Ray Rice not expected to appeal suspension


By rule, Ravens running back Ray Rice has the right to appeal the two-game suspension and one-game fine imposed on him by Commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the personal-conduct policy.  Per a league source, initial indications are that Rice will not appeal the ruling.

Since the appeal is handled by the person who made the decision in the first place, the chances of getting the discipline reduced are small.  Likewise, the strong media and fan reaction to the ban as being too lenient would shift more directly and forcefully to Rice if Rice were to fight a suspension that his G.M., Ozzie Newsome, has been criticized for calling “fair.”

Rice has three days to appeal, so he has a couple of nights to sleep on it.  Until a final answer comes, share your thoughts on whether the suspension went far enough.

59 responses to “Ray Rice not expected to appeal suspension

  1. Ridiculous. Pot smokers are worse than wife beaters? I just don’t get this at all.

  2. I’ve put 2 and 2 together and figured out why the suspension was so light. Rice knocked her out because she wouldn’t stop smoking weed. Goodell was torn.

  3. Ray Rice – caught on camera dragging his unconscience wife out of an elevator…..suspension 2 games.

    Robert Mathis – unknowingly took a fertility drug on the banned substance list so that him and his wife can have a child that they desperately want…..suspension 4 games.

    Doesn’t quite add up to me.

  4. Another reason why the fan base of the NFL looks at the league office and shakes their heads. What in the world was God=del and his boys thinking with this was fair. Rice was charged and arrested and shown on tape, are they blind or what.

  5. Rice appealing this would be like Hernandez appealing his court sentence if he was sentenced to only probation.

  6. .
    The Appeal :

    Rice gets two games. The Patriots get stripped of a first round pick.

    Do we have a deal?

  7. Rice appealing 2 games would be the same as OJ appealing his innocent verdict. Neither one would make sense. Roger has no conscience.

  8. I love the NFl…OOOpppps I LOVED the NFL. I am finding myself watching less and less.

    I will not watch a single Ravens game.

    Make a statement. When the Ravens have a Nationaly telivised game we do not watch it.

  9. Goodell made 44 million last year and he makes decisions like this. 2 game suspension for knocking out your girlfriend. Unbelievable.

  10. Goodell didn’t give Ray only 2 games because domestic violence isn’t serious and ugly as can be.

    He gave Ray only 2 games because he knows all of the facts in the story.

    My thought was 6 down to 4 was fair, 8 down to 6 was what was going to happen to prove a point.

    I’ll take the 2 games though.

  11. Deserves a lifetime ban for what he did. Too many NFL players are getting away with crimes that, for any normal job, would get you fired. NFL should have made an example out of Mr. Rice.

  12. Shall we throw him some credit for knowing he got off light, should shut up and try to move on?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

    Innocent Ben got six, guilty Rice got two and cash. Unreal.

  13. thethurmanator says: Jul 24, 2014 7:51 PM

    “Rice gets 2 games for being convicted.
    Roethlisberger gets 6 games without conviction.”

    Ray Rice was not actually convicted of anything, just for the record. I am not trying to proclaim any innocence for him, but it is factually incorrect to say he was convicted.

  14. Ray’s not planning to appeal that tiny slap on the wrist? I would certainly hope not. Could Goodell be a bigger hypocrite? Guilt or innocence is never a factor in determining the length of suspension. What matters to the commissioner is how big the name on the marquee.

  15. Appealing your kidding right. Rice is probably online sending the league and godell a case of the most expensive bottle of chardonnay money can buy. Hello, there’s a leak in the system.

  16. Im not a fan of Ray Rice as human but based on the legalities of the case it seems that Goodell made the right call.

    Serious penalties for Rice seem to require accepting that men are held to a higher standard than women with respect to domestic violence.
    Personally thats reasonable to me but its not legally reasonable.

  17. Ben was far from innocent. Everyone involved in that case knew he did it but had insificient evidence. Ray knocked out his fiance and she didn’t press charges, legally luk a scuffle at a bar.

  18. Like a couple of posters said above, I am boycotting all Ravens games. I can’t even describe how disgusted I am with Goodell and the Ravens organization.

  19. Can’t believe the Ravens keep tarnishing the region that the REDSKINS own. Wish the Ravens would fold; not like they can sell their games out anyhow without help.

  20. Liberals, nobody has seen the video of Rice allegedly hitting his fiancé, everyone get off your high horse…..should have been 4 games, but she could have been beating the crap out of him and he flipped out, everyone had lost it before, not everyone is on tape…..Goodell allegedly has seen the “knockout” tape, if he only gave him 2 games, I have to assume the video is not that damning for Rice.

  21. Goodell is going to come down light on Rice, A.Smith etc.. To justify not dropping the hammer on Irsay.

  22. He definitely should have gotten at least 6. Now for those of you saying Ben was innocent, not so fast. Just because he wasn’t found guilty in court doesn’t mean he was innocent. Do you really think the video footage mysteriously disappeared. C’mon!

  23. The NFL may say it doesn’t tolerate domestic violence, but until the league puts its money where its players’ fists are, those words are utterly empty.

    They let the players wear pink in October to support breast cancer awareness. And they give this fool only 2 games????

  24. Maybe rice was high when he punched his wife out cold. If that was the case, best not appeal, he might get 6 weeks.

  25. The difference between the Roethlisberger and Rice suspensions is just insane. I cannot see how this is justified….they have video of an unconcious woman being drug from an elevator and drop like an animal…

    Ben gets no charges and no proof exists…6 games.

    Ray has charges and video proof…2 games.

    They just can’t justify this to me.

  26. Really now, one by one, NFL teams have become a cesspool of the worst of human behavior. There’s not much left to root for or even care about. First and goal, “my team” down by six, one play left on the clock, wife beater is my quarterback or featured running back, change the channel or just shut it off.

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