Tony Romo: You’ll see the best version of me in the next 4-5 years


A 34-year-old coming off back surgery isn’t exactly the perfect description of an athlete entering his prime. But that’s what Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo says he is.

Romo told reporters today that he thinks he’s going to be better than ever this year, and for a few more years to come.

“I feel personally like I’ve just started to come into the player that I wanted to be six, seven years ago,” Romo said, via the Star-Telegram. “I think over the course of the next four or five years, you’ll see the best version of me that I’ve had throughout my career. That’s for a lot of different reasons, but I really believe that. I believe that will show as we go forward, so I’m excited about that.”

Romo had a strong season statistically last year, with 31 touchdown passes and only 10 interceptions in 15 games. Given the sorry state of the Cowboys’ defense, Romo may have to be even better than that this year if the Cowboys are going to break their streak of three straight 8-8 seasons and reach the playoffs.

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  1. Meaning to say: hopefully you’ll see the best of me in the next 4-5 months. As for the other years, hopefully I’m still standing right.

  2. I like Romo, only not as my QB. He’s one tough QB.

    Wishful thinking as I am sure he will make the same statement as adult undergarment is part of his uniform.

  3. The Cowboys would have been wise to turn the page on the QB position 4-5 years ago, and I’d be very surprised to see Romo behind center for any more than 1 or 2 more seasons. This guy isn’t a Super Bowl QB, and Dallas should find his heir apparent with haste.

  4. joeflaccoallday: “This is so easy to make fun of I’m not even gonna do it.”

    …said the guy who could think of absolutely nothing funny to say.

    BTW, how’d you like Flacco’s performance last year with a substandard o-line and defense? Romo’s been dealing with those challenges since he first took over for Bledsoe. The Ravens and Flacco were so bad they even lost the coin-flip to co-mediocre Cowboys for draft position. Insert comment about glass houses and throwing stones, here.

    Now that was easy to make fun of…

  5. We’re more likely to see Jerry Jones fire himself than anything related to you on TV in 5 years

  6. For the next 4-5 years he’ll be getting paid to be the best version of him.

    If he’s not cut in 2 years to save $$$.

    Great Qb draft next year. You’ll get one when you pick 4th.

  7. Tony will retire and be remembered as the best QB in Dallas Cowboys history who was surrounded by terrible teams and horrible coaches.

    Haters hate.

  8. It seems like a prerequisite to become a good NFL QB is to be an egomaniac. The way these players gush about their greatness is a little hard to take.
    Do they really believe it or is this just to excite the public so they sell more season tickets and DirecTV?

  9. One question: what is the status of his line? His best seasons were a result of having quality linemen. His worst seasons were the result of some of the worst lines in pro football. He has been better personally, but can only do so much with 2.5 seconds to throw the ball. If his line is better this year, he may be right. He has always been a talented guy, isn’t old enough to have list a step and is much smarter now than 5 years ago. Give him time to throw and for his receivers to blow past coverage, and he could be right. I’ve hated the Cowboys for as long as I can remember. But I have really felt for Romo over the years.

  10. “Given the sorry state of the Cowboys’ defense…” Yeah, LAST year’s defense. Hopefully this defense won’t require the ridiculous numbers he put up last year.

  11. Guess he’s retiring? Or maybe he plans on taking over at GM and getting rid of the crappy one they have now. Oh well either way the next 4-5 years will be .500 at best.

    Cowboys – setting the standard for mediocracy since 2000

  12. My honest opinion; I actually do think Romo is a good QB, but has some glaring flaws – and I don’t think he has more than 3 years left, more likely 2. Oh and I hate the Cowboys.

  13. Please. This will be the first year in a while the Cowboys finish below .500. You heard it here.

  14. Yep …. The best version of Romo
    to come in the next 4-5 yrs… After he
    washes out of football & becomes a
    pro golfer.

  15. All snarky comments aside there’s no reason Romo cant be right.

    I’m not a Cowboy fan but I am a football fan and as such I’d prefer to see a strong healthy Romo get beaten than see continued NFL mediocrity

  16. With their defense he will probably throw the ball 40 times a game, he is probably good for 4000 yards and 25-35 TDs, INT’s on the other hand.
    Cowboys blow

  17. I am going to start calling you ladies the “parrots of ESPN”. Romo has been better each season he has played. All I needed to see was him play in Washington–THAT is the Romo you will see more of. His back is fine right now, hope it stays that way. Keep chirping about how bad he sucks, what a choke artist he is, makes it easier for folks like me to identify someone to never talk ball with.

  18. By that he means he’ll win ALL the “regular season championships”. After Peyton retires.

  19. Credit where it’s due, Romo is a pretty good Quarterback. He’s had some pretty ugly blunders and gaffs over the years, but any struggling franchise would be lucky to have someone as talented as him under center. Even if admitting that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    That said, The Cowboys are still going to suck. Really, really hard. This coming from a Dolphins fan.

