Andre Johnson reports for camp


Andre Johnson was spotted at the Texans’ facilities earlier this week, leading many to believe that the wide receiver would end his self-imposed exile from the team and report to training camp.

That’s how things have played out. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Johnson appeared at the team’s facility again on Friday and reported on time for the start of camp.

Johnson’s agent didn’t comment on his client’s plans earlier this week, but did say that he and the Texans were communicating. Part of those discussions likely center on whether Johnson can recoup a $1 million roster bonus he lost by not taking part in voluntary portions of the offseason program, although Johnson’s gripes with the direction of the Texans and what it means for his future in Houston may also be on the agenda.

Those talks can continue, but the important news for the Texans is that they won’t have to go into coach Bill O’Brien’s first season without their top wide receiver.

21 responses to “Andre Johnson reports for camp

  1. Andre is too good of a guy to not show back up…. back to beasting ….100 plus catches and 1500 yards

  2. I thought people on here said he was being traded to New England for a first round pick and Ryan Mallett..such good inside information..

  3. When his career is over and he looks back at the time he played, what will he remember?

    I think the times we will miss are the times on the field and with his teammates. I doubt what he will regret will be holding out for a trade.

    Funny how our egos get in the way of things. You are playing a child’s game at a time when you are earning a King’s ransom to do so and treated like a demi-god by the millions who follow the league.

    Have some perspective, young man. You have an amazing life! There are worse things in this life than having Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing you balls.

  4. The Texans window has closed. They should honor the guy that held it open for years and give him the chance at a ring. Hate to say it, but the Seahags recently found themselves in need of a WR.
    I am not a fan of either team. Also everyone hates the packers.

  5. I have no sympathy for the guy, if you paid close attention to the gripes he’s had over the years & how the franchise has gone out of their way to keep him happy you wouldn’t either.

    He’s a great player, but he had no leg to stand on here. He signed another new deal just a couple years ago when Schaub was the unquestioned starter. You telling me that you’re ok with Matt “pick-6” Schaub & not Ryan Fitzpatrick? Doubt that. You knew there was no true “franchise guy” in place. Maybe shouldn’t have signed that extension then. It’s ok to want to be traded, & even to ask to be traded. But publicly moaning & groaning about it after the way this franchise has coddled you is not ok.

  6. The texans still have a chance when/if they get a franchise Qb to go with a foster, Andre and company on the offense to go with a good defense anchored by the best defensive player in the league JJ watt (fact not a statement check profootballfocus for true stats based off advanced metrics)

  7. Anybody bad mouthing Andre has never read one article or quote on/from him. I feel the guys pain as he enters his third building phase with this team! Any one of us would feel it, too. It’s no longer about money for him.

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