Manziel says he’s “on the same page” with Browns, admits “rookie mistakes”


As he begins his first NFL training camp after an offseason filled with chatter about his off-field habits, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel admitted Friday he has made some “rookie mistakes” early in his pro career.

However, the Browns’ first-round pick also made it clear he doesn’t see a problem having a good time once in a while.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me going out and having a nightlife and having a social life,” Manziel said at a press conference. “I mean, I am 21 years old, and I do like going out.

“It was the offseason. It’s free time for us, and if I want to go out and hang out with my friends or go to nightclubs or do things like that, then I think that’s within my rights to being doing that, and I think there’s other guys throughout the league that are going that. And I’m not trying to compare myself to anybody else, but I think that’s within my rights to be doing that.”

While not specifically addressing what he considered to be missteps, Manziel noted he had communicated with coach Mike Pettine and G.M. Ray Farmer and that all was well entering camp.

“Me and Coach Pettine and Ray Farmer have really talked about a lot of things that have transpired over the course of the offseason, and for me, my main thing is, people within this building, my teammates, coaching staff, the higher-ups in this organization, we’ve all been on the same page, we’ve all been good, and very eager to be moving forward,” Manziel said.

Of his “rookie mistakes,” Manziel said: “There’s some things I wish I could have gone back and done a little differently, but (I’m) continuing to move forward and try to represent this organization and this team in a positive manner and in a positive light.”

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner added he was “just very excited to be back in camp, when it’s football 24-7. That’s what I love doing, that’s what I live for, and it’s what my job is.”

As to be expected, Manziel was asked early in his press conference about the controversial photo of him appearing to roll a dollar bill.

“I’ve talked about that with Coach Pettine,” Manziel said. “I’ve talked about it with Ray Farmer and the people that I need to talk about that with. And moving forward, they’re good with everything, and I’ve told them everything that I need to, and everything’s been good.”

Manziel’s remarks came on the same day that the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported some in the Browns’ organization were “alarmed” by a few of the rookie quarterback’s off-field actions in the offseason.

The Browns’ first training camp practice is Saturday.

109 responses to “Manziel says he’s “on the same page” with Browns, admits “rookie mistakes”

  1. “He then asked the reporters if any of them had a 20 dollar bill on them. Or any bill, really. He just needed something small and roll-able. “

  2. never seen someone have to damage control even before they start training camp…. let alone without the police involved

  3. This guy doesn’t get it. Look at all the successful rookie QB’s over the past few years. How many behave like this guy?

    He wants to be a celebrity, not a football player.

  4. Rookie mistakes are made on the field

    So far, he has just made stupid mistakes. The whole “he’s young” thing is running a bit thin, when he’s already seen his draft stock tumble (and with that, his paycheck) because of these same issues, and apparently learned nothing yet

    I hope he gets it together, because I do really like his game, but he’s not good enough that he should be worrying about having a good time right now. He should be worrying about getting better as a QB

  5. How many times has this self-entitled little brat invoked his age as his ‘defense’ of the stupid things he did? He was doing that a year ago too. Yeah, you’re only 21 years old but you’ve got a multi-million-dollar-per-year job, you little punk. Looks like he’s got some more burrowing to do before he ultimately hits bottom and either starts to figure it out or disappears into the wilderness.

  6. “There’s some things I wish I could have gone back and done a little differently”

    Yeah, like using a pipe instead of a dollar bill. Um, checking for cameras in nightclub bathrooms, how about using better disguises… hanging with Selena instead of Bieber…did I miss anything?

  7. Leave the kid alone. He’s going to prove that he can party AND play. He’ll be starting before the season is over. (Not a Browns fan)

  8. “I think that’s within my rights to being doing that, and I think there’s other guys throughout the league that are going that.” Either he lacks the ability to produce coherent sentences or the writer really sucks

  9. The good thing about Johnny is that when he takes a snap, the defense has no idea where he will be and what he will do.

    The bad thing about Johnny is, that neither will his teammates.

    Can anyone explain why the NFL is afraid to drug test Johnny?

  10. Meanwhile. few other rookies and no other QBs have made anything close to these “mistakes”

    Sounds like Johnny did not learn anything from his draft night fall. He was lucky Haslem was star-struck or he would have been sitting another day.

  11. So his “mistakes” consist of partying. Oh my there’s a headline, 21 Year Old Likes to Party. Please note he was not arrested, he was not questioned by police for anything and no one was physically injured. What is the problem again?

