Rice will lose more than $470,000 due to suspension


Apart from missing a pair of games and necessarily hurting his team, Ravens running back Ray Rice will lose plenty of money.

At a base salary of $4 million for 2014, the forfeiture of a pair of game checks will keep $470,588 out of Rice’s pocket.  (It’s also possible that Rice’s punishment will include a fine in the amount of one or more additional game checks; for now, the reports have focused only on the suspension.)

Of course, Rice also has received $25 million in the last 24 months, which undoubtedly is one of the reasons why the Ravens are standing behind him.  If they hadn’t already given him so much money and/or if they didn’t still think he can move the chains, the team would be moving on.

Indeed, if the Ravens had gone with a back-loaded deal instead of a ridiculously front-loaded package, the Ravens possibly wouldn’t be quite so understanding and supportive of a guy who knocked a woman out in a public place.Rice has appeal rights under the personal-conduct policy.  Given the justifiable criticism of the decision to suspend him only two games, Rice’s best play could be to accept the penalty and move on.

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  1. How sorry are we Rice would lose 470,000, he beats up on a women and this is all he gets, should have been much more. The NFL office has lost site of a crime against a women, let these women throw rocks at Rice in the middle of the field would be a much better solution than a laugh two game suspension. The NFL at its best trying to promote a better quality game.

  2. Ray Ray beats a woman gets suspended 2 games,,,,Dion Jordan takes an unknown substance, doesnt harm a soul and gets 4 game suspension. Adolf,,,Goodell is playing favorites again.

  3. don’t worry folks, NFL players will be wearing pink soon enough to make it up to all the women out there.


  4. I’m not an advocate of violence in any situation. However I firmly believe if you’re gonna throw a punch you had better be ready to take a punch. The camera only shows what happened after the elevator opened and outside of Ray Rice and his fiance, nobody knows for sure what actually happened on the elevator. If he hit her first then he should be suspended for a year minimum. If she attacked him first, then a 2 game suspension is 2 games too many.

    I seen a video a couple months ago where Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator. From what I seen he would have been completely justified if he knocked her into next Tuesday.

    I dont care if you are young or old, male or female, black or white, big or small. Hit me and I will hit you back

  5. To the beautiful women everywhere. Both inside and out, a lot who go to NFL games and support their teams, I’d like to say I’m sorry, that the organization you support thinks lowly of you, the moms, daughters, wives, us real men know you are the backbone of the family,and I hope you can still enjoy the games. But this is a tragedy..this is a slap in the face and I hope you can forgive as being with you watching the games means a lot to us. I’m sorry the NFL is greed, no more no less

  6. Unlike most people on here I had the type of wife that thought it was a free pass to punch and kick me because she was a female half my size. I never hit back and it just made it worse. I can understand the restraint it takes to not defend yourself in situations like this. If she attacked him first that is assault whether its male or female. People want to portray her as a stupid innocent victim but she never displayed that in public. They both had counseling. Also…. the players who received punishment for drugs knew exactly what the policy was and they knew the punishment. This has nothing to do with them screwing up.

  7. This is a well tuned machine of a man playing professional football, he is in peak condition and his level of strength is so far beyond his wife’s….the guy knocked her out. He’s a turd. Embarrassing day for the league/team/fans/family….2 games? What a joke.

  8. Rice will probably be trying out for different teams after this year. A player who goes from almost 1150 yards and 10 total touch downs to just barely over 650 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns isn’t likely to recapture his past successes.

  9. Its funny because he’d have gotten 4 games if he hit someone in the head like that on the field but since she has a vagina instead of a strong arm its okay.

  10. The NFL office is fast losing any credibility it had.
    If true, this is outrageous and should be looked into.
    I can’t believe they are this inconsistent when
    handing out suspensions.
    It’s unfair and hurting the game.

  11. You know what is ironic, assuming Ray’s wife isn’t the primary breadwinner of the marriage, the NFL is punishing her by fining him for knocking her out.

  12. I am on the verge of losing my house so pardon me if I don’t shed a tear for “Poor Mr. Rice”

  13. He’ll make at least that much back if he gets sponsored by a boxing glove manufacturer.

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