Eagles excuse Keelan Johnson from camp after arrest

When Riley Cooper made headlines for a videotaped racial slur just before camp last year, the Eagles sent him away for a few days until things cooled down.

They’re likewise parking safety Keelan Johnson.

The team announced that they have excused Johnson “for an undetermined amount of time as he tends to matters related to his arrest in Arizona last weekend.”

Johnson met with coach Chip Kelly, and is still on the roster, and the team’s not saying anything else.

Johnson was arrested in Arizona for assaulting a police officer.

23 responses to “Eagles excuse Keelan Johnson from camp after arrest

  1. How can you assault a police officer while “passively resisting arrest”??? I read the word assault and immediately picture the worst possible scenario. Not saying what he did was fine, but I wish in all these cases I knew exactly what “assault” was referring to.

  2. What an idiot. Assaulting a cop? I would’ve cut him. What a bird brain.


    Says the Ravens fan…I wonder what your thoughts are on Ray Rice…

    Read the story. His “assault” is a crock of poo. Theyre throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. If ANYONE pushes me for no reason whatsoever, Im pushing back.

  3. When you’re making millions of dollars a year, just stay home. If you must go out, have dinner with your accountant.

  4. I have no idea who Keelan is and I do not support the Eagles, but this whole arrest seems like a huge stretch to me. District Attorney should do the right thing, dismiss it, and let this guy get back to trying to make a living.

  5. You can assault an officer, AND passively resist arrest, to those who ask that question.

    Did you know you don’t even have to hit anyone to “assault” them? The cop just has to show he was in apprehension of an imminent harmful offensive contact. And that’s in the eye of the officer. So, very easy to catch an assault charge if your aren’t cooperative in a run in with police.

    And then, the assault, you can passively resist arrest later. There it is- both.

  6. Its not a matter of liking the Eagles or not, its the fact that the person responsible for handing out fines and suspensions (like 4 games for smoking weed, or 6 games for interfering in the specimen handling process) is the same person that is handing out 2 game suspensions for punching/choking out or whatever Ray Rice did to his wife.

    These clowns on here try to ‘kick the Eagles when they’re down” but this kid wouldn’t have made the team anyway.

    Before we bash the Eagles fan base again for throwing snowballs at Santa (when 95% of the people commenting on here, never seen the game or know exactly what happened), lets talk about what else happens in other stadiums throughout the league.

    Buffalo Bills last year- fan slides down railing and falls over 50ft onto other spectators

    Baltimore Ravens last year- fan attempting to commit suicide from jumping from 2nd level, also 5 players arrested in the past 5 years.

    Oakland Raiders/49ers – stabbings/fights throughout the stadium and parking lots

    Houston Texans – fans following Matt Schaub home, harassing his family, taking photos of his home from the driveway

    PLEASE JUST STOP…the NFL is going exactly where Roger wants it to go.

  7. @nyeagles10…can you please explain to me (an eagles fan) who exactly this depth that you see consists of? are you being funny?

  8. If you pull your arm away from a cop too hard, they’ll give you assault and resisting arrest all because of 1 motion. Merica

  9. Legally, assault is anything that put someone in fear of being battered (hence the distinction between assault and battery). That could include verbal threats, threatening body movements, or anything else that would make a reasonable person believe that a physical altercation was imminent.

  10. stevenray72 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 12:26 PM
    This is why the Eagles have won a totol of zero superbowls. Zero character!
    Kind of like yourself!

  11. Uh eagleswoot, evidently this dude is as bright as you are; which is WHY he’s facing the charge! When the guy pushing you is wearing or carrying a badge, pushing back IS assault and you’ll be BOTH charged AND found guilty.

    Nice to see that the Beagles are the same old mess they’ve always been. Although I WILL give Kelly credit for finally shipping the dog killer out.

  12. Really, the approach police typically take is to pile on as many charges as they can think of, which can add up to many, many years even for a relatively minor offense, and eventually most of them get thrown out or are discarded in the plea deals.

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