  12. What has he really done wrong? Going out too much? Getting his picture taken too much? Lol. C’mon people, get some perspective. He’s done literally nothing wrong. If he gets it done on the field people will love him for his partying ways, like Gronk. If he doesn’t, they’ll hate him & blame his partying ways.

  13. We were all 21 and didn’t “get it”. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t ‘get’ yet. Hopefully the puppy matures into a big dog quick or by the time he does “get it” its gone.

  14. It’s getting close to training camp. Time to get you head on straight. Made rookie mistakes but my mind is own straight now. I’m ready to be the starter. For at least one year and 4 wins before being dropped like a hot potato. It’s Cleveland!

  15. When your “rookie mistakes” occur before training camp even starts, something isn’t right.

  16. The partying is one thing. What I would be concerned about is whether he is putting the time in to be the best pro QB he can be. You have to be dilligent in your preparation and he is anything but dilligent.

  17. It never dawned on me that a sport that’s played on Sundays had so many pious fans…unless this really is a religion…Goodell is a pope, the owners are cardinals and QBs are priests. Epiphany for me!

  18. Wait till he’s in a game! It’s going to be brutal, so many of these defensive players want to clobber him, break him in half, he’s not going to last long. He should be working on that wretched physique and build some strength because they are going to be gunning for him for sure.

  19. Check the pic … Johnny Goofball. Only a picture a mother could love.

    If they start him in week one he might as well have a piece of bloody meat tied around his neck when he tries that running in circles college scat back stuff.

    The better D Ends will be come off the edge tearing after him with ears pinned back.

  20. Not defending this guy but what are they classifying as mistakes? Has he been late for camp? Is he doing anything illegal? What mistakes has he made other than appearing to be a complete fool. It seems his mistake is not falling into the mold the Browns want him to fit in. He has a posey, hanger on leeches, butt kissers, and soon a baby mama or two if he is not careful. Pretty standard fare for a not too bright football player who lives on another world. Cleveland can’t catch a brake can they?

  21. His non answer to the rolled bill question is worrisome. A simple one sentence logical explanation would’ve quieted all the questions. By not answering it I can only think he was doing exactly what we all think he was.

  22. @ politicallyincorrect “I’d say hanging out with Justine Bieber far exceeds what would be considered a rookie mistake”

    Justin Beiber throws parties 5 nights a week, that get crazier than anything youve ever heard of, which are packed with girls and which get shut down by police every night. So big people like Drake and Mayweather show up.
    Go read the news on the last one he had and what was going on.

    These are bigger and better parties than you have ever seen. Even if you went to college, you were not invited to these.
    The guy is a singer and uses that to make money for a large living.

    Your the one who is unamerican.
    I swear this board is full of complete squares.

  23. “Rookie mistakes” are when you force the ball into double coverage for an INT…not when you’re busted with a dollar bill up your nose.

  24. Enjoy your time Manziel as you simply don’t have the talent to be a top QB in the NFL. This will be apparent to everyone very soon.

  25. I’m just wondering if he used a “C Note” like you’re supposed to or was the cheapskate using a one dollar bill like reported ?

  26. You’re the QB. You’re will always be treated differently than everyone else. How the hell hasn’t he learned that by now. He is a Tebowesque distraction.

  27. Huge difference between Manziel and Tebow. Manziel parties in Vegas when he’s suppose to be working on his craft, while Tebow works on his craft while he could be partying in Vegas.

  28. Yet another case of Johnny Manziel not taking responsibility in his life.

    “I mean, I’m 21 years old.”
    “I made some rookie mistakes”

  29. He referred to a couple rookie mistakes but he never once said he won’t continue to do what he did. In fact he defended it. He isn’t sorry for anything he just expects to do whatever he wants and everyone else be ok with it. It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission is this guy’s motto.

    The organization SHOULD be alarmed… alarmed at the player they drafted as well as alarmed at whoever the decision maker was that pulled the trigger on this guy…

  30. Even if he turns out to be a total bust, he’ll still have his guaranteed salary, and go back to his real job of being the spoiled son of a Texas oil baron – and have lots of football stories to tell his billionaire buddies for the rest of his life. So he’s going to have as much fun as he can, without having to worry about any consequences.

