Zimmer will see all three QBs in the preseason before picking one


The Vikings have, according to offensive coordinator Norv Turner, a great group of quarterbacks in Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder and Teddy Bridgewater. So how will head coach Mike Zimmer pick one starter?

Zimmer says he wants to see how all three of them perform in the preseason, which he views as a better indication than what they’ve done in the offseason, or what they will do in training camp.

“We’re not going to forget what they did in the spring. But we’re going to continue to evaluate them each day as we get going. The preseason games will probably be a little bit more of a judge, when we’re going against other people,” Zimmer told the Star-Tribune.

Asked about his time frame for picking a starter, Zimmer answered, “I have an idea in mind, but I’m going to keep that to myself right now.”

Cassel is generally viewed as the safe pick, while Bridgewater is the quarterback of the future. But if Bridgewater plays well in the preseason, he’ll also be the quarterback of the present.

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  1. This year’s playoff teams:

    NFC: Seattle, Green Bay, Washington, New Orleans, San Francisco, Arizona

    AFC: New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Baltimore

  2. Man, thats a crappy choice.

    Thats like saying to yourself “What do I want for dinner…dog food, cat food, or fish food? Tough decisions…”

  3. I’m curious to see how things pan out for Zimmer in Minnesota. He is a hell of a football coach, but he is now for the first time dealing with the executive and PR sides that come with being a HC.

    We have all seen many great OCs and DCs who do not so well as head coaches. My money is on Zimmer to succeed but between the Vikings QB quandry, an aging and disgruntled Peterson, the stadium transistion and things like the Kluwe distraction, it is not the best situation to step into.

  4. Ponder, meanwhile, is simply the victim of a draft day reach – players being asked to perform like first round draft choices when they should never have been picked there.

    Same for Gabbert and Weeden.

    *Very possibly* solid backups whose careers are now tarnished through Front Office incompetence.

  5. Bridgewater has freaky small hands, look at them.

    It must be really hard for him to be accurate down the field.

  6. Matt Flynn is better than all three of these losers put together.

    Viking fans secretly know this to be true. That’s why they’re so bitter all the time.

  7. Wow. I never realized these are 3 great QBs. Either I have Alzheimers or Norv Turner has it, and bad. Nice confidence in your “starting” QB Zim.

  8. In 20 years, the Zimmer Trophy will be given out annually to the team that finishes 3-13 in back to back years and has an aging star player that desperately wants out.

  9. Sound judgement from a new head coach. Mike Zimmer is not closed minded and wants to give every player the opportunity to EARN their spot… even Christian Ponder. Although I’m not a big fan of either Ponder or Cassell, I would respect the fact that their position has been earned if that’s how things turn out. Best case scenario is that neither start and that our rookie qb performs so well that he must be the starting qb. Lets face it, the bar is not set too extremely high in order for him to do so.

  10. Pick a starter and stick with him through the up’s and downs. Improve the defense from bottom of the league to 10-15 range and should have a shot at competing for the division.

  11. All 3 are career backups that I wouldn’t want on my team!

    Bow down Vikings, the 50 plus years of futility are continuing, sadly for you guys (but great for us who got our popcorn ready!)

  12. Why not just say he is evaluating two guys? You know he would not dare suggest Ponder, even if Ponder blew everybody’s doors off in camp and the preseason.

    He is discovering that head coaching requires front-line politics. The coaches that master that are the ones with staying power. The X’s and O’s guys are a dime a dozen.

  13. I am not shocked but, it is good to see that no one won the QB competition before it started…

  14. Right now they are divided over the choice.

    The only way to avoid a schism is to split all the reps equally among the three giving each of them a fair and equal chance to be the starter.

    That also means letting each one start a preseason game to have a fair shot work with the starting units. The new coach should take as much time as possible to make the right choice.

    The starting QB job is so important it should be earned not just given away.

  15. As a Packers fan, I hope they start Bridgewater, cuz it’ll ruin him. If I were a Vikings fan, I’d be cheering for Cassel. He gave them most all of their wins last year, and more importantly it keeps Teddy on the bench for a year.

  16. Wow, the Viking fans must be sleeping in today. 40 comments and they’re almost all from haters. Cassel is the present, Bridgewater is the future. Packer fans fear the future, which is why they talk about the past all the time.

  17. Seriously, stop with the small hands talk. His hands are literally 1/8″ smaller than Rodgers. If he proves to be the best guy for the job right out of the gate, he will do fine. Yes, NFL defenses are complex and will try to confuse him, but he did throw half his touchdowns last season against the blitz. That proves to me that he is able to make smart decisions when the pressure is on. As far as wonderlic score goes, who cares? What teams want to know most is how do you do on the football field and not on a test. Manziel NEEDS to sit a year. Teddy is ready to start this year.

