Saints host is a Parcells impersonator

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Two years ago, Hall of Famer Bill Parcells nearly served as the interim head coach for the Saints.  In 2014, Parcells will be at Saints training camp.

Sort of.

West Virginia coal baron Jim Justice, the billionaire who owns The Greenbrier, is a Parcells doppleganger.  And Justice has been known to have some fun with it.

“I’ve been in airports and people walk up and say, ‘Coach Parcells, can I have your autograph?‘” Justice told Tom Corbett of USA Today.  “And I say, ‘Oh, sure.’  And I sign, ‘Best wishes, Bill Parcells’ — because it’s the happiest they can be.  [Parcells] is a lot better looking guy than I am.”

Justice said he plunked down $30 million of his own money to build a practice facility for the Saints.

“The Saints are paying for their rooms and their meals,” Justice said.  “Basically, that’s it. The Saints didn’t put money in this deal.”

It’s a bit surprising the Saints are even doing that, given the potential economic impact on a resort like The Greenbrier, both during camp and after.  Other resorts could be tempted to do the same thing in the future, luring an NFL team to town for an old-school camp experience that either saves the team a lot of money, or possibly puts some extra money into the team’s coffers.

17 responses to “Saints host is a Parcells impersonator

  1. Just googled justice for a pic and if I had never seen parcels I would say ok but I have and this guy must be surrounded by people who would say anything to keep their jobs. That being said thanks mr justice for putting the saints up for camp !

  2. Extreme heat and humidity, and a ton of fans. If it rains go indoors, and sorry fans no admittance. Possibly too much for the athletes at camp, who knows? A small market team holds camp up north in a small town and they fund most of it? I hope they get plenty of business afterward, and our team gets a healthy camp. Win – win I say.

    Who Dat!

  3. I’m down here right now.
    The hotel is packed. Sold out I believe.
    There’s a picnic with the Saints on Saturday too for all the hotel guests.
    Jim Justice is a man who knows how to spend his money wisely.
    We need more like him.

  4. Interesting — I’d heard they were building a facility for the Saints and wondered where they money came from. As a native of West Virginia and a long-time Saints fan, I’m very pleased that it sounds like it’s not a one-off event. I’ll plan summer vacation for next year accordingly.

  5. These Saint’s story’s confirm that Tom Benson is the cheapest NFL owner.

    A few years back Sean Payton paid a part of Gregg Williams salary because Benson set a max amount to pay for that position. And now someone else pays for their practice facility?

  6. vikesr4reel says: Jul 24, 2014 10:26 PM

    And the saints fans impersonate being a fan with a bag on their head!


    Do us a favor and just enjoy your super bowl ring and stop throwing insults….oh wait, thats right, your team doesn’t have one. Sorry, my bad. I guess thats the least we could do is let you throw an insult or two.

    Who Dat!

  7. vikesr4reel says:Jul 24, 2014 10:26 PM

    And the saints fans impersonate being a fan with a bag on their head!

    & how many years have the Vikings had egg on their faces? lol

  8. meanwhile, the Vikings continue to be a poor impersonation of a decent high school team, except with more embarrassing behavior from its members and a stadium that smells like dead birds.

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