Dolphins replacing Pouncey with a guy who’s never snapped

With Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey likely out an extended part of the regular season and the fallout of last year’s bullying scandal, the Dolphins figure to start a brand new offensive line this year.

So why not go build around a guy who has never done his particular job?

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins are going with free agent pickup Shelley Smith as their starting center.

But Smith said he’s never played center at the NFL level, and only a bit in high school and college.

He’s started eight games in the NFL, all at guard.

At a certain level, it’s not that big of a change for a competent lineman. But springing it on him just before training camp almost makes it appear it wasn’t a fully developed plan.

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  1. It’s a really stupid plan, on several levels. By all counts Shelley is a young, talented RG (they have D Thomas kicked over from LG to RG which is another move that doesn’t fit his skillset).

    They already have Nate Garner on the roster who has already proven is (decent) performance at C. Shuffling the line and weakening it in several spots to make this move is not a good early sign for new Benton.

  2. Here we go with the terrible reporting, the dolphins said they are putting him there just so he can get comfortable talking snaps, never did they say he was replacing pouncy or he was the starter going forward, it’s only the first day of practice, nothing wrong with getting multiple people acclimated with another position. Expect Brenner to be the starting center week 1

  3. Nate Garner was a stop-gap at C. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It’s prudent to wait at least a couple of weeks before we say this is either a good or bad decision.

  4. .
    ” if you don’t have an offensive line, you don’t have an offense. ” . . . . . .

    Bill Belichick

  5. Having observed Smith over the last two seasons, he’s a passable backup guard (and that was with highly regarded OL coach Paul Boudreau as his position coach in STL), He’s going to get rolled back into RT way to often at center. This won’t end well.

  6. 6ball says:
    Jul 25, 2014 11:17 AM
    ” if you don’t have an offensive line, you don’t have an offense. ” . . . . . .

    Bill Belichick


    “if you don’t film another teams practice, steal their signals, you don’t win superbowls.”……

    Bill Belicheck

  7. This has been out there as a possibility since it was learned that Pouncey needed hip surgery. Really doubt they just sprung it on him when he showed up to camp.

  8. Pft picks the Fins 2nd to last in the league and the Pats 5th best in the league. Opening day match up…

  9. Yes, this absolutely 100% means he will be the starting center against the Patriots. Nothing will change during training camp. If a player doesn’t start the first day of camp, he won’t start during the season. Or ever. Undeniably this is all truth and unarguable. Thank you for blessing us with your insight.

  10. So, a guy who got cut by the Rams — whose OL is/was among the worst in the league — is now going to start for the Dolphins. Out of position.

    Yeah, that should work out.

  11. As someone who played D1 collegiant football there is going to be a tremendous learning curve this guy will have. First and most important is playing a position that requires the snapping of the ball. Most D lineman play on the side of the hand being snapped because, unlike guard,the first hand motion is not up it is back which places the center at a disadvantage. But hey a lot of guards play center. I assume that is what Miami is thinking. As a Dolfan I was screaming they should have taken a G/C in the draft because Pouncey was a pending free agent. But what do I know, I am just a fan.

  12. Being a Rams fan I can tell you Fins fans you better hope he improves wherever he ends up playing. Guy was terrible and is a back-up at best.

  13. Sensationalize much? I gotta admit you guys know how to get those hits. For all you morons that believe the Dolphins have solidified their starting lineup as the first day of training camp will also most likely believe that the Dolphins should have been ranked 31st in the league and will be there when the year is over. May I just add it would most likely be beneficial to have someone other than Garner comfortable taking snaps in case (although it is a very slim chance) that someone actually gets hurt in an NFL practice or game. All the while maybe just maybe trying this out without having to sign someone else? So doing this at the beginning of camp is somehow worse that doing it right before the season starts?

  14. Well it wasn’t all that long ago that Mike Pouncey had never snapped either. He spent his entire career at guard next to his twin brother Markice before Markice left Florida early to go pro. The Gators moved Mike over to center for one season and that’s where he’s been the last couple of years.

  15. PFT and all the Haters- you are clearly a bunch of 13 year Old Gossip Girls! The Dolphins have Garner and Brenner at Center, so on Day one they try a few people at different positions and suddenly everything is in Stone. I am not too worried… We had literally the worst OLine in Team History and missing 2 starting WRs and still beat the Patriots, Jets, Colts, Bengals, Steelers and Chargers. I have an idea… Let’s actually play the Games and see what happens.

  16. You know who else had never snapped a football in the NFL before? Every rookie center in NFL history and I think plenty of them worked out just fine.

    What’s the next story? Dolphins replacing Clabo with a guy who’s never blocked?

  17. if the Fins O-Line isn’t any better than last year’s line, funeral services for Ryan Tannehill will be held in December at No Life Stadium.

  18. The dolphins are a sorry, pitiful excuse of a football team. I don’t think they even have one player drafted in any fantasy leagues. the dolphin with the most fantasy points is Cameron Wake. they couldn’t cross the goal line if they had a clear path. scoring 7 points in the last eight qtrs of last season is nothing but a pure motivation problem. And a lack of desire.

  19. leave it to PFT to always find a negative article to post on welll… PFT. Did they ever think this guy will start the season? Ever consider it a poke/nudge to make Brenner earn the job???

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