  18. For Packer fans, it seems smarter to acknowledge a storied past than predict a storied future. But…whatever gets you through the night.

  19. Cassell will start this year, Teddy next year. Ponder will be traded during preseason for a 5th round pick to a team that needs a backup due to injury.

  20. Keep in mind, Zimmer is just the head coach. Spielman is 100% responsible for handing him this hot mess.

    Zimmer might be a good head coach over time but the chances are in won’t be in Minnesota and guaranteed, in won’t come with any of these 3 as his starting qb.

    For this has been, currently is, and will forever be the history of the Vikings. Their Qb play prevented them from winning the Superbowl over 30 years ago and is preventing them from exiting the cellar of the NFCN now.

    The Packer, Lion and Bear fans should thank the football gods for placing the Vikings in their division.

  21. Yeah, yeah. Noodle Arm, Hands Too Small, Dirt Diver; it’s all too funny and we’ve heard it all before. Get some new material.

  22. My guess is that Zimmer will make his decision when they leave Mankato for Winter Park- after the 2nd pre-season game.

    I bet it will be Bridgewater. Right now it’s obvious Bridgewater has the best arm, and is the best passer of the bunch. Zimmer wants to see how he does in a game situation before giving him the nod.

  23. It’s funny how packer fans can only remember the past far enough to serve their purpose. Blinded by mis information and lies….truth? Since 1966 lions-3 division championships. Bears have 10, Packers have 13 and the Vikings 18. Not even close folks…you can’t be lucky all the time but some how the label they are trying to paint is down right embarrassing for all those slinging the BS.

  24. Well, it’s a good thing they play the games then. It’s a very front loaded schedule, but they have a shot at 10 wins this year. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  25. To knock Teddy is rediculous as well…probably the best QB from this draft. Only time will tell not these wanna be athlete pencil whipers. It may seem fun to talk a little trash but some need a reality check.

  26. It’s comical that a Viking homer keeps boasting about division titles. Who cares that 18 times the Vikings had a better record than 3-4 other teams? If you’re not converting those division titles into SB Championships, it’s just a very sad sad statistic. I’m surprised you can’t see that for yourself (no, I’m not).

    BTW, is that an oval medicine ball in Teddies’ hand? It’s dwarfing the kid!

  27. A team losing a Super Bowl doesn’t make them a bad team…it makes them 2nd best. Not the stat you want but much better than everyone else!

  28. So 37 years ago, when the Vikings lost their 4th SB, you’d refer to that as being “2nd best for the fourth time”???

    And you say only Packer fans remember things that serve their own purpose? Pot-kettle, kettle-pot.

  29. Selective history again by these Vikings fans.

    If you’re only going to choose part of history, why not make it relevant?

    Since the inception of the NFC north, the Packers have won it 7 times in 12 years.


  30. Are we ready Vikes fans -LETS GO!!! I already love Zimmers approach, we’re lucky to have coaxed him away from the Bungles. Lets get some passion on that sideline, some Bud Grant F bombs and some Denny Green insanity!!

  31. Any coach not smart enough to realize Ponder is not an NFL caliber quarterback is not smart enough to win football games. It’s going to be a long boring season.

  32. That’s funny Tokyo…Tampa bay leaving the division doesn’t mean you’ve won more NFC championships…stupid comment lol. What I was expressing is the vikings have been and will always be much better than many are giving them credit for…a couple bad years yes

  33. Ok tokyosandblaster… lets make it relevant.

    Since the NFC-North was formed… ONLY the Bears have won a NFC championship (2006) and none of us have won the Superbowl; and the only thing you cheeseheads can still point to is your glory days… that and the now wobbly arm of a WELL PAST HIS PRIME and now injured QB. So you had better hope you’re right about Bridgewater not being as good as his college records indicates; and you had better hope the Vikings did poorly in the FA and the draft as you think; and you had better hope they play as poorly in a outdoor college stadium (one heads and shoulders better than that outhouse your team calls home) as you claim they will… because the Vikings have a younger and more talented squad than your hapless and pathetic packers. But more importantly… the Vikings can smell the green and gold stink of fear so strong it chokes everyone who lives west of the St.Croix… against the wind no less.

  34. @unknowledgeableone – Did you sleep through the 2010 season when the Packers won the NFC Championship AND the Super Bowl? Or do they not air the playoffs in Minnesota so as to not upset the fragile fan base?

  35. The Viking trolls can’t bash Green Bay enough. The Green Bay tradition and history of success simply cannot be acknowledged by these dopes. Instead, they go on and on about how good the Vikings will be “some day,” and “then, you better watch out.”

    Oooohhh. We can’t handle it. Your predictions for success are based on wishes and hopes. Get your head out of your…. (the sand.)

  36. The trash talking is beyond ridiculous. Civil debate is one thing, however the above comments are about making childish comments. Grow up already!!

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