Seahawks, Lynch have been talking new deal for four months


Running back Marshawn Lynch wants a new deal from the Seahawks.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there’s a “zero percent chance” he’ll show up for the start of training camp without a contract that replaces the final two seasons of his four-year, $30 million contract.

Talks have been occurring on and off, according to the source, for four months.  The Seahawks have resisted due to concerns that giving a player a new contract with two years left on his current agreement would set a bad precedent.

If that’s the case, it’s hard to see how rewarding the offensive player most critical to the team’s success in the last two years would set a bad precedent.  If, moving forward, other players with two years left on a contract want new deals because Marshawn Lynch got one, the easy answer is, “You’re not Marshawn Lynch.”

Besides, if Lynch waits until he has one year left on his contract, he may have far less value to the team than he does right now.  Indeed, the Seahawks may decide by next year to move on to someone else at tailback.

And so Lynch won’t be moving in to camp until he gets a new deal.  Given his personality and temperament, there’s a chance he’ll stay away as long as it takes, even if it never happens.

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  1. Mike, you don’t know Pete very well do you? He made over 210 player transactions between 2010 through 2013. A primary reason was players thought they were entitled. Carroll hates the word entitlement. If Marshawn wants to stay home from training camp, both Schneider and Carroll will do nothing. Marshawn can waste $30k/day staying home watching tv while Michael and Turbin get into shape….another Carroll saying is “next man up.” You see Marshawn, “it’s all about that (in)action, boss!”

  2. If he stays away for an extended period of time, that would not be bad news to the 9ers. he is truly a beast.

  3. This is a tough one. I respect the position of both parties.

    It’s all about that action, boss!

  4. So are the Seahawks working on a deal or not? Earlier you say they weren’t “inclined” to do so, but now you say they’ve been working on a new deal for months.

  5. Well, apparently the talks haven’t been very fruitful. I know, I just stated the obvious. I’ll bet the ‘Hawks win this battle, Christine Michael is the beneficiary. I’ll also bet he has a heckuva year.

    Patriots fan

  6. I think Lynch wants to avoid mini camp and iwll show up by the end of the preseason and be just fine. It is pretty much considered a forgone conclusion in Seattle that he will be cut after the season to make room for a cheaper and younger Christine Michael. That may end up happening earlier if Michael lights it up in preseason

  7. Come on John. Give the man whatever you can without hurting the team. I’m sure a gesture would get him on board. All the 12s know he deserves it.

  8. Christine is very good but Marshawn is exceptional. Probably going to have to work something out.

  9. This seems like a really easy solution. The guy is getting really close to that dreaded 30 as it is. Sign him big and front-load the contract, no? Give him like 4-5 years, pay him big early on, and then when (not if) his production falls, you’re already paying him less and he has no leverage. Worst comes to worst you can even cut him in a couple years if the 30 bug bites him particularly hard.

  10. Love me some Beast Mo

    And for all the haters that want to think this is some kind of crisis for the Hawks I laugh at how little you know about our team and front office. I have zero concern John Schneider and Pete Carroll will work this issue out quickly.

    Go Hawks and let the haters hate!

  11. I would love to see one person in the media that didn’t say “give him more money”, every time a player wants more. Make him honor more than 1/2 of the contract HE signed 2 years ago. If he wants to sit… well, Walmart will be looking for Xmas help.

  12. No player personifies the toughness and drive that Pete Carroll has instilled in the Seahawks like Marshawn Lynch.
    Sidney Rice retired….pay the man.

  13. Watch “unfinished business on YouTube. Lynch is the biggest piece of our offense. With Rice gone, I can’t see why we can’t

  14. Good for Lynch, its a business and the minute he wears down they will cut him so glad he is trying to cash in when he can. All you read about is how RB’s are devalued but guys like if the top tier guys drive it up it benefits all the RB’s

  15. Let him hold out and see how RB Christine Michael and Robert Turbin do the first 3 games……..

  16. Hawks fans are not worried one bit, just marshawn being his unpredictable self. He hasn’t needed practice or training camp the last 4 years, always ready for the game tho, running over and through your favorite team every Sunday. 900 carries since 2011 speaks for itself, the beast is alive and well.

  17. Marshawn is one of the keys to the success of the team. Without a big power back, there would be greater reliance on the passing game.
    Pete Carroll made a great decision to get Marshawn from Buffalo years ago and now he is the best power back in the game. He delivered and is now underpaid as one of the best RB after big increases to Jamaal Charles and Shady.
    Pay the man.

