Ray Rice suspension expected to be two games

The Ravens are bracing themselves for Ray Rice to be suspended, though they’re awaiting word on how long.

As it turns out, it might be shorter than anyone expected.

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, Rice is expected to get a two-game suspension, though no official announcement has been made.

If that’s the case, Rice will get half the punishment for being caught on tape knocking out his now-wife (who apologized for getting knocked out) that other players get for testing positive for Adderall.

If that’s the case, Rice will miss games against the Bengals and Steelers.

But perhaps more poignantly, he’ll be back on the field by October, when the NFL wraps itself in pink to remind us how valuable their female customers are to them.

54 responses to “Ray Rice suspension expected to be two games

  1. I have a real problem with the fact that you can get 2 games for punching a woman & knocking her out & then dragging around unconscious. Yet a weed smoker (albeit repeatedly) gets maybe a whole year. And this coming from a non-weed smoker.

  2. So someone has a LEGIT prescription for medication, even though it is on the do not take list, gets 4 games, but a guy who assaults a woman may only get two? Something not right about that one.

  3. As a Ravens fan, I just want to say wtf…
    I knew Rice was going to get suspended, but I feel like 2 games isn’t really much. I was expecting a 4-6 game suspension. NFL is going easy on Rice if this news is true.

  4. I find that absolutely disgusting. I have been impressed with the NFL’s ability to seemingly be fair with this form of punishment – it can’t be easy since it is very subjective. But if Rice’s punishment is only 2 games, this is a gross injustice.

  5. And that’s before he appeals. And Roger will shave a game off.

    The Steelers in week two.

    Just like Rog wanted it all along.

  6. WOW.

    I’m a falcons fan. But I now see what Saints fans are talking about. Goddell is a joke if this is true.

    So, you suspend a coach for an entire season for a bounty program… that kinda existed in the nfl.

    But a dude who beats a female? Two games.

    And has Irsay been punished? Just wow.

  7. Are they preparing us for the slap on the wrist they are going to give to Jim Irsay?

  8. Suh got 2 games for stepping on that girl from the Packers so Ravens fans should be happy the NFL doesn’t take violence against women very seriously.

  9. We still haven’t seen the video of him hitting her and clarification whether she was attacking him.

  10. Is this a joke? So in the NFL you get a longer suspension if your *accused* of doing something than if you are caught on tape *actually* doing something. Can you say favoritism? I knew you could.

  11. He did not knock her out on video, he dragged her out of an elevator on video. If it wasn’t for the cap hit he would have been gone, and because he was the first domino to fall the rest of the cons got passes. Expect the axe to fall on those others as soon as training camp cuts get going.

  12. sounds fair to me,never been in trouble before.he puts so much time in the community that probably helped to.go ahead trolls have at him!!!

  13. Lewis gets away with murder and Rice gets only two games for beating a woman on camera. With the discipline record of that team I bet Hernandez is wishing he’d gone to the Ravens instead…

  14. As much as Rice deserves punishment for his action, I’m appalled to think that people are treating him like he’s the first player in the history of the NFL to ever lay his fist upon a woman. Is it because he’s essentially the first big-name player who was “caught”?

    Don’t misunderstand me; he did the crime and he should do the time, so to speak. But to talk like he’s the first one ever to have done so is ludicrous.

  15. Way to drop the hammer, NFL. Send a loud and clear message to all players that knocking out a woman is… almost negligible.

  16. 2 games is a joke. But then again Josh Gordon is facing a lifetime ban for drugs while people who have killed people in drunk driving incidents still get a shot in this league.


  17. Let me preface this by saying I do not endorse violence against women or anyone for that matter in the least.

    But I feel like the context here is completely lost. He did not walk into his house with a wife beater on and start mercilessly beating his wife in unprovoked fashion, as the repeated use of the label ‘wife-beater’ suggests.

    Rather, he and his fiancee were both intoxicated in a casino, and several reports peg her as being the instigator of physical violence. As far as I can tell, he lost it at some point and hit back once, which happened to knock her out.

    Moreover, those are just the published details, which are rather limited to begin with. So while violence against anyone, and particularly women and children is absolutely abhorrent, I would encourage the self-righteous promoters of the ‘Ray Rice the Wife Beater’ caricature think for a second about the nuances of the situation.

