Carl Nicks, Buccaneers part ways


Two years ago, the Buccaneers pilfered free-agent guard Carl Nicks from the Saints with a five-year, $47.5 million contract.  Now, Nicks is a free agent again.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Bucs and Nicks have struck a deal to end his time in Tampa.  Glazer calls the situation an “amicable settlement,” which implies that something other than an outright release happened.

It’s possible Nicks has given back some of the $25 million he has received for appearing in only nine games.  It’s possible that the Bucs gave him a little more money to resolve any potential claims arising from the staph infection he contracted last year.

Either way, Nicks will be able to continue his career with another team, if/when he has fully recovered from last year’s illness.

Nicks was due to earn a base salary of $7 million in 2014.

UPDATE 5:03 p.m. ET:  The Buccaneers have announced the move, and Nicks’ comments create the impression that he will not be continuing his NFL career.

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  1. So I wonder why TB cut Joseph then? He didn’t have a great year last year, but he was coming off injury and before that was a Pro Bowl level player. Now we got a bunch of scrubs at G. Not good.

  2. ajgreenhof says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:03 PM
    Free agency is overrated. Teams that win consistently draft and develop their own players


    Not true. Do the Seahawks win the super bowl last season without Michael Bennett or Cliff Avril or the trade that was made for Percy Harvin?

    Good teams augment free agency to fill in key spots where their team is lacking.

  3. The point to take away here: Don’t go to Tampa if you’re a rising star.


  4. 25 million for nine games? How can that be a “sad” situation for him? He straight up robbed Tampa.

  5. The original contract wasn’t a bad deal for the Bucs, getting perhaps the best G in the game. However he got injured, then injured again. It happens.

    As for those saying build through the draft, the Bucs have mainly attempted to do that. However remember that it was only a few years ago that picking a bad 1st rounder could cost you a lot more than this is costing Tampa.

  6. abninf says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:13 PM
    25 million for nine games? How can that be a “sad” situation for him? He straight up robbed Tampa.
    You honestly think this is how Nicks wanted his time in Tampa to go down? His career was ruined by an infection from their locker room.

  7. The buzz in Tampa today is he will always have foot/toe/nerve damage, and while’s technically a free agent, his football career is likely over. MRSA treatment is worse than chemo in many ways, but necessary to get rid of the bacteria that is MRSA. Wishing Carl best of luck in hopes he can return. He had only half a healthy season with the Bucs, but really made a difference in the O line. Next man up…the Bucs were preparing to go without him anyway.

  8. dino2997 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:10 PM

    Not true. Do the Seahawks win the super bowl last season without Michael Bennett or Cliff Avril or the trade that was made for Percy Harvin?

    Good teams augment free agency to fill in key spots where their team is lacking.

    Seattle wins 3 games last year without Wilson, Okung, Thomas, Chancellor & Sherman.

  9. @rodvmunchiii…spot-on comments. MRSA hits a team only about every few years, and it’s like a real fluke. The good news is it looks like the Bucs got some cap space so can still pick up a veteran somewhere, even though they’ve been thinking about the guard situation should Nicks not make it back.

  10. Next domino to fall as a result of savings from Nicks’ agreed – to lower payout (vs. his contract): Gerald McCoy extension.

    Watch for it.

  11. If you are a young, rising offensive lineman, do not leave the Saints in free agency. Turley, Holland, Bentley, and now Nicks. Jonathan Goodwin was spared, but that’s only because we knew he’d come back someday.

  12. Hey Carl thats what you get for jumping ship for high dollars TRAITOR….now go to the raiders…where all vets carrers go to die bwahahahaha

  13. I can’t imagine he gave money back. The Bucs hazardous work environment ended his career…

    I think players can come to terms when their career is ended by an injury on the field, but a Staph infection from a dirty locker room. Bad way to go out….

  14. danno1212 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:39 PM
    Sounds like the good old days with Lovie. No name offensive line that gets the QB killed. Good luck Josh!
    I was thinking the same thing. Lovie never did understand that you only get the best out of your QB when he is upright and able to work through his progressions. McCown was so successful with Trestman because he starts with protection, and works everything else from that. Tedford traditionally has not taken that approach, so a patchwork OL will not make it better.

  15. Hope Josh McCown has some mobility. The Bucs will regain their rightful place in the NFC South. Dead last. Barely ahead of the pitiful Atlanta Falcons.

  16. Dirty conditions in the locker room caused this. They took his career away from him, and I bet he walked with millions. Think what he could get in a lawsuit……….