  31. Firstly, what happened to the I’ll never change attitude, lol?

    Secondly, and more alarmingly, is his lack of response regarding the rolled up bill question from the press. If he couldn’t come up with a plausible innocent answer for that one, then it was obviously what everyone thinks it was for. He definitely has a problem, and the Browns are collectively holding their breath.

  32. Lip service. His own brain didn’t realize it. Still doesn’t. He was told to say this. He had to after finally someone with some kind of authority made him say it. Its becoming a bit obvious that Pettine and G.M. didn’t want to waste a 1st rounder but owner made them. Things look bleak in Cleveland. Im pulling for Hoyer. Manziel and his attitude will get tired of and wash out. I mean if you’re type to party in public instead of privately like a smarter person and with Bieber and Floyd? That’s embarassing for anyone associated with the Browns. You can tell alot abput him by hanging out with, lol, Beiber. Plus the Immature picd. Dudes worse than a stripper. He craves attention to feel complete. Poor guy. Deep down, brown fans really hope he can play with big boys or else he’ll hear it. Even Jerry Jones, yes Jerry Jones was smart enough to not draft what will become a bust.

  33. I’m hearing Josh Gordon will only get 4 games due to never failing a drug test, just being late because he was out of the country, then passing. This will get him off, then there is the DWI, which will be reduced to 4 games since he has gone through rehab, he is reaching out for help.

  34. The Pittsburgh Steelers: God’s Team says: Jul 25, 2014 10:15 PM

    Name the last good QB that could “party and play.”

    Kenny Stabler. But this Johnny clown is no Kenny Stabler.

  35. Partying w/ Justin Bieber? He’s dumber than I thought.

    Johnny Goofball is young and wants to party. I understand, but he needs to understand he’s in the public eye and he needs to learn something called moderation. Truthfully, he’s just a stupid kid with too many dollars no sense. He has a lot to learn.

    To think he hasn’t even taken a snap in the pros yet. He’ll be burned out before the season starts.

  36. The Pittsburgh Steelers: God’s Team,

    You should know. He’s been your starter about 10 years now, lol. Or maybe you missed teammates calling out Roethlisberger for his work ethic and partying while you were winning Super Bowls with him.

    That being said, some of you are being a bit idiotic. We’ll see what happens when the bullets start flying. His partying won’t have a thing to do with that unless the infamous dollar bill photo is indicative of something he’s actually doing in his off-time and wasn’t just a bad joke on his part.

  37. Johnny you have your whole life to have a social life but only 10-15 years to play football make the right choice and focus 100% on football or become a bust and living joke like jawalrus Russell….your choice Johnny..

  38. I love the Browns and their fans, but when you hear him say things like “I think that’s within my rights to being doing that”, it raises a red flag to me.

    I hope he grows up soon.

  39. The one part of his comment that sticks out was the Browns told him that he wasnt portraying the Browns in a positive light is one im reading into his comment.

    Well the Browns havent been portraying themselves in a positive light since 1999, with only 2 winning seasons since 99. Their owner is a liar and a crook, their GM bombs his first draft, a head coach that is clueless. Talk about not portraying the Browns in a positive light.

    And these clowns are going to tell he isnt. Gimme a break. Lob them the middle finger Johnny.

  40. I just wonder if these answers he has given about going out etc…did he give those at the combine, too? was he answering 1 on 1 w/ teams that same way? or was he lying and pretending he was someone else for the interview?

  41. Just let Johnny be Johnny. He hasn’t been arrested yet and there is no proof he did anything with that rolled up dollar bill. Plus, he is keeping the Browns in the headlines more often than they have been in years other than the Top 5 draft pick discussions on ESPN and of course the Josh Gordon saga.

    The AFC North

  42. Its getting old listening to the press beat this kid up. Listened to Sapp this morning say he should never go out with friends or to the club. This coming from a guy that slid in the draft cause he couldn.t stop smoking dope. I have no problem with a 21 year old going out and having fun in his down time. Everyone needs a stress outlet. He gets more grief for going to a pool party in Vegas than RBs who beat their wives (you know the great guy), or LBs involved in murdering two kids or a QB who raped two young college girls. This kid is going to be good. The press just needs to leave him alone. The already ran Tebow out of the league and now they have Manziel in their sights.

  43. all signs point to an eventual arrest. I bet he doesn’t try to tell a judge that he is just 21 and blowing off a little steam.
    he’s not smart enough to know people like Justin Bieber are using him for their own limelight.

