to camp. You are paid well for a RB.

  4. Unfortunately Logic is a relative term. It usually involves factual data to substantiate its claim however, that’s never a guarantee, like it is here.

  5. One and done. Let the implosion begin too many egos in Seattle. I can only imagine whats going to happen when Wilson demands $20 million a year next year.

  6. Or,,

    Seattle let’s him hold out for 30k a day.
    We have Michael, Turbin, smalls, ware.

    And lynch can go shoot movies in his lambo. You signed an extension, honor it

  7. A lot of Seahawk fans were giving the Niners grief over Vernon Davis and Alex Boone. Karma knows no boundaries. No team is immune to holdouts or player indiscretions.

  8. Love it. The Seahawks were boasting how good their front office is. After the disastrous offseason, here comes retirements (Sidney Rice) and holdouts (Marshawn Lynch). Any game that he misses will be a potential entry in the loss column for the one and done Seahawks.

  9. I love how Hawk fans spin this as a positive yet when it was discussed that Vernon Davis and Alex Boone might hold out (we know Davis did show up and Boone has decided to hold out) it was “Lets Rip on our Rivals” time.

    I will not end my post with childish hash tags; however, I will say this: Looking forward to seeing Lynch and the rest of the defending champs on Thanksgiving night against The 49ers.

  10. Marshawn Lynch is waaaaaaaaaay more valuable to that offense than Russel Wilson. But in the end I think the Seahawks are going to have to give them both elite money.

    Get it done, Seattle. These windows don’t stay open for too long.

  11. Aww, look at all these Niner fans grasping onto serious hope that the Hawks somehow don’t work out a deal. You wish. Beast Mode will be his usual self, running your team into the ground come Thanksgiving.

  12. But in all seriousness, they should pay the man. Think of it as a reward for helping them win their only *SB win. Without him, the Hawks will look PEDestrian…especially with the new LOB rule.

  13. It’s the thing that sucks about winning a Super Bowl. Guys want more money, or other teams pay them more than they’re worth. Wait til they start poaching the coaches.

  14. Beastmode will be there running over that sad Green Bay defense soon enough. What people fail to realize is that Marshawn seems to avoid training camp every year. He will be there, no worries at all. Go HAWKS

  15. So much for the concept of “honor thy contract”. You signed it, so live with it. Oh, this RB is making $1 more than me. I better hold out. They are legends in their own minds.

  16. Give him 10 mil a year. He has earned it. Coming from a Niners fan. Remember, you shouldn’t proclaim a dynasty after just ONE SB. Very good chance to become a dynasty, but not yet. Good luck in 2014, Beast Mode.

  17. ANyone who’s ever seen Hawks’ camp, knows this means nothing. He shows up when he’ ready and when he arrives, stands on the sideline anyway.

    This time could be different, but I doubt it. They’ll workout a cap friendly agreement and he’ll be ’bout that action boss.

  18. He’s the only running back that has consistently moved the rock against my niners. Everyone talks about the kid behind him but I think you need him for now

  19. Seahawks beginning to get a little taste of what it’s like trying to defend title.

    Have seen alot of their fans predict dynasty, repeat…long term success.

    Well….There is a reason only a couple of teams have been able to do so in the salary cap era. Dallas and NE come to mind…not really any others, and NE still doing it .

    Is alot harder than their fans think….Look @ the Giants, unable to sustain…See what Seahawks look like by mid November, after 10-12 of taking everyones best shot…And yes, they hit you harder when SB champs.

  20. Pay him, it’s that simple. Harvin is always hurt, Wilson isn’t elite, not many other weapons with Tate gone. If Lynch isn’t around there will a lot of ticks in the L column.

  21. veence69 says:
    Jul 24, 2014 7:38 PM
    Marshawn Lynch is waaaaaaaaaay more valuable to that offense than Russel Wilson. But in the end I think the Seahawks are going to have to give them both elite money.

    Get it done, Seattle. These windows don’t stay open for too long.
    The Super Bowl winning QB, spells his name,
    R-U-S-S-E-L-L. You know like Bill Russell or Russell Crowe. It’s not like his name hasn’t been printed on sports pages everywhere.

  22. I am not particularly fond of holding out for a contract as a tactic. I am a life long Seahawks fan through thick and thin. As a fan, I believe Lynch is worth paying more. Seattle is a running team that plays smash-mouth football and even though we have a good stable of backups, there is no rb in the league who smashes as many mouths and gains yards. Our team identity is built around this guy. He brought the swagger. We gotta pay him.

  23. Hope the holdout isn’t too long. Seems like players are never the same after they’ve returned from a holdout. Another chink in the armor in Sea Town

  24. Hey remember all those posts just YESTERDAY on the Boone article about how perfect everything was in the PNW? Yep shoulda kept your beaks tied shut

  25. “Wilson isn’t elite…” Funniest thing I’ve read this year.

