Seahawks don’t seem to be inclined to give Lynch a raise


It was quite the coincidence, or perhaps not a coincidence at all, that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch called former teammate Michael Robinson while Robinson was spending several hours on the air at NFL Network and told Robinson that Lynch plans to hold out.

Lynch has been making noise for weeks about wanting a new deal, but he has yet to take concrete action toward that end.  He showed up for a mandatory minicamp amid reports he wouldn’t.  Now, Lynch potentially is throwing a Hail Mary pass in the hopes the Seahawks will blink.

It would be a surprise if they do.  As the Seahawks see it, Lynch has completed half of a four-year, $30 million contract.  He has two years left, and by the time those two years have expired, if not sooner, the team may begin to devote a sizable chunk of Lynch’s touches to Christine Michael or Robert Turbin.

Lynch knows that, given his age (28) and the hits he has absorbed, now is the time to get one last payday.  By next year or the year after, he’ll be at best among the smattering of veterans fetching $3.5 million annually, at best, on the open market.

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  1. Secretly, the The Team from Seattle probably doesn’t care that much. It saves their best back and gives others a chance for reps. He’ll come in a week or two before and be just fine.

  2. And this is the problem with front loaded contracts.

    My calculation shows he has 22m or so for the first 2 years already in his pocket. That makes him the #2 paid RB. What’s left @ 10m (5m a year) is low, if you don’t include the first 2.

    He is top 3 RB in the NFL, but not worth 10m a year.

    Maybe the team just guarantees the last two against injury and they can at least give him Sidney’s 1+million.


  3. Let him walk. Seattle has good backups at RB, and they have a ton of young talent to pay.

  4. You win a title and everyone thinks its because of them and wants to get paid more….play out the contract you signed and honor it……..period

  5. love ya marshawn,but get your butt to practice.
    your under contract dude

  6. Michael and Turbin are ready. Sorry lynch, you signed a contract and you must honor it.

  7. That’s right Marshawn, dig in….stay out the year if you have to. It’s your last chance at that money….boss

    –All Niners Fans

  8. This is where the wheels come off of that improbable run. Back to mediocrity for the Cheathawks. 3rd place in the division behind SF and the Rams. Don’t like the 49ers too much either. Rams could take the division.

  9. Dude’s already a top 5 paid running back in the league. Which is where his production is at. I’d say he’s fairly compensated. I Don’t blame him for trying to cash in now though. He knows he’s getting long in the tooth and Christine Michael is breathing down his back to take over and probably will this year. Hope everything gets resolved though because beast mode is fun to watch.

  10. The man who went to a supposedly elite university for education left barely able to speak. I still demand to see his S.A.T scores.

  11. I’m a ‘Hawks fan and I love the BeastMode. He has been a huge contributor to the team. But unfortunately for him, his timing is just off and any demands he wants to make aren’t going to materialize. He has had his last big payday and it was for $30 million. He is looking at the money that Sherman and Thomas are getting and wants more, too, but the truth is he already got quite a bit. He cleaned up n a front-loaded contract and is upset now that he’s in the back end of it.

    But if you want to see the definition of bad timing and being grossly underpaid, see Russell Wilson. He still hasn’t made even $1 million a year yet.

  12. They might give lynch more money this year. They won’t do anything after that though. The haters which are the vocal minority on this message board will say the Seahawks are in trouble. Fear not Seahawks fans. John Schneider and Pete will handle this like the champions they are. The hawks are in the best position in football. They’re smarter than everyone else. They’re not trading for Trent Richardson or paying they’re RB 10 mill a year. They’re drafting studs and building a juggernaut.

  13. This will obviously cause a blow-up in the lockerroom as different factions take sides.

    So much for a Dynasty. 8 & 8 at best and battling for last place in the NFC West.

  14. Pay the man, He needs to be the top paid RB…period. Restructure so less cap hit this yaer and next, and then cut him before the third year

  15. Super Bowl winners always seem to unravel due to greed and egos. This one won’t be any different.

  16. If he doesn’t want to play let him sit. I think Michael can be just as good. Rb’s are a dime a dozen and Lynch has had a nice supporting cast around him in Seattle to make him look really good. He was never that dominant in Buffalo.