  44. Pettine, Farmer: Johnny we’re concerned you arent portraying the Cleveland Browns organization in a positive light.

    Johnny: you drafted me to win football games. Im entitled to go out on my free time. I havent broken any laws.

    Pettine, Farmer: we understand that. The pictures have to stop.

    Johnny: i cant help that others want to take pics of me. I have a question for you both. Why didnt you get me any WRs?

    Pettine, Farmer: we both decided that a #1 WR isnt needed to win games in this league.

    Johnny: what did you just say? How do you expect me to win any games with a bunch of #3 and #4s at WR?

    Pettine, Farmer: thats our philosophy.

    Johnny: ok why did you draft me again? I had better WR at Texas A&M than these guys you have on this roster.

  45. Honestly judging him on partying is a bit harsh because most people party or have partied in their life, and with less glamorous circumstances. The flip side I could see is him turning into another Todd Marinovich… Good player who liked to party and took it too far. We’ll see I guess…

  46. If Johnny is successful on the field, no one will care about his partying. Just like Gronk, no one cares he is partying because hes a beast on the field.

    The only ones that will complain about his partying if hes successful are the stick in the muds, the jealous ones, the ones that think he shouldnt have fun and have his nose in the playbook 24-7.

    Neither Hoyer or Johnny will be successful with their joke of a WR corp.

  47. Johnny Screwup needs to understand that being “on the same page’ mens little. There are multiple paragraphs on a page. There are numerous sentences within each paragraph. Sentences often have many words. The way this idiot has behaved even being on the same sentence as the Browns coaching staff may not be sufficient.

    His behavior did not consist of “rookie mistakes,” but errors due to immaturity not related to his age and a sense of entitlement.

    Poor Cleveland. It has long had to endure being called “the mistake on the lake.” Now there is good reason. Johnny Mistake on the Lake. It fits perfectly.

  48. Looks to me like Johnny wanted to be out playing when told not to. Now he comes inside, sees he is behind the other boys, and says he’s sorry, and ready to do his homework. Then says he may want to go out again and to the same thing tomorrow. Johnny may just a spanking here.

  49. I don’t watch college football, so to me Johnny Manziel is just another annoying celebrity.

    Can’t wait for the games to start to see if he can actually play.

  50. To be a success, football season MUST be his sole focus! He’s a rookie, unproven and not even a serviceable pro QB yet. Hoyer spent 4 years under Brady and has learned the value of focus and preparation. If Manziel is going to be anything more than a serviceable QB, he’s going to adopt that kind of attitude. The great ones are meticulous in their focus, preparation and workouts. That is how Brady and Manning and others became what they are! Good luck, Browns.

  51. Mike Zimmer is looking really smart right now. I remember him saying Manziel’s pro day was a “sideshow.” Now Bridgewater is studying while Manziel parties.

  52. How long before Shanahan starts leaking that Johnny can’t read defenses because he doesn’t listen to him? That’s still the strangest hire of all of them for me. I like the Browns talent and thought maybe they did good by clipping Lombardi and Banner to give Farmer a shot and getting Pettine who did pretty well last year in Buffalo, but this is going badly so far. From the inexplicable Haslem interference in the Manziel pick to Manziel’s behavior to the Gordon debacle to Haslem having to payout to avoid the big house to Sammy Watkins already being praised as a potential immediate difference maker, what else can go wrong for this team this off-season?

  53. It seems that while Manziel was out enjoying himself BEFORE PLAYING A DOWN OF FOOTBALL IN THE NFL…Brian Hoyer was laying low, and concentrating on his game and improving the team.

  54. All I can say is that if I were an NFL defensive player I would be licking my chops at the opportunity to hit Manziel repeatedly.

  55. That what you get when born with a silver spoon in your mouth and then someone else gives you a larger one.

    Spoiled brat of the first order.

    Fraternizing with Bieber doesn’t equal common sense by any stretch.

    I hope defensive lineman puts him in his place. It will take more than one though. He has a thick skull.

  56. Rather than “rookie mistakes”, it seems more a continuation of typical behavior for him. I don’t think he even qualifies for having a “pro career” just yet. He should know he’s under the microscope, of course that didn’t stop him in college either. Either he’s not real smart, or has no common sense – either way, they are not great qualities for a quarterback.

  57. I can’t wait to see a big D-end come around his blind side and welcome “johnny football” properly to the nfl.

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