Andre Johnson says he couldn’t walk away from football


Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson felt more secure in returning to the Texans after talking to owner Bob McNair, but he said Friday that he ultimately couldn’t leave the game.

“I love playing the game of football,” Johnson said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t plan on walking away from this.”

Which is fine, except he did all summer, after openly questioning the future of the franchise.

“I feel very comfortable with the way things are going,” Johnson said. “What I said in the offseason had to do with things that happened in the past eight or nine years.”

Johnson didn’t get into specifics about his conversations with management or McNair, but it’s clear that new coach Bill O’Brien handled this one well.

The rookie coach never threw gas on the fire or issued any ultimatums, and that might have helped smooth the road that led Johnson back home.