  17. It’s the story that keeps happening.
    Backs don’t have a ton of value in modern offenses.
    You can get close to top tier production with a UDFA contract…. The top of the heap and the scrubs aren’t separated by much in the way of production. Not if the OC is worth a crap. It’s all about pass protection and routes out of the backfield. Running plays can be executed by anyone…

  18. Wow! thought the Hawks had more class than to try to lowball one of their most valuable playmakers…guess appearances are deceiving! More and more we are seeing how the players got punked by the CBA and perhaps it’s time for players to take a closer look at how they signed their future away! Appears the Legion of Boom is about to become the Legion of Doom:(

  19. Helped to get Seattle to the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson wouldn’t be half as successful without the Beastmode. Jamaal Charles and Shady McCoy have now got big money and Marshawn appears underpaid. Andy Reid upped Charles last week and now it’s time to pay the man.
    It is hard to get back to back Super Bowl wins but the Seahawks don’t have a chance without Marshawn Lynch playing at his peak. Pete Carroll rewarded his DBs but he knows he needs an Offense too.
    This is a shakedown and it’s time to pay up.

  20. Lynch has been making noise for weeks…

    …and yet, I have seen nothing with his direct statement to that effect. What I have seen is the media pushing this story (because they need bad stories about the SB-Champion). No doubt, Lynch & FO will come to whatever agreement and the media will spin it yet again.

  21. Could it be that, contrary to opinions east of the Rocky Mountains, Russell Wilson is actually this offense’s MVP and not Lynch?

    – Dude in Charlotte

  22. Wow- 4 years 30 million ain’t enough. Delusion is such a powerful emotion.

  23. He hasnt outplayed his current contract.

    No reason at all to give him a new one. He signed a 4 year deal. It wasnt a rookie deal, and it wasnt a post injury deal that was very low.

    Its 7.5 per year average, which is what he is worth. Unless he far outperforms that (which is impossible in todays NFL) I say fine him for every day he misses and let the fines stick when he finally buckles.

  24. jshawaii22 says:
    Jul 24, 2014 10:41 PM
    And this is the problem with front loaded contracts.

    He is top 3 RB in the NFL, but not worth 10m a year.


    I agree with your sentiments about front loaded contracts, but he isnt close to top 3 in the NFL.

    AP, McCoy, Charles, Morris, Foster

    All guys I would take ahead of Lynch.

  25. Ok Lynch, you signed a contract, so honor it and quit acting like a big baby. Remember, you are not irreplaceable. You may find out after you are done holding out that Seattle has already found your replacement.

  26. I really wish Marshawn Lynch wasn’t such an idiot. He’s a fun guy to watch play and his fascination with skittles is interesting but man is he dumb. He’s not going to get paid. All he’s going to do is hold out, lose some money, come back and pull a groin or something and watch his otherwise safe job slip out of his reach.

    Being a running back in this league sucks now, but then again you’re still an NFL player making millions to play a game you probably love. Enjoy it while it lasts before you’re too old to play and full of regrets.

  27. BTW it’s looking more and more likely that my prediction of the Rams making the playoffs over the Seahawks is going to come to fruition

  28. I agree with your sentiments about front loaded contracts, but he isnt close to top 3 in the NFL.

    AP, McCoy, Charles, Morris, Foster

    All guys I would take ahead of Lynch.

    Morris and Foster over Lynch?!?! you’re straight bugging. AP is a cut above the rest, and McCoy and Charles are probably better, but it’s a tough call. No one else other than AP can carry a team like Lynch can. Seattle’s one of those few times that still runs first, and even knowing that team’s struggle to stop him. I know YPC was down this year, but he breaks more tackles than anyone else in the league. If he had the line that McCoy had (Seattle’s line was kinda bad last year) his numbers would have been out of control. Check out PFF for some more in depth #s

  29. “Ok Lynch, you signed a contract, so honor it and quit acting like a big baby.”

    What will you be saying next off-season when the Seahawks cut him and he doesn’t earn any of the money owed him for the last year of his contract? Honoring contracts should go both ways but that’s not how the NFL works.

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