    Love how desperate you all are to knock the Seahawks down a notch. Won’t happen. They’ll win it again.

  26. Seahawks will be able to prove they’re not overly dependent on Lynch sooner than they thought!

  27. Pay him and kiss KJ Wright, Malcolm Smith, Byron Maxwell, Cliff Avril and James Carpenter goodbye. Seahawks are caught between a rock and a hard place.

  28. I love all the idiots saying that players have to honor contracts when the team can also not honor the contract and release you at will. Two way street, idiots.

  29. The “he should honor his contract” talk is beyond ignorant. The NFLPA is the weakest players’ union in sports. If Robinson Cano tears an ACL and never returns to perform at the same level, the Mariners still have to pay him $200MM. If the same thing happens to Marshawn, he is cut. Owners don’t honor contracts. Why should players? I respect the move. He’s using the only leverage he has to make what he deserves. Not his fault that the system is the way it is.

  30. Thhhhhhhe wheels on the bus go rolling off,
    Rolling off,
    Rolling off.

    The wheels on the bus go rolling off,
    And Sherman’s still a clown.

  31. The last few years before Wilson, Lynch was the team. He kept pounding away, doing his thing, not complaining.
    He was a huge part of the team the last couple years, winning some games by himself when Wilson was struggling to find his passing game.

    He turned the tide in the NFCC, and didn’t need to suit up in the SB given the defence.

    But him, above most others on this team, were here doing their thing as a top player long before the last couple years when the spotlight wasn’t quite as bright, and continued to excel game in and game out, so he deserves that respect that in the NFL, only money really provides.

    That said, not a big issue…Seahawks will take care of this.

  32. Top 5 RBs in Pro Football : Alfred Morris, Jamal Charles, Giovani Bernard, CJ Spiller and Chris Johnson in that order.
    I take it you don’t watch much football

  33. Nutjob is over rated and has about 1, maybe 2 good years left at very most. If Cool Coach Pete is such a great guy, who the players love, why don’t they play for him for the the base salary ? Don’t his masterful motivational techniques work anymore ?

  34. Give that dude his money! He is the whole O! Russell can’t do squat without play action! What like harvin is gonna play more than a few games before he get a Bo Bo! The line stinks! Really what do you got besides a D and a run game?

    Pay the man!

  35. He deserves to be paid !! That offense scares no one without him. He’s not called the Beast for nothing… Top 5 RBs
    1. AP
    2. Shady
    3. Jamaal Charles
    4. Lynch
    5. Morris

  36. Too bad about Marshawn. This is the ‘business side of football’ — but he’ll be in at the start of the season. He wants to make $$$, not give it away.

    As for the comment about the team and especially about Russell.. Yesterday, someone railed that Russell wasn’t no Brett Favre… well, DUH, if you compare the END of Favre’s HOF career with the second year of Russell. However, if you compare the second year of just about any QB in the history of the NFL (start with those that have a ring)… it doesn’t take a genius to know Russell is one special QB and there are 31 other teams with very jealous fan bases.

    The Hawks will miss Marshawn, about the same that SF missed Aldon last year. (they went 4-1) OK. Can we move on?

    Miss Sidney? He was going to be cut if he didn’t retire and the team didn’t want Golden for 4 more years as they didn’t try to resign he. We had the cap $$$, we chose not to. If you watch film you’ll know why. Tate’s good, he’s not elite and he’s now getting elite $$$. Overpaid by one of the wanna be’s. We drafted two WR studs.

    Teams make hard choices, this team makes all the right ones.

    And I know you won’t read it, and welcome back Logical Voices… but any list of RB’s that doesn’t have AP, Marshawn, and Gore on it is made by throwing darts. You made me spit my coffee.

    Almost as good at Captain Mutterland as a top 5 CB coming from your other ‘voice’… classic comedy for the NFL fans.

  37. I personally wish he wasn’t holding out, but the whole discussion of “honor the contract” is nonsense. Teams rip up and throw away contracts every season, and they even structure them knowing they won’t be honored. With how much money the NFL makes, I have no problem with players doing whatever they can to make as much as they can. Go Hawks.

  38. I seem to remember Walter Jones not coming to training camp many years, but then suiting up and not missing a beat when we rolled into September.

  39. Sooo funny reading these comments. First, we won the SB strictly by our defense, now it was all Lynch and his 46 YFS in the SB.

    Obvious few people follow the Hawks.

    Lynch isn’t even half as valuable as Wilson. And you’ll all see it this year with the new receivers.

    Guess what happened last season; Lynch sat out training camp.

    Give him 2 years with this year guaranteed. He’ll likely be done by next year. Nature of the beast.

