Rice hasn’t been informed of suspension, yet


There’s apparently a rumor floating around that the NFL will suspend Ravens running back Ray Rice two games under the personal-conduct policy for his offseason assault on the woman who later became his wife.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rice has not yet been informed of a suspension, or of the expected duration of a suspension.

For now, it appears that some loose chatter in league circles has bubbled up to the surface.  In the end, Rice very well may get two games.  Some would say he should get more — especially since Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got four games in 2010 without ever being arrested or charged.

The wild card in Rice’s case comes from the contents of the surveillance video showing the punch that rendered Janay Rice unconscious.  While Ray has defended himself (through a lawyer speaking in hypotheticals) by pointing to the notion that the one-punch knockout came after Ray absorbed several less potent blows, it’s safe to say the Commissioner won’t care — especially if that video contains images as troubling or worse than the video that has emerged of Rice dragging Janay out of an elevator after the incident.

Whatever the suspension, the sooner the Ravens know, the sooner they can plan for filling out the tailback depth chart in his absence.

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  1. 2 games for knocking out a woman? How much is Baltimore Steve paying the NFL?

    Should be 6 games but you know this is the NFL.

    I would be fired if I did that

  2. Rice knocks out his fiance, drags her unconscious body out of an elevator and gets two games suspension. Mike Preifer makes some ill fated remarks and gets one more game suspension than Rice. Something is wrong with this.

  3. There should be an uproar if he only gets a 2 game suspension. He should be in jail. Goodell would be an even bigger laughing stock than he already is.

  4. I certainly hope the the second half of the rumor has been lost in translation, as in 2 years vs. 2 games. What a joke otherwise.

  5. Rice was once a very good role model in the community, but then he got drunk and got into a fight with his fiancée now wife. He got into a program that will help him, so I would wait and see how he does in the program to suspend him.

  6. 2 games seems very week. I was fully expecting 6 games considering the Video Evidence. The League wants to maintain a squeaky clean image, especially to women and minorities, but in this case, a minority woman was assaulted, and then dragged out of the elevator unconscious.
    Oh well, guess assaulting women is only a problem if it has no evidence, is never charged, and never proven.
    Ben should be really upset he didn’t “assault” a minority woman, or that he never got charged, since at least then he would have only had to serve a 2 week suspension.

  7. No matter the suspension Ray Rice will always be known as a woman beater. Roger Goodell can’t go easy on that.

  8. If o.j. simpson was still playing in the NFL when he cut Nicole Brown Simpson’s head off… the NFL would have suspended him for ONE GAME.

  9. What is ridiculous is that the length of suspension hasn’t been announced yet. He’s been to court, and met with the commish… what more are they waiting for???
    I have heard from multiple outlets in the Baltimore media that the suspension will be 4 games, possibly reduced to 3.

  10. Should be gone from the NFL for at least a year no room in this world for women beaters.

    Clean Up the NFL and Hand out real suspensions.

  11. I called the league office on Tuesday and left a message with a league official. I left my name as well. I asked “why hasn’t Ray Rice been suspended yet, and why hasn’t the word on his fate come down by now? Thursday morning the “unofficial” word comes down.

    You’re welcome.

  12. But we’re gonna suspend Gordon for a year, where if Rice was on the same stuff as Gordon, he never woulda hit his wife. This makes sense.

  13. .
    2 games is half of what he would receive if he went to Colorado and ate a cookie. It seems fair.

  14. If it is only 2 games, Goodell must’ve watched game tape from last year and decided Rice being on the field would do much more damage to his reputation.

  15. Float the 2 game rumor out… come in at 3-4 games and you suddenly appear to be taking the punishment seriously. Ray Rice should be out 6-8 games.

  16. What’s the hold up in giving the suspension? This happened a long time ago, judicial system has already dealt with it, King Roger had his meeting with Rice. What’s the hold up? Give him his 2-6 game suspension on get on with it. Absolutely no reason it has taken this long.

  17. Let the Ravens show their support for women by adding four more games on their on…oops just woke up from a bad dream. Nope never happen from a organization that sells it soul so easily… See Ray Lewis.

  18. The hold up here, just like Irsay, and Aldon, is Goodell waits for the courts to play out , then he hands down the suspension. He has been very even handed in this. As far as the suspension goes, anything less than 6 games is a mockery of the system. Extenuating circumstances don’t mean a thing as far as I’m concerned when it comes to assaulting a woman. It does not matter how many times she hit him, if she went after him with a weapon then he has the right to subdue her with as little violence as possible. Other than that, throw the heaviest book you can find at him.

  19. If you can suspend a player when not arrested or charged six games, then how to you explain not doing the same for Rice, both were towards a women. Göd-el will once more show how all over the page his office is on suspensions.

  20. I think she must have did something in the elavator to.some one saw something on that tape for such a little suspension

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