  20. For a fan base that ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT RINGS, Romo needs to produce, or they need to admit he is a bust. I mean these guys are literally .500. The definition mediocre. One playoff win. “Americas team.” HA HA HA. If they’re Americas team, Rick Perry is our president.

  21. Romo is a stud! It has to be deflating to play the kind of football they do, the broadcasters pick his games apart on MNF or SNF. Then he will lead his team downfield , score 6 & take a 7 point lead. The following drive the D will give up a score, then again the next drive. With a solid D, they would be a perennial playoff team no doubt!

  22. I don’t think Marcus Spears was wrong when he felt that Romo and Witten sitting w/Jerry Jones in the suite at the Final Four was a bad thing.

    I think Jerry’s grown on Tony.

  23. Yeah, Tony, you are going to play a lot better at 40 than you did when you were 30. Happens all the time in the NFL, particularly to guys who choke on the big one. There are only 2 guys I can think of who did something great, late – Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams. But they both had the advantage of a great defense. Let’s see, does Dallas have a great defense? Uh, no.

  24. At this point in his life/career, the old “I”m getting better” story wasn’t going to sell, so he had to switch.

  25. Good I hope so the longer that group of losers stays together the better for the rest is NFC east

  26. Alzheimer’s is setting in already , nothing like waiting for the end of your career to predict your best years are ahead of you.

  27. I believe in Romo. He will get better. But I believe also the team will continue to play with predictable mediocrity. My Cowboys desperately need a General Manager. I expect nothing greater than a 8-8 record.

  28. ejm845 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 6:45 AM

    Good I hope so the longer that group of losers stays together the better for the rest is NFC east

    Cowboys went 5-1 against the NFC East last year so I guess you’re kind of right. It can’t get much worse for the rest of the NFCE.

  29. jlmd17 says: Jul 24, 2014 11:13 PM

    These idiots will slam Romo but praise a guy like Warren Moon who was an epic playoff choker.

    You do remember Romo fumbling a snap costing his team a tying field goal right? Best playoff choke ever 🙂

    Romo could be the most awesome playoff choker of all time, but he can’t seem to stop choking away week 17 elimination games. You actually have to make the playoffs to lose.

    Remember him tossing 3 picks against a hobbled rookie a couple years back? No this fault though, right. Blame the defense.

    Romo is a duck. He plays his best when the game is out of reach and he can pad his stats. He is the very definition of “anti-clutch”. Plays 58 awesome minutes against Denver and then throws a terrible pick to lose the game. Pretty much a metaphor for his entire career – awesome stats, but is responsible for the loss.

    The best play he makes is getting Jerah to believe in him enough to pay him like a winner.

  30. He’s got two years left as a starter – then it’s on to backup – but optimism is a good personality trait to have.
    NFC Least this year so Dallas will probably be in the hunt for a playoff spot – that makes it now or never Mr Romo!

  31. All I can say is prove it. To me, he’s a testimate to the stat-heavy/pass-crazy era of today’s NFL. Guys like him and Matt Stafford will put up great numbers year after year, but can’t seem to put together the 2 or 3 great drives in December/January that make the difference.

    His stats will always look good on paper. He’s 34 years old and has one playoff win. I don’t care how bad the defense is, if he’s really a top 10 QB, he’s gotta find a way to get it done, even if it means putting up 40 pts a game.

  32. axespray says:
    Jul 25, 2014 4:01 PM
    I remember – heading into the 2010 season, cowboy fans actually believed that Romo was better than Rodgers… smh.


    As a Cowboys fan, I’ve always thought the biggest separator between the two was ball security. Rodgers understands it. Romo has no clue what it is. That said, he has gotten better at it, though he still finds that game every season where 1 INT just isn’t enough.

  33. I DO WISH that some of the NFL know it alls on this page had a clue! Given little to no protection, NO running game and NO help from the defense the past two years just how well do you clowns think that EITHER Manning, Rogers or Brady would do? HINT: We’ve SEEN how well! You watched Sheli last year right? What was Brady’s FIRST play in their last Super Bowl? WHY? Remember what happened to Rogers in the playoff game against the Giants? Oh, and Peyton just looked SOOO good at the Seahawks. Tony has been as good as the team around him would allow, that simple.

  34. Let’s see, Payton is 38. Brady is 37. And Brees just turn 36. Now I no all these guys have rings. But! Neither Payton or Brady are getting any better. Both are on their way out. And Brees just got his. So why not Romo, and why not now. All of those guys were playing Super Bowl caliper football when they were around Romo’s age. So why not?

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