EverBank extends Jacksonville naming rights deal through 2024

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As the Jaguars prepare to unveil gigantic new video boards, they’re renewing their vows with an existing sponsor.

Via the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars will announce on Friday a deal with EverBank that will keep the financial institution’s name on the stadium where the team plays through 2024.

Technically, it’s a 10-year extension to the five-year, $16.6 million contract signed in 2010.  The average value of the new deal is expected to exceed the $3.32 million per year average of the current contract.

It’ll possibly need to go up a lot for the Jaguars to see a net gain.  Jacksonville agreed to sacrifice its right to 25 percent of the money under the first contract.  The Jaguars will have to negotiate that term all over again in the new deal.

The Jaguars quietly have surged in the local market since the sale of the team from Wayne Weaver to Shad Khan.  Rumors of relocation have subsided if not disappeared, even though the team currently plays one game per year in London.  Ticket sales are up, the team is improving, and a solid front office and coaching staff are in place, with Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley leading the way.

Throw in a weak AFC South, and the Jags could make a run at their first playoff berth since 2007.

23 responses to “EverBank extends Jacksonville naming rights deal through 2024

  1. That is the NFL’s problem, having the Jags play one game a year in London. If you wanna broaden the Brand, spark the interest no way you give the people overseas a yearly look at the Jags…..sheesh!


  2. As the team improves, and the fan base continues to strengthen….there will still be rumors about LA and London..Jaguars fans darkest days are behind us. The NFL wants teams in larger markets, but Jacksonville is not the weak link anymore. Good stadium, good owner, increasing revenue. Goodell needs to look elsewhere.

  3. 1) If the rumors of relocation have subsided, then why do YOU consistently list them as candidates to move?

    2) What is your obsession with the Jags, saying they are poised for a playoff run, but giving teams who clearly have more talent (Miami, Buffalo, Minnesota) no credit or chance whatsoever?

    Love your site, but par for the course, another article I wholeheartedly disagree with. But that’s the beauty of the internet.

  4. Good news for Jags fans. Sorry billswillnevermove, but LA and London ain’t going to happen – at least not to the Jaguars.

  5. I just read a positive Jags article written by Florio??? So obviously today is opposite day. 😉

  6. Ps… In your own comment, the fact that you said YOU CONSISTENTLY LIST THEM TO MOVE automatically negates this alleged obsession… Jags haven’t been a candidate to move ever. The media made that up because they felt like it. Neither owner ever wanted to move the team and they haven’t had a blackout in years.

  7. There has to be small markets in the NFL, unless you want to shrink to 20 teams. Let’s just call them smaller markets, because they are still pretty big.

  8. Except… the team hasn’t sold out in years (and won’t for a single game this year), they really haven’t improved at all (the Vegas over/under for wins for them is 4.5, the lowest in the league), and Khan would move the franchise to London in a blink of an eye if given the opportunity. The value of his franchise would more than double, rendering any money he spent on the team or Everbank Field insignificant. Other than that, spot on, Florio.

  9. @marvin120
    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about!! The Jags have sold out games. I should know, I am season ticket holder and have been to every game for the last 8 years!! How about doing some research before you type something!!

  10. Except they’ve sold out every game since 2009…..don’t let facts get in the way. By the way, Khan has spent a ton of his own money on the facility and is going to be developing land adjacent to the stadium as well.

    Khan is ensuring the Jags suceed—in Jacksonville.

  11. What do people get out of posting purely unfactual stuff like that anyway? What joy do they get in displaying raw ignorance in “haven’t sold out a game in years…” This is just so weird, to choose to display willful ignorance.

  12. To all those voting down my comment above laughing at the thought of the Jags making a playoff run this year, note the odds of the Jaguars making the Super Bowl:

    “The Jaguars, at 200-1, are the longest shot on the board at Caesars — and it’s not close. To wit: every other club has odds of 75-1 or lower.”

  13. Wait a second toolfan74 and natedoggpd— the Jags HAVEN’T had a sellout in years, you guys are just wrong. They HAVEN’T HAD ANY BLACKOUTS the last few years, which is a very different thing. If you’ve attended the games, as I have SINCE THE FRANCHISE’S INCEPTION (section 223), you’d know this. Before insulting my factually correct post, learn the facts.

  14. The guy who says “they’ve sold out every game since 2009” accuses ME of willful ignorance. Too funny. This is the fan base we have folks, no accountability–the team’s terrible yet most people are happy with the direction– and not much intelligence. *sigh* The same people who were saying “in Gene we Trust” a few short years ago are now so, so convinced in their little hearts that Dave Caldwell is doing a good job. Record/facts (see: Vegas) be damned. It’s sad, really.

  15. No marvin120 you sir are wrong!! I never said every game sold out, but we have had some sellouts. There was a Pats game that sold out and I know a few others as well. By the way, section 215!!

  16. You know for a season ticket holder since the inception, you are really down on the team marvin120. Why don’t you show some support and realize that David Caldwell and Gus are doing a good job rebuilding this team!!

  17. Throw in a weak AFC South, and the Jags could make a run at their first playoff berth since 2007.
    Did Florio really just type that? Pretty generous, considering there was an article scoffing at the Jets’ chances of making the playoffs when they went 8-8 with minimal offensive talent. Even in a weak division, it’s farfetched for a team starting Henne or Bortles at QB with a weak/green receiving corps to make the playoffs. The Titans are far more likely to win the division than the Jags. Gus Bradley’s a great coach, though, so maybe they can at least beat Houston for 3rd place despite worse talent.

  18. I’d like to see results toolfan, meaning wins on the field. Most of my friends are taking a “we’re going to be terrible this year, but it’s ok” attitude to this season and it makes me mad. I invest too much time and money, I want results!! We were $27 mil under the cap last year… gonna be way, way below again this year. Love the changes to the stadium, but I want a winner! I don’t buy the “you have to be terrible to be good” line of thinking… then why do the same teams (Jags among them) pick at the top of the draft every year? When was the last time the Steelers had a top-5 pick? Why don’t they ever have to “bottom out” for a few YEARS? Frankly toolfan, I’m tired of being patient and encouraging. As paying fans we deserve better than what the team has been giving us the last few years and, unfortunately, what they’re going to give us this year. The positivity… I’m just not seeing it. The defense should be better this year, but the offense is going to be unwatchably bad AGAIN. Henne, Gerhart, Shorts… if those are your 3 best offensive players, you have the league’s worst offense. Ahhhh… anyway, I’m just worn down from the losing. Hopefully they’ll turn it around soon. And no sir, I’m afraid we haven’t had any sellouts. Wish I was wrong.

  19. They have, and I can think of the bears, pats, and others off the top of my head. Regardless, that is not the real point here, which is that it is often reported that the Jags have games blacked out, which they do not. Quoting Vegas on stuff is woefully lame as a measure of anything, as that can and will change several times until the season starts, and even then is meaningless, the same as strength of schedule is. It is ridiculous to have this “spend a ton of money on FA” is also stupid. Finally, the whining about “I demand results NOW!” Is pathetic. Suck it up, shut up, and be a loyal fan. Or, conversely, be like a Heat fan and ride someone’s bandwagon.

  20. @Marvin, you have losing fatigue, and that is understandable. But, the reality is that the Jags became as an expansion team when Khan bought the team, and then Gus and Dave …I doubt that your friends are really ok with losing, but throwing money at free agents isn’t always the way….and while you are technically correct that we haven’t had sellouts, please look at the progress being made this year..The point is, the owner has made a commitment to Jacksonville, and the new regime has made positive changes.

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