Peyton disappointed fans can’t attend Broncos camp


The Broncos have closed training camp to fans this year because of construction at the team facilities, and Peyton Manning says that makes this year’s camp different.

“As great as these facilities are going to be, the disappointing thing is that just due to the safety issues we couldn’t have fans here, and I’m disappointed in it – it was not the same today,” Manning told Tom Jackson on ESPN.

Manning said he and his teammates have always enjoyed hearing the fans cheering them on at practice, and this year that won’t be the case.

“You need fans out here in training camp. The energy, you get into the padded practices, those third and fourth padded practices, just a little shout out from the fans . . . it makes a difference and I missed it today,” Manning said. “I know we’re really going to miss it as these training camp practices go on. I just want them to know it will be missed and it was an unavoidable situation.”

The Broncos are planning some open practices at Mile High, but that’s not the same as the day-in, day-out close contact with fans that teams have when they open up training camp.

“We’ve got a couple practices at the stadium. Hopefully we’ll have a great turnout there,” Manning said. “But fans, to me, are a part of training camp, and this will be different this year, and it’s sad for me. Especially these Broncos fans, I know these are some loyal fans, I know fans that have been planning vacations around training camp. I’ve seen them for the past two years and [John] Elway said they’ve been here since he’s been playing so that tells you the kinds of fans we’re playing for and we’re sorry not to see them this year.”

The Broncos say this year’s construction will improve the facilities and make future training camps a better experience for fans. In Manning’s view, that will also make training camp a better experience for players.

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  1. kev86 says:
    Jul 24, 2014 8:24 PM
    Mannings are football royalty. The NFL is lucky to have them.


    You mean you don’t put Ray Rice in the ‘ ‘Manning football royalty’ category ? I’m appalled !

  2. Perhaps the real reason is the a Broncos are too embarrassed after their Super Bowl choke job to appear in public

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    kev86 says: Jul 24, 2014 8:24 PM

    Mannings are football royalty. The NFL is lucky to have them.
    The Mannings are lucky to have football. It makes them relevant.

  4. So tired of the good guy routine Peypey. This is why I like Tom Brady more than Manning. He’s just such a goober and it’s only half genuine.

  5. Only a bombastic megalomaniac would complain about not having fans to cheer him on at a practice!

  6. Only few years left at the most to see Peyton get ready for the season, too. Would have been cool to see the Broncos on Hard Knocks due to this.

  7. When I was a kid, then as an adult, going to the Colts and then the Ravens training camp at what was then Western Maryland College for a day was a thrill. I took both of my sons to the Ravens training camp for a day, and it was always a great time. In 1999 we actually ran into Brian Billick as he exited a dorm between practices to go for a run. He was great to us. No more. The NFL has really become a corporate empire.

  8. Don’t worry Peyton. They’ll still like you even after you choke another meaningful game. Fans are well, fanatics.

  9. Classy comments…though as he gets older he’s trying to take all the day to day experiences (little or big) as a player in a little more. He talked about missing the huddle when he retires, early this offseason.

    He, above most, doesn’t need the on field reps or conditioning in training camp, so the little things like noticing and enjoying fan interaction is likely a welcome change.

    Also, almost wonder if he’s upset at this as it could be his last training camp?

  10. Not a problem Bronco fans just get a copy of the practice tape from the coach of the New England team.

  11. Let the fans come in the same way the players do. That would be a real fan experience.

    Rope off the locker room, escort a limited number of fans through and walk straight out the tunnel to the field !

    Now that would be a real fan experience.

  12. even though he has been a nightmare for my fav team, I will miss him when he is gone. one of the best regular season QB’s of all time, really a joy to watch and a true student of the game of football

    he has been great for so long that its hard to imagine an NFL without Peyton at QB. just got used to it.

  13. The cool thing about going to training camp was that the crowd would do the stretching and warm ups with the team. The players got a kick out of it and a few players would actually instruct the crowd in how to do them. People made a point to get there early to participate.

  14. I really can’t stand all these negative comments about Manning!! He’s one heck of a QB and a classy guy!! He actually took the time to personally call a friend of mines mom,who was a lifelong Bronco fan, who was dying of cancer! This wasn’t a set up through make a wish either! My friend wrote a letter to the Broncos organazation and were from Iowa!! It took less then a week and he called her and they talked for almost an hour!! She had him on speaker phone so her family could here! They talked about the upcoming Texans game! She died a few days later! It’s so cool that she and ger family have that memory! I bet most star athletes wouldn’t do that, unless it was in the media! Yes the Super Bowl was a huge disappointment for me, as I’ve been a Broncos fan since I was 9 and I’m now 40! But we still made it there, and they’ll be back! So stay classy football fans! Go Manning and go Broncos!!! Haters can stuff it!!!

  15. The Mannings are lucky to have football. It makes them relevant.
    And of course there is absolutely nothing that makes the Raiders relevant…

  16. Peyton is a good fit for Denver. We like a strong QB. But, as usual, putting the entire team together is our downfall. A great offense and a playoff defense took us to the Superbowl. Hopefully, Elway will get that Superbowl quality defense ready for this year. When Peyton’s gone……… ~sigh~

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