Modell family wants to press charges against grave urinator


It’s one thing to take a grudge to the grave, but one Browns fans took his to an embarrassing new low.

After an unidentified Browns fan calling himself “Mr. BrownsFan4Life” made a video of himself urinating on the grave of former Browns-Ravens owner Art Modell, authorites in Baltimore are hoping to press charges.

The video has been removed from YouTube (Deadspin has a copy, if you want to see it), but the Modell family has expressed the appropriate outrage over the incident.

“To some people, the man in that grave is Art Modell,” son David Modell said, via Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun. “But to me, my brother, my children, and my wife, that’s their father. That’s their grandfather. . . . Can any of your readers imagine, for one second, seeing someone do that to your parents’ grave?

“The act is so offensive, and I’d like to publicly say, isn’t enough enough? When is enough enough? It’s a vile, piggish act of online cowardice by Mr. BrownsFan4Life.”

David Modell also called it “incredibly distasteful, revolting, and mean-spirited” and promised to file charges.

“Whatever we can throw at him, that’s what’s going to happen,” he said.

Baltimore County Police are investigating the incident, and a police spokeswoman said they’re reaching out to the cemetery to see if they want to pursue charges.

71 responses to “Modell family wants to press charges against grave urinator

  1. I’ll bet you $100.00 that the grave urinator is one of the Browns fans who posted on ESPN NFL board angrily defending Notre Dame’s NFL draft bust Akili Quinn.

  2. There is a skit, “When keeping it real goes wrong,” that this should go on. Doing it…and filming it? Not a smart move. A parolee from Florida who is not supposed to leave the state taking a selfie in Vegas and posting it on social media…not a smart move.

    I’m from Cleveland, born and raised. I found out my team was moving via my RDC MM1 Caesar in Navy bootcamp who said, “Anybody here from Cleveland?” and when I raised my hand, “Guess what? Your team’s moving to Baltimore – hahaha.”

    I was bothered, but I got over it. I can’t think of anyone who I would do that to. If I was that mad I probably should have told them while they were living, an if I missed my shot I missed my shot. Other than the fact that the deed is disgusting, it is illegal. And photographing and/or making videos of illegal acts for…I don’t know. What was he trying to accomplish? Either way, his life is about to get uncomfortable. I wonder if he believes that it was wort it…I wonder if he will when this is all done.

  3. If your that pissed, the idiot Browns fan should be going to the Cleveland Mayor’s grave. If it was up to him, Modell’s team would still be playing in Municipal Stadium. “They’ll never leave town”…. famous rust belt attitude, that’s why all major industries are gone as well.

  4. I don’t think it is all that bad. It is just earth and a marker of his existence.

    Don’t clog up the court system with this junk!

  5. I’m as diehard of a sports fan as anyone. And I’ve made plenty of jokes about wanting this player dead, I hope that player gets attacked by rabid wolverines, etc., but… this is WAY beyond the scope of sports. Disgusting behavior by this guy.

  6. I certainly hope they find this guy and he gets what’s coming to him. Personally, I’d like to see the Modell family get first shot at him.

    As a football fan, you can’t write the history of the NFL and what it has become without giving a lot of credit to Art Modell. The fact that he’s not in the HOF is a travesty that is caused by some small thinking media people in Cleveland. Their anger should be placed at the politicians in Cleveland that gave Mr. Modell no choice but to move his team after breaking several promises to him.

    Hopefully karma comes and hits this disgusting person right between the eyes.

  7. Of course it’s ridiculous … but let’s not pretend Modell treated Cleveland fairly. He’s responsible for all the hate directed towards him. His family should apologize for what he did.

  8. That dude crushed thousands of fans souls over money… A little bit of wee on a dead guys grave… Get over it, I don’t think it will kill him again.

  9. Screw the Modells. He ripped the Browns from the fingertips of a pleading and screaming, passionate and loyal group of fans. Blue collar fans who helped make him so much money and give him the authority and power he had. Fans who worked hard and lived for the Browns, and spent their hard earn dollars supporting them. And he ripped them away because he was too greedy and too cheap to fork over more of his own money to build a better stadium for the same fans he betrayed.