  18. This being the business of sustained success a precedent is just that. To say a player isn’t Lynch is plain stupid because this is a team sport and if each player doesn’t sell out on the field Lynch wouldn’t have success (See Bills). All players are critical for that reason. Pete and Johns system is more important than any one player (Lynch included) and thus they will not be able to tear up this deal. as a 12 I love Lynch and always will but this team has been built to sustain that loss. Turbin and Michael were not drafted to sit on the bench long term. Its the way of things and Lynch may be gone sooner than next year. His deal is top 5 and fair. I see him suited up reg season game one with perhaps a movement of money from next year (which he wouldn’t have gotten anyway) to this year but no new long term deal.

  19. Lynch is an unique player. Not unlike Walter Jones, who didn’t show up for multiple years. Jones knew he had nothing more to learn, as does Lynch. Some, guys are just above the norm and have earned the right to be treated so.

  20. I don’t necessarily think Marshawn wants more money. He is 28 and has 2 more years on his contract. 30 is a good age as a RB to call it a career but Shawn knows Seattle could cut him after the season and he is left as an “aging back” and will probably only warrant 1-2 mil from another club out of fear that he is declining on the open market but at the same time he isn’t ready to hang up the cleats. I feel he wants his fourth year salary guaranteed so it’s more likely Seattle keeps him next year, he won’t have to move, stays on the west coast, and can end his career on his terms by the time he is 30, and he can go out as an icon and face of a franchise. I just don’t think he wants to be a Emit Smith, Edgarin James, Steven Jackson type player that isn’t quite ready to retire with his legacy team and is forced to play a few lousy years on a rebuilding team that is only using him to sell tickets.

    Marshawn has proven to be extremely loyal, and he has been the cornerstone and face of Seattle’s rise to the top. He has given Seattle 110% effort and expects the same return that they let him leave gracefully.

  21. Let him sit out, and then sit on his contact for two years. He will never get that 16 million back at his age.

  22. I can’t see the Seahawks playing hardball here, Lynch is a workhorse. By rewarding him with a new deal may help set the ground work for being “good guys” when it comes time to redo Russell Wilson’s contact.

  23. The Seahawks are actually thinking about adding years to a tailback’s contract who is 28 years old and has two years remaining on his deal?
    The 30 year old productivity threshold for tailbacks is real. In his last six games of the regular season, he averaged 3.5 yds a carry. He did rebound for two 100 yd games in the playoffs out of the three. (Caveat- Take away one long run in two of the three games he averaged just 3.4 a carry in the playoffs)
    With a young talented player in Christine Michael nipping at his heals and a capable backup in Robert Turbin- no need to give him an extension. For a team who has a lot of talented players and limited cap space coming- giving him more money makes it a high probability it will turn to dead money.

  24. Guess we’re gonna see how good Christine Michael is. Time to back up all that talking everyone has been doing about how great he’s going to be. No pressure, Christine, just go ahead and fill Marshawn Lynch’s shoes.

    By the way as a 49er fan, Marshawn Lynch is in the top 3 RB’s I’d pick if I had to coach a Super Bowl tomorrow!

  25. He’s going to even greater lengths to avoid the media this year.

    Seriously though Marshawn and his agent know how RBs have very limited window to cash in.

  26. “You’re not Marshawn Lynch.”

    “I’m Vernon damn Davis!”

    Don’t think it’ll work.

  27. It makes business sense to use his leverage before it evaporates. In 3 years he’ll be a legend who allegedly played somewhere in the Northwest.

  28. Yeah, these guys are going to be different. They’re going to avoid all of the “year after” stuff that past Super Bowl winners had to deal with.

  29. Charles I can get behind, and understand a holdout.

    Lynch? No. Dont give a crap. He is halfway through a contract that is paying him just about what he is worth. Dont care.

  30. He just doesn’t want to go to camp…he’ll report the last week, get into some sort of football shape and will be starting week 1…

  31. He’s not coming back unless he gets more money. He has been hinting at retirement since the pre-superbowl media day.

  32. According to MikeRob, he’s more interested in making sure his charity can sustain itself after he leaves football.

  33. Face it Brockheads, Lynch is more valuable to the offense than Wilson is. Wilson doesn’t deserve top 7 QB cash, let alone top 3 the way money lynch does.

  34. People who say a 28 year old running back is more valuable than a QB entering his third year after the best first two years of any QB in NFL history are either delusional or a scared fan of another team.

