It seems Mike Shanahan didn’t have fun in Washington


For a guy who went 24-40 in his last job, including a 3-13 dumpster fire which included alienating the franchise quarterback, Mike Shanahan is kind of picky.

The former Redskins coach told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that he wanted to coach again, but only if things are just right.

“If I get back into coaching, it would have to be a situation where there was a realistic opportunity to win a Super Bowl,” Shanahan said.

Beyond that shot, Shanahan’s thoughts for future employment shines some light on how dysfunctional things might have been with the Redskins.

Asked about quarterback Robert Griffin III, he said: “I’m not going down that road. I’m going to let that play itself out. We’ll see as time goes on.”

He also said he’d like a team with salary cap room, which is something he didn’t enjoy in Washington thanks to their penalty for circumventing the salary cap in 2010.

“It would have to be with the right ownership,” Shanahan added, a not-at-all-veiled shot at his old boss Dan Snyder.

He also mentioned working for Pat Bowlen, who fired him from the Broncos in 2008, saying: “He let you do your job. Every resource that he had, he’d give it to you.”

When he puts it like that, it’s almost like things in Washington last year were exactly as bad as they looked from the outside.

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  1. “If I get back into coaching, it would have to be a situation where there was a realistic opportunity to win a Super Bowl,” Shanahan said….. about the team HE put together….. *smh

  2. Asked about quarterback Robert Griffin III, he said: “I’m not going down that road. I’m going to let that play itself out. We’ll see as time goes on.”

    In the battle of passive-aggressiveness with RGIII, I think Shanahan just landed a big left hook.

  3. Shanahan had full personnel control. You can use all caps. Or I will. FULL PERSONNEL CONTROL. He drafted Robert Griffin III, mortgaging the future to do so. He played Griffin when he shouldn’t have. He needs to own up to not being much of a head coach without a Hall Of Fame quarterback in place. He hasn’t done a damn thing of note since John Elway retired and the NFL is very much about what you’ve done lately, as in five minutes ago or less. The next owner who hires Mike Shanahan deserves what they are going to get.

  4. Who cares what this guy thinks, I’m guessing there will be news about Cowher’s interest in coaching again as well.


  5. The Redskins made a big mistake in not moving their training camp to the Greenbrier when Jim Justice approached them a year ago. Watch how the SAINTS make marketing gold out of this three-year opportunity!

  6. sorry Mike, but nobody wants to deal with a bitter, overrated has- been.. you’re finished, just go away

  7. Coach who has had success everywhere he goes (except the **dysfunctional spot he was last season) vs. 3rd yr QB… Not even close who has more clout.

    That was a VERY poorly performing division that the skins topped in 2012. Time will indeed tell on RG3. Did shannahan pull the trigger on that trade or was it snyder? That’s a big question, considering that unless RG3 becomes Peyton Manning it was one of the worst trades I have ever seen…

    **- CURRENTLY dysfunctional, skins fans. Yes yes yes, I know I know. You won lots of superbowls 20+ yrs ago that the eagles didn’t win, gotcha. Just talking about the 3-13 team that saw STL take the 2nd pick bounty for it.

  8. “Every resource that he had, he’d give it to you.”

    Dan Snyder gave you:

    1. Full control over the draft,

    2. Full control over free agency,

    3. Full control over your assistants,

    4. A new practice bubble,

    5. A new training camp facility in Richmond,

    6. Among the most promising young QB’s in decades.

    7. $35 million in salary

    He also just sat there and watched you send Rex Grossman and John Beck out on to the field as your “quarterbacks” during the 2011 season.

    Yeah, were really dealt a bad hand, weren’t you?

  9. HELLO! This guy staked his reputation on Rex Grossman and John freaking Beck!

    AND allowed his son to act like HOF coach lording over his QB’s.

    Traded for McNabb. Drafted some hits and complete nobodies. 3rd pick J. Leribeus who never put a uniform on.

    What’s his record without Elway??? Please!!!!!!!!

  10. Shanahan still drinking that bitter juice. He should have reassigned his son and let someone else call plays, he might still be coaching in DC.

  11. In other words, Mike Shanahan has officially retired because there is no way that any team could have a realistic shot at winning the superbowl with Shanahan at the helm.

  12. Mike Shanarat …..errrr Shanahan has done bupkis since Elway retired.

    Don’t let that door hit you in the rear…

  13. The sooner Redskin fans realize that Chief Halfman Snyder is the problem the saner they will be. Since becoming owner 20 years ago the team has accomplished nothing and he has gone threw a myriad of coaches and GM’s. He always says he is changing but never does. He is a meddler ,egotistical and just a bad owner to have.