  18. I have a problem with people here, with no first-hand knowledge of the evidence, saying he knocked her out, when, as far as I know, he has never said he did that, his wife – contrary to this report – never said he did that, and there is no public video showing that (the video only shows him dragging her – not the same as assaulting her). It’s amazing how many people just make or repeat assumptions to fit their agenda.

    Now, if there is such a video or they did admit it, then he would deserve more than a 2-game suspension, as would any other player who commits or admits to having committed such an offense.

  19. Stop hating. All of you comparing the assault on his wife with taking illicit medications. Here is the difference: one is off the field and does not affect the game. The other affects the game on the field. There, are you happy. Also keep in mind, Big Ben got a four game suspension for allegations that he raped someone. So Big Ben was never found guilty? Neither was Ray Rice.

  20. I’m a Ravens fan… and even I have to admit I literally shook my head when I read this. Embarrassing. NO ONE handled this the right way, from the Ravens tweeting it was his wife’s fault to the NFL giving him a lighter punishment than someone who smokes weed to Rice giving that AWFUL press conference.

  21. Looks like the NFL’s Arbitrary Punishment Dartboard is working exactly like it always has… wildly random and without any logical comparison to other relative infractions.

  22. If this is true the only good that can come of it is the further credibility loss of Roger Goodell.

  23. Thank god it wasn’t drugs or alcohol. That suspension could’ve been 4-6 games then. I’m glad he beat his wife instead. Right, Roger? #sarcasm

  24. Sorry all you Ray Rice defenders, anytime a professional athlete uses his body as a weapon it should be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

    Jail time for this scumbag…..

    Oh, and for those saying she said he didn’t hit her? How would she know? She was knocked unconscious….

  25. Regarding the final comment (about Rice being back in time for October), this is when I remind you that he would have likely been back by then even if he had received the more expected four game suspension? Unless you think he should have gotten a half season suspension, of course.

  26. Are you kidding me, 2 games?

    The NFL needs to adopt a “No Tolerance” policy on violence against women. Maybe then these players will start to develop respect for the women in their lives.

  27. There are many players in the NFL who have been charged with assaulting significant others. A suspension is rare. The personal conduct policy targets repeat offenders primarily. So again, stop hating.

  28. Hey, as long as they aren’t “distracted” by the gay guy, all is good..right?

  29. I called the league office on Tuesday and left a message with a league official. I left my name as well. I asked “why hasn’t Ray Rice been suspended yet, and why hasn’t the word on his fate come down by now? Thursday morning the “unofficial” word comes down.

    You’re welcome.

  30. 2 games? Wow! SMH? Embarassing! Think I’ll just watch their games on TV this season instead of at the stadium. Ravens leadership should have implemented some punishment themselves.

  31. Fair suspension, should be less. Ben was not even suspended for his first accusation. Not to mention, before this incident Ray was a model citizen and role model, with no previous problematic behavior history.

  32. So let me get this straight.

    Nuke em comment = 3 game suspension
    Punching girl in face and knocking her out = 2 games

    Yep, sounds like they have their priorities straight.

  33. If you haven’t seen the video of INSIDE the elevator, you cannot formulate an informed opinion on the severity of what really happened.

    Hitting a woman even lightly that you plan on marrying is inexcuseable, but people want to act like he threw a haymaker at her and drug her away like a gorrilla. I can assure you that if there was a video of Ray Rice maliciously attacking his girlfriend the way some people make it out, he’d be facing a prison sentence and would not have the team’s support.

  34. So lemme get this straight. Daryl Washington and Josh Gordon get a year long ban for marijuana. But Ray Rice knocks his wife out cold and only gets two games? Watch as Aldon Smith gets only a $50K fine. So much for protecting the shield.

  35. If this turns out to be the punishment from the NFL, this is a complete joke!! Worse yet it sends a terrible message to the female fans of the NFL. He should be out a minimum of 4 games, but I think 6-8 would be more in line for what he did.

    I am going to agree with a Steelers fan for a change. Making Rice play all season would probably be the worst punishment possible!!

    2 yard Ray was horrendous last year, was a no show in almost every ravens playoff game, and waits until the playoffs to start fumbling.

  36. Yup and just can’t wait for them to start selling all the women specific advertising/products. There is a long history of this stuff. Wearing the wrong clothes and smoking weed get you longer suspensions than attacking women. Ask Ahmad bradshaw.

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