    Too bad, great player before he got to tampa. Sounds like another name added to a long line of players that happened to. All good until they got to tampa, or left tampa. Be greatful for the sapp/brooks/lynch years, it’s gonna be a long time before we see that again.

    -Bucs fan

  17. What the writer failed to tell all you people out there is that big Carl is retiring due to his turf toe that he got prior to last season. It’s not due to the MRSA he contracted. He’s had several surgeries on the toe BECAUSE of the turf toe you knuckleheads. Carl Nicks is done. He’s retired now. He won’t sign with you favorite team, he’s retired from football for life. His foot won’t ever get better for the rest of his life, playing or not. Get a clue people.

    Also Jackson, Revis and Nicks were not exactly “rising stars” like some idiot suggested earlier. They have been in the league for awhile. Revis came to TB coming off a major injury, Nicks got turf toe, Jackson has been stellar, putting up career numbers with TB. I know it’s not your team and all so I don’t expect you to know, but try not to talk out of your a**.

  18. Markflipped is on the money, a lot of ignorant commentators posting nonsense when intelligent informed people know that the turf toe suffered by Nicks is what did him in.

    Turf toe is a career changer and stays with you for the rest of your life. Look at Deion Sanders, he still walks with a slight limp due to the turf toe injury he suffered all those years ago.

  19. It wasn’t a bad decision to sign Nicks in the first place. Arguably the best Guard in football, in his prime, and with no injury history.

    It’s just bad luck.

    Hope he recovers.

  20. My goodness! You mean… a $47.5M contract that was headlined in the press turned into an “amicable settlement”? What happened to the $47.5M? Wow! Another NFL team scores big on the PR front. #NFLscam

  21. I called this right on this board, yesterday. He’s not just done with the Bucs… He’s done, period. Which is a real shame cause he was a beast in his prime.

  22. realfootballfan says: Jul 25, 2014 7:15 PM


    But you overlooked the most glaring one that doesn’t fit that mold. Willie “Hall of Famer” Roaf.


    Roaf wasn’t young at that point, and he had already established himself as being pretty much a Hall-of-Famer by then.

  23. Markflipped,
    I was wondering where you’d been on JBF.. Good to see you.
    As far as the MRSA, the Bucs have a top notch facility. I believe Tynes was the carrier as it didn’t appear until he showed up last year rehabbing from surgery and his was much worse than anyone’s. Hell, Johnthan Banks played through the infection. But the sensible posters here are correct. The turf toe is what Nicks’ true injury was. Someone mentioned Deion Sanders and Shaquille O’Neal was also effectively done once he developed it. It sounds mundane but they cat bear weight on it. Even before the MRSA, Nicks himself said he’d never be 100% and would always have pain due to it. It’s unfortunate. The only way you can call it a bad signing was if the Bucs’ medical staff misdiagnosed the severity of it before the contract was inked.

  24. the best team that reach the playoffs each yr aren’t major players in FA each yr
    & in the current NFL it is cap freindly to build a great team thru the Draft IF you hire a good scouting staff & your coachs can teach young players

  25. Carl Nicks had a serious toe injury (for a 320 lb o-lineman, that’s as bad as a torn ACL), and it is what put him in IR for 2012. The problem is MRSA attacks injuries like that, and like it or not, MRSA is everywhere. So the MRSA put him on the NFI list in 2013. The issue came down two separate issues affecting the same area. I had thought before both the Bucs and Carl would want to sort out which one caused the other–basically a medical/legal debate. Glad they settled it–Bucs get back some cap space, and Carl gets some compensation. I doubt he’ll ever play again. Great team member for short time the Bucs had him; really made a difference.

  26. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Same old Bucs Luck as always. Wright the Cornerback was another example of free agent fiascos for this team. They have had a lot of these situations throughout the years. Offensive line is now definitely a major concern this year. There will probably be a few serviceable Offensive Linemen after final cuts. Licht is probably scouring the league right now looking for someone to help. It is too bad because he was one hell of an Offensive Lineman. Lovie and Licht will right the ship.

  27. I’d bet a bunch of dough that the Bucs were on the paying end of things given the MRSA suffered by Nicks and other players. This guy didn’t milk a thing — the Bucs refused to fess up to their fault in providing a safe working environment.

  28. Good for Nicks and the Buc’s . Hopefully he is fully recovered, and back to his former strength. Hopefully the NFL locker rooms are clean and safe for players who are bruised and tired after a hard days work.

  29. Building through the draft is a must but to say FA and trades don’t make a championship team is foolish. Look at all the top tier teams and you’ll see that they’ve been heavy players in other teams players, difference is they’re smart about it. Let’s not forget that Lynch didn’t start his career in Seattle either.

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