  14. Snyder may be a successful businessman, but it’s clear he is a poor leader and an even worse decision maker.

    I think it’s also clear that Shanahan had to deal with Snyder’s decision making more than he would have liked to but as others have pointed out the man had a pretty sweet situation.

    Pretty tough to throw people under the bus when you are driving the bus, designed the bus, and paved the road.

  15. It’s his own fault. Can you spelled, “Washed up”?

    I think this comment is full of ironic humor.

    It’s funny how some coaches relish the idea of building a team to win a Super bowl and some want to come in and coach a candy coated miracle.

  16. Not a Mike Shanahan fan, but nothing is going to change in Washington until DannyBoy is gone. Starts at the top.

  17. So he’s a ‘ QB Game Manager’ coach. He needs everything to be in place so HE can win.

    That makes him a nobody who got lucky for having that one owner, one QB, that one RB and everything else falling into place so HE could win in Denver.

  18. ShanO’rat can say what he wants and blame who he wants, but going 3-13 is on him!
    He wants the Goldie locks team the next time he allows a team to hire him? Oh sir shanO’rat, king of the delusional, leader of mice, and lord of morons, GET OVER YOURSELF!

  19. Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks. He also had three different starting running backs. None of those quarterbacks are in the Hall of Fame and aren’t even worthy considerations.

    According to Gibbs, when the team lost it was his fault. When it won, everyone else deserved the praise except for him. Including Dan Snyder. Three Super Bowls wins in 10 years. And played in a fourth. During his second stint, he took the team to the playoffs two of the four years. One of which, they rolled off about five straight to finish the season after Sean Taylor was tragically murdered.

    As for Shanahan, failures are everybody else’s fault. Victories are all about him. No small wonder his players don’t respond. Good riddance.

  20. Full personnel control or not on paper. It’s obvious he didn’t want to draft RG3. Coaches stuck behind the people they draft because of pride. And he was quick to make a change. Even after the season was tanked.

  21. When Shanahan was hired by the Redskins, I told friends around here in DC who are Redskins fans that this was going to end badly. (I’m a Broncos fan, so I watched a LOT of post-Elway mediocrity from him over the years). They all said I was wrong, he’s a two-time Super Bowl winner, the team will flourish under him…

    …Sorry guys. I won’t claim to be smart, but I sure called this one right. Somewhere, Jim Zorn is owed an apology- maybe he wasn’t as huge of a part of the problem after all.

  22. He did some good things (ran Fat Albert out of town), he did some bad things. As was the case in Denver, personnel decisions were his downfall. Too many draft misses (a 3rd rounder who was never even active on gameday), and just plain bad player choices (John Beck). He had total control, so he has no one to blame but himself. I doubt we will see him coach again.

  23. Shanahan put his name, reputation, and system ahead of the team. Good players win games, not systems.

    One “ulterior” motive Shanahan had was to land his son a head coaching job, that was obvious.

  24. thefootballgodssay says: Jul 25, 2014 10:10 AM

    remember when localvoice said mike s is the best coach in the nfl lololol
    Yep, don’t here much out of loco anymore, lol.

  25. Love the R-words fans backpedalling on Shanny now. Hey, remember the “Shanaplan”? How’d that work out? Funny stuff.

  26. “dragonflypack says:Jul 25, 2014 10:08 AM

    Now I’m worried about his son screwing it up for Johnny Football. Like father like son……..”

    I have a feeling Johnny Football will screw it up all by himself.

  27. I think Shanny stinks but Danny boy is the real problem. I have a friend who lives in DC area and coaches youth football. He had a camp and L.Arrington came to work with the kids. My friend told me all this crap about RG3 that Lavar told him about. RG3 is all about himself. And is nothing but a premadona

  28. All I wanted him to do is build it and get fired. He’s good at putting pieced in place but he’s too much of a control freak to humble himself for the betterment of the team to win on a perennial playoff/ contend for a Super Bowl Level. He did exactly what I wanted, draft a franchise QB, find a good young RB which is his specialty, get the next Chris Samuels or better, which he did in LT Trent Williams, get 2 bookend pass rushers, get a good young CB, and 2 young safeties, find a kicker, clear the cap somehow, someway by any means necessary. Now let someone else come in and right the ship he built.

  29. He did NOT have full personnel control. That’s why McNabb was traded for, and then he benched him in the middle of a game right after. He also didn’t want to draft RG3..

  30. It is hard to be a Skins fan, I admit that. Our owner is a tool, we have been snake bitten since the last glory period. But, I stick with them because I am a fan. I don’t know about RGIII – he certainly has the potential. I wish he would focus less on taking shots at Shanny and move forward. Only time will tell. Honestly, I think the Skins and Eagles will fight it out for the division but who knows.