    After all that, if one man urinating on his grave is the only karma that came to get him, then he’s lucky.

    -Bengals fan

  10. Wonder what the law was that was broken? Public indecency, exposing himself, disorderly conduct, desecrating a grave? The guy needs to be punished, but I’d favor taking him out to the woodshed for some old fashion attitude adjustment, but I’m old, so…

  11. About as low as you can go. Just stupid and distasteful. But some on here will say the guy’s actions were justified. Sick

  12. Art Modell was a piece of lying garbage, but this is too far! I understand the hating and content, but he’s gone and good riddance.

  13. The Irsays and the Colts up an left Baltimore overnight, taking the name, records and everything else with them. Cleveland essentially was able to retain their team

    Cleveland replaced the Browns with the Browns…and they are still the Browns. I’ve done enough bragging about the Ravens this week, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Stay classy, Cleveland.

  14. Yeah that’s just stupid. Hating the man is fine, but there’s always that guy who can’t help but take it too far. I’m guessing Mr Brownsfan4life is that guy.

  15. I’d put this Browns fan in the same category as Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m sure most Browns fans are turned off by him as most Baptists and other Christians were by Phelps.

  16. I don’t condone the behavoir of the urinator but at the same time I’m not pissed at the guy (see what I did here). Like people in Baltimore didn’t do the same to Irsay (we just didnt have YouTube to post to back then).

    Can Clevelanders sue the Modell family for emotional distress?

  17. I’m in no way condoning these actions, but do you know how to stop a person from pissing on your grave after you’ve died? Treat people with respect and have some integrity while you’re still alive.

  18. They’ll press charges because of who Mr Modell is. If it was my father they wouldn’t. And if the Ford family moved the Lions out of Detroit I wouldn’t have any issue with anyone urinating on any of their graves.

  19. Mr. Model, you’re rich as hell, handle this the old school way….pay some goons to take this guy out.

  20. First time in my life I ever agreed with anything David Modell said, but he’s right. How absolutely classless and idiotic can you get? Don’t measure true Browns fans by this fool and his juvenile attempt to be funny. It wasn’t. Not even close. I hope he’s prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  21. Two Mayflower trucks have been ordered for a scheduled pick-up at 12:00 Midnight.

    Problem solved.

  22. Thats disgusting and so obnoxious. Its more like something you would expect from a Raiders fan!!!

  23. Everyone deserves a final resting place and no one, in all of history, deserves to have it desecrated. Its not a big deal to some, but it means a lot to others… a lot. If I was Modell’s son, I’d be using my fortune to deal with that jackhole myself.

  24. I understand the lack of class in his symbolic act, but seriously? Are the Baltimore County Police going to arrest Dogs, Deer and Birds from doing this as well? Before you Thumbs Down this… Think about it. The guy is clearly a Moron, but if I peed on any one of your Graves, no one would investigate. So beware Jets fans all over the country. 😉

  25. Cleveland essentially was able to retain their team-
    How so? The players moved. The Ravens were awarded draft picks that the Browns earned the year before and they were able to draft Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden, the key to the Ravens success. Ozzie Newsome remained in the front office and was later promoted. Cleveland retained the books but by far did not retain their team.

  26. I’m only commenting on this story to express how surprised I am by how many people actually support this guys actions. I once thought soccer fans were low for throwing bags of urine on players during games. And then he compounds it by filming it and posting it for the world to see. I have a feeling this is going to be “trending” among disgruntled sports fans from here on in.

  27. I would be upset if he did it on a person. But doing it on where a body supposedly lays is no big.

    Besides, Modell earned that. His deeds caused that emotion.

  28. Frankly, the Cleveland hates Art Modell thing is getting old. The fans of Cleveland got a sweetheart deal expansion franchise from the NFL after only 3 years of being without football, and got a new stadium out of it which would have been enough to keep the team there in the first place! Get over it. Art Modell as an owner of an enterprise had all the right to move his business if he chose to do so. He did. You have a team now, but you’re still bitter. That bitterness comes from the fact that the team that left is and will always be better than the Browns 2.0. It must be hard to never get anything right.