  40. Shocked they didn’t sign Toby Gerhart and continue that vikings stocker trend.. i mean if you listen to jags fans he’s apparently the next coming of Walter Payton. His best move is run straight slowly, hey just like marshawn!!!r

  41. Normally, I’m one to say “Hey, get that money while you can.” In this case, though, I think he’s on the wrong side of it. His contract is very competitive considering the current RB market. He has a Super Bowl ring, and a very real shot at a second.

    If I were him, I’d be content. He’s not underpaid…..he’s not overpaid. He plays with great talent. He doesn’t have to carry the team by himself like Peterson or Charles.

    He has to do what he feels is right for him. But I think this is one of those times when honoring a contract is the right thing to do.

  42. Karma in its purest form. Seahawk fans, kept saying how their team was somehow above the fray..

    Then comes their best receiver retiring, followed by practically their only form of offense deciding he wants more money..


  43. This will obviously cause a blow-up in the lockerroom as different factions take sides.

    So much for a Dynasty. 8 & 8 at best and battling for last place in the NFC West.

  44. Lynch has averaged over 300 rushing attempts, which is a lot of mileage for any running back. He’s already fell from 5 yards / carry in 2012 to 4.2 yards / carry in 2013. As much as I believe Lynch has outplayed his contract and is rightfully due, Micheal is the up an coming physical freak that has the potential to be the next AP, in two years. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Hawks budging….especially after the Alexander deal.

  45. Next man up. He’s got one year in the tank and he knows it. I’m gonna laugh when the Seahawks unleash Turbin and Michaels on the NFL and everyone’s crying about how unfair it is. Love me some beast mode but if he holds out, go after his signing bonus and move on.

  46. The way the NFL has been treating running backs for the last few years.. They are just pulling some leverage back to the running game. That’s all. Now lets see how bad you need that RB.

  47. All these people that say “you signed a contract, honor it” make me laugh. An NFL contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Why should a player be bound by a contract when ownership isn’t. They can cut a player at any time & only pay a small percentage of it to the player & only for that season. I have no problem with this particular holdout. He has more than proven his worth & earned whatever he’s able to get out of them. I love the Hawks but there’s no way they get that ring without him. He not only is an excellent runner, he also brought an attitude & toughness i have never seen in Seattle going back to the late 70’s. This isn’t like a player that holds out every year with zero accomplishments other than stats. This request for a raise has legit merit & imho is more than earned. Lynch is a franchise player.

  48. Slow your roll haters! Hes just holding out! That’s it, not a big deal! Just like VD not a big deal! It doesn’t mean Hawks are not going to win it all again!You all act like little school girls….lol! Seahawks Org. is way to good to let this become a distraction! That’s the difference between VD holding out and Beast holding out. Niners have a terrible Org.! You all cant even keep your coach happy!…..Pathetic!!……………………….GO HAWKS!!

  49. Good for Lynch. This is the only leverage he has. Unfortunately, this is the only leverage players in the NFL have and that’s only for a few players on each team. The others are interchangeable.

  50. For everyone who’s saying “You signed a contract, now live up to it” you DO realize that at any time the team feels it is paying someone more than they are worth then they can just end the contract whenever they want. So I have no problem with a player holding out who feels he is being paid LESS than he is worth.

  51. You can’t really blame the guy for trying to cash in on his hard work one last time. The Seahawks can cut him next year without taking much of a cap hit and no team is going to pay him like a top five running back after this season.

  52. Niner fan here.

    Without all of the hyperbole between Niner fans and Seahawk fans, here’s my opinion.

    Lynch is an excellent RB. Maybe he’s not the best in the league, but he’s right up there. Seattle needs Lynch much like the Niners need Davis.

    Lynch will eventually sign, but don’t underestimate the value of training camp. Every year, we see these holdouts and it usually takes a few games before those players are up to speed.

    So, Seattle fans, hope that Lynch gets in there as soon as possible. You have a great team, but you do need all of the pieces.

  53. howthenfcwestwaswon says:
    Jul 25, 2014 1:14 AM

    thepftpoet says: Jul 24, 2014 7:10 PM

    This man needs to be locked up.

    2 DUI’s and a gun charge?

    Typical Criminal Seahawk.

    That’s pretty mellow compared to most 49ers.

    THat’s the difference between the 49ers and the Seahawks. The Niners have off-the-field problems. Seattle has off-the-field problems AND on-the-field-problems. Namely, they cheat.

    I don’t care what a player does off of the field as long as he’s not hurting others, but I do care about on the field. Seattle cheats by using PEDs. From a fan view, that’s a far more egregious act.

    So, if you want to point fingers at the Niners, clean up your own act first.

  54. As a Niner fan, I want Lynch to play this season, just as Hawks fans want Bowman to play. Only makes our rivalry more intense. If my Niners go down, GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. You gotta cut him. All this negative drama is going to cause resentment between both parties. Bottom line is that ML doesn’t want to carry the ball anymore for the monies they agreed to. Would you trust him?

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