    Shanny is a rich, bitter old man. Let’s see what his baby boy will do with a bigger diva than RGIII in Cleveland – where snake bites are much more prevalent. HTTR

  31. Ha! I love reading these comments on how Shanahan had ALL the power. Do you people realize who the owner is? To the media, yeah he had full control. Behind closed doors, who do you really think had control? That is like saying anybody other than Jerry Jones has any control in Dallas. I am not saying that Shanahan isn’t deserving of some of the blame, but come on.

  32. If you don’t follow the Skins you probably have no idea the mess and dysfunction Shanahan dealt with. His first season in charge he inherited a team with few picks in the upcoming draft. That was also the year the CBA was expiring so there was limited FA with only older guys with 8+ yrs in the league. They traded all over the draft board and ended up with something like 12 picks that helped with depth and special teams but did not add a lot of talent. The next offseason was the lockout. Followed by two more messed up off-seasons of cap penalties that severely limited any chance of upgrading the roster and that you can’t blame on him. Add in the fact that the owner has ALWAYS been a world class jock sniffer and had a man crush on RGIII that completely undermined his authority with the QB. The players had no problems with Shanahan and like playing for him. Except for one. If RGIII was really Shanahan’s choice he never would have taken K. Cousins in the same draft.

  33. A team might have a ‘realistic shot at the Super Bowl’, UNTIL this current version of Shanahan got his hands on them. Let’s be honest; the guy is no longer a competent coach. It happens to us all – it’s just time to take the car keys away from Grandpa.

  34. We Charger fans wish he was still the Denver coach…because Peyton wouldn’t be there, he’s too smart for that.

  35. It’s very clear now that Griffin was the choice of the team’s ownership and not Shanahan. That arrangement created tension.

    On one hand it’s Snyder’s team to do what he wants but on the other hand, Shanahan is a super bowl winning coach. They are heavily invested in Griffin and he didn’t want Shanahan as coach I’m convinced.

  36. Not a surprise here, Shanahan should have known Dan Snyder was a bad owner long before he took the job. You took his money now don’t look back.

  37. Whenever Mike Shanahan gets through Daniel Snyder gave him $35 million on reputation and gave him everything he asked for after the head coaching interview. How the hell that’s a bad owner is beyond me. Brady is close with Bob Kraft, Peyton was close to Irsay, Elway is close to Bowlen, so what he reportedly had Thanksgiving with RG3. The bottom line was he didn’t earn an extension and got fired from his job. He can spin at however he wants. Every player did what he wanted. RG3 rushed back and played hurt for him, Bruce Allen got who he wanted, however he wanted the deal to go down. From Haslett, to RG3, to multiple either players this change was needed. But the wildest thing about it all is McNabb called it. Say what we want to say about Donovan McNabb but he called that.

  38. To piggyback on what kool said……. Mike’s time had passed. His offense struggled with simple things like getting the play to the QB. We’ve had countless delay of game calls or had to burn a timeout too many times. As a lifelong Redskin fan I understand the Snyder venom (due to his constant meddling), but not this time. Shanahan had control of this team. Snyder stayed out of Mike’s way. It was Mike, not Danny who hired a longtime 4-3 DC to run a 3-4. It was Mike, not Danny, who hyped up the dynamic duo known as Beck and Rex.

    That being said, Griffin is not off the hook. He had a mediocre season, by any standard. He must make better decisions. He was just off last year. I believe it was the missed preseason, injury/brace, Mike, Ds having a year to study the pistol. In that order.

  39. Ummm it was Shanahan who had full control in Washington..hello???? He is the one who messed up and got the cap sanction penalties on the team and call Snyder what ya want but let’s be fair here…one thing he does as an owner and well known for is spending crazy money for players and doing whatever is requestdd to try and win…The Shanny is ridiculous. ..and full of it…

  40. If RG3 didn’t get hurt in 2012 the Redskins would have been in the NFC Championship game at the very least. The Skins were up 14-0 in that playoff game vs Seattle til RG3 got hurt even worse when he fully tore his acl/mcl/lcl. RG3 wasn’t fully healed all of 2013. Skins will be fine and NFC East Champions in 2014. Book it…

  41. Mike has a point, he was sure handicapped in what he could do from the salary standpoint. Mike made some good personnel moves.

    He also traded for McNabb, thought Beck and Grossman were NFL QB’s, micro manged his DC and wasn’t a great motivator.

    The first year will be very interesting as Jay gruden is basically coaching mike’s team that went 3-13. If they improve a lot, then the coaching change will prove to be the biggest improvement of the season.

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