    Or both.

  35. Back loaded contracts = player gets cut early
    Front loaded contracts = player holds out

    You cant blame Marshawn for holding out and not ‘honoring his contract” any more than you can blame a team for cutting a guy with a year or two left on his contract simply because they dont want to pay him.

    This business works both ways people.

  36. not an easy situation. Marshawn Lynch has been really potent the last few years and if teams don’t play the run, he can really get going. I don’t know if their other backs are quite that good. But even if the coaches think they are, do they really move on from Lynch by playing hardball? I wonder if that keeps the locker room in a good mood. But extending him seems wrong too because 2 years left on his deal is perfect. As he winds down, his replacements are really ready.

    The 49ers extended Gore a couple of years ago and it didn’t really make sense because of his age, but sometimes it seems like teams need to do that because if you are one of the “core” players on a team, one of the players that create the identity of who you are, it seems a bit ruthless of management to not treat that player with the respect of a favorable deal given all that they have done for the franchise. I think Lynch is in that situation.

  37. The last two years Lynch has been on the PUP list this time of year and all you fans of other teams declared the beast was dead and the Hawks were done…

    Maybe you should hope your teams can catch up rather than the Hawks regress.

    Since Carroll, Hawks offense has been the hammer.

    This year everyone will be astounded it transformed into lightening.

  38. Good hold out. When players have extended holdouts, they never have good seasons. Go 49ers.

  39. Pay me more before my wheels fall off! That is what he is saying. Lynch you are a rented mule to beat. They never go back and pay more for more a rented mule. Just show up take your lumps!

    If the hawks do give him more money they are stupid. Really he only has a couple years left what is he gonna do sit out one of them?

  40. garyridgway says:
    Jul 25, 2014 1:17 AM
    Love me some Beast Mo

    And for all the haters that want to think this is some kind of crisis for the Hawks I laugh at how little you know about our team and front office. I have zero concern John Schneider and Pete Carroll will work this issue out quickly.

    Go Hawks and let the haters hate!


    You should be laughing at how little we know of your team doctors, and pharmaceutical abuse… LOL..

    Seahawks fans: Est 2013

  41. The Implode is near. Between the Me first attitudes and Salary cap this team will suffer.

  42. bradyisyourdaddy says:
    Jul 25, 2014 10:16 AM

    Seahawks fans: Est 2013

    Oh yeah, because the Patriots had a HUGE national fanbase prior to 2001.

  43. I agree with what #billybone said earlier. This is not really about Marshawn wanting more money. He has no more guaranteed money left on his contract. He and his agent can read the writing on the wall that next year when the team is getting ready to pay its young QB, there’s a good chance the aging, 29 yr old RB, gets unceremoniously cut and is out the door with nothing. Pro football is a cut throat business and I’m pretty sure that was the team’s plan when Marshawn signed that contract. I don’t think they are going to change it now.

  44. Carroll and Schneider weren’t around when the Seahawks foolishly gave Shaun Alexander a boat load of money as he went into the twilight of his career. That contract burned the Seahawks and Alexander only lasted one year after getting paid and was horrible that year. Hopefully Schneider and Carroll took note though. I can see both sides of the argument. But Lynch is already a top 5 paid RB in the league. That’s right where his production is at. As another post pointed out, his production tailed off at the end of last year. Now he’s holding out. He knows the tank’s running dry and he’s trying for one last big pay day. I don’t blame him for doing it, but if I’m the Seahawks, I don’t budge here. Wilson finally has a couple receiving threats this year that will open up the offense and won’t have to rely on the run game as much. All that said, I love Lynch and hope he’s on the field on game day. If not, I’m excited to see what Michael can do. He looked as electric and explosive as any back I’ve seen last pre season.

  45. Has and will always feel like an expansion franchise.

    Says some fool who’s team ISN’T the Super Bowl Champions.

    Don’t Hate…Appreciate.

    Go Hawks

  46. Pay the man, but not for a couple of weeks to save some wear and tear on his body. Convert next year’s amount into a signing bonus to lock it in for him and add one more year overall and call it good. Go Hawks.

  47. If a new deal is reached with Lynch, make public relations a part of it. Marshawn just might be the hardest interview in sports next to Belicek. A lot of the reasons the NFL is so huge in revenue has to do with public relations and marketing. Every player should represent. Yes he’s a great player, but his irascible personality is a turnoff. It’s like biting the hand that feeds him. All he cares about is $$$.

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