  29. He shouldn’t have done that. Despite the justified hatred of the former Browns owner, it was inappropriate and disrespectful of the dead and the family.

    He did not represent Browns fans by doing what he did. Any posts above that would draw other Browns fans or the city of Cleveland into that mix are invalid and also inappropriate.

  30. Not sure what kind of crazy charges will get thrown at this guy, in lawyer speak “it depends”. But I’ll tell you that I’d never want a family worth multi-millions to be coming after me.

  31. This is the NFL. Unless he had Marijuana on him he gets at least two more strikes against him.

    Anyway I say ban him from all Browns games and fine him the exact amount of money it would cost for a Ravens season ticket every year since they left Cleveland AND FORCE HIM TO GO TO ALL RAVENS HOME GAMES IN FULL BROWNS GEAR FOR THAT MANY YEARS.

    Appropriate punishment for the crime if you ask me.

  32. But when it’s all said and done, nothing matters but how we impact the people in our lives.


  33. I’ve never understood the supposed sanctity of graves and dead bodies. It’s some bones, buried in the ground. There’s no “rest” going on. Rest is when you lay down and wake back up a little while later. You don’t wake up from death. Everything here is symbolic, and in that sense, I don’t see anything really wrong with what the guy did. Juvenile? Sure. Criminal? Hardly. It’s just some grown man acting like a punk kid, peeing on the grass. Why does anyone care? You could do that to my mother’s grave if you wanted to and I’d shrug. People choose weird things to get upset about sometimes.

  34. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the first time that was done, nor the last, nor the worst that’s been done. His mistake was videographing it and bragging about it.

  35. I’m sure this is not the first time this has happened! And I’m sure there are many Browns fans that would have loved to do this.

    Yes there are classless people in Cleveland … but there are as many classless people in Cleveland as there are in Baltimore and in Pittsburgh and in NY City and so on – The world is full of idiots and classless people – no 1 city has a lock on having the most classless and idiotic people.

    What would the Baltimore PD charge him with? Indecent Exposure? … No, he never whipped it out

    Making a tasteless video? … Not a chance

    Being a loyal fan? … of a crappy team?

    Doesn’t sound like the Modell family will have to search harder to find a crime to press charges against this guy.

    People of Baltimore see Art as a hero whereas the People of Cleveland see Art as a back-stabber – its all a matter of perspective.

  36. Yeah. Cleveland is classless. Maybe we could exhibit a little Baltimore class and physically assault our wives and drag their unconscious bodies through hotel hallways.

    Typical Baltimore. Stay classy.

  37. Modell once said while in CLE “I’d sign Hitler if he could play” When asked if The Browns would ever move David Modell said, “No, Never.”
    Next victim.
    Sorry Dave. We hate you too.

  38. Cleveland has a lot of growing up to do. They carry things on and on and on. Just like the immature kids that they are, they rant and rave about things they cannot change. As far as losing a football team to another city, it really is like a divorce. The man usually is the loser of the house and car and custody of the kids to the ex wife. The bitterness and pain that lingers is collateral damage that usually goes away in time ,especially if he finds a new relationship. Cleveland was given a franchise within a short three years. It took fourteen horrible years for Baltimore to get a team. It always bodes trivial that Cleveland wants sympathy when it really got a sweetheart deal in only three years retaining their name and everything in tact. Baltimore deserved the consideration that Mr. Modell afforded them.

  39. Several of the commenters here are really horrified by this guy’s action. I just sort of thought it was funny. We shouldn’t take things so seriously. No big deal. And it is sort of melodramatic by the Modell family. The specter of billionaires suing some poor sap that can’t even make the rent is pretty bad, too. Someone above suggested that the Modell family should move the grave. I think that is the best comment in this entire thread. Finally, I’m very surprised that no one has desecrated his grave before this. Dude had a lot of enemies, and rightly so.

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