Pounceys sued by three people after alleged incident at nightclub

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Somehow, the Pouncey twins’ birthday party featuring the “Free Hernandez” hats ended up being less eventful than this year’s self-celebration of survival for another 365 days.

Andy Slater of 940 WINZ in Miami has obtained a copy of the civil complaint filed by Riquan James, Brantley Williams, and Niya Pickett against Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey over an incident that allegedly occurred at their 2014 birthday party at the Cameo nightclub in Miami.

James alleges in the lawsuit filed Friday in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County Florida that the Pounceys and their security detail addressed him with “derogatory and homophobic remarks and anti-gay slurs,” and that the Pounceys “began to push and shove” James. When James asked them to stop, Maurkice allegedly “struck James in the face several times” before the Pounceys and their security detail began “to punch, hit and kick James while he was laying in a fetal position.”

Pickett allegedly tried to intervene, but Maurkice “punched her in the face and knocked her unconscious.” (Two-game suspension, anyone?)  Williams was a bystander into whom James and/or Pickett were thrown.

The alleged injuries to James and Pickett include “blunt force trauma to the head, neck, chest and back” and “multiple contusions and bruises over a great extent of their bodies.” Pickett allegedly suffered an eye injury, and James allegedly suffered broken teeth. Williams allegedly suffered “contusions and bruises over the great extent of her body and a laceration to her right leg, which required several stitches.”

The Pounceys have been sued for their own alleged conduct and for the alleged misconduct of their security personnel. The nightclub has been added to the suit, based on the claim that management failed to protect patrons from foreseeable criminal activity.

The Pounceys’ lawyer previously has claimed that there was no altercation with James on the evening in question, and that “[i]f the accuser continues to perpetuate these lies, we will bring an action against him.”

Presumably, surveillance video will go a long way toward confirming or debunking the allegations. Regardless, the presence of two additional plaintiffs means that there will be testimony corroborating James’ version of the events.

75 responses to “Pounceys sued by three people after alleged incident at nightclub

  1. As I said before the dolphins have a dysfunctional organization and the players are suffering from it they are learning from the worse.
    Khalil Mack>Clowney and Barr

  2. How many people does it take to sue the Pounceys? A one, A two, A three!

  3. If these allegations are true I hope neither of these clowns ever play another down and they both lose every penny. Tired of garbage like this.

  4. Idiots u have millions
    Rent out the whole club for private event so this doesnt happen

  5. So … a priest, a rabbi, and the Pouncey Twins walk into a bar …

    The priest and rabbi get the crap knocked out of them.

    The end.

  6. Funny how these three people didn’t contact the police about this matter.


  7. Such a classy pair of guys. Supporting Aaron Hernandez, beating the heck out of people – a woman, no less – in a nightclub… role models, for sure.

    You got some good ones, Steeler and Dolphin fans! Be proud!

  8. The other 188 people in the night club at the time of the incident are merely suffering from the psychological stress of witnessing the incident. Nightmares, fear of crowds, a loss of interest in music, decreased appetite for nacho plates….

  9. That was some hell of a football team Urban Meyer put together in Gainesville. You have Riley the racist Cooper, the punching Pouncey twins and of course our good friend Aaron Hernandez who has killed at least 3 people we know of and most likely at least 1 more while he was at UF. Well done Urban.

  10. What is it with these Florida football players?
    Do the recruit the from street gangs?

  11. As the Steelers arrived to Latrobe for training camp today, Maurkice Pouncey conducted a short gabfest with the local sports media. Surprisingly, no one bothered to ask him about the alleged incident. When are Pittsburgh sports reporters going to start doing their jobs? At least they could do is give the appearance they are objective, unbiased and impartial.

  12. NFL is beginning to be a league full of idiots. So many that would love to have the chance to play. I’m tired of this garbage, making a bad name for the game I love.

  13. Florida breeds this type of behavior. It is the armpit of America. If you have ever spent time there you know what I’m talking about. Just go to the grocery store and watch people fight over their place in line or the gas station. It’s truly sad.

  14. Money hungry scumbags trying to get famous in Miami. I live in the area and all three are well known for being druggies and wanna be celebrities. I hope the Pounceys counter sue or press charges for false allegations. Ask why these three losers didn’t go directly to the hospital or the police and file a complaint!! The druggies didn’t even show to the party until 4 am when they knew they could count on everyone being at the front door leaving.

  15. They would have went to the police right away, had the Pounceys been involved, They skipped that step because, it doesn’t financially benefit them to go after a criminal conviction.

  16. I am a lifelong Steelers fan and I will say that if the surveillance video shows that Maurkice had any involvement in this incident, he should be cut immediately. He obviously doesn’t care about the Rooneys or the fans if so. We’ll take it chances with Cody “ball grabber” Wallace at center.

  17. Watch now! The Pouncey twins are in a white Bronco headed North on I-95, evading the police!

    Seriously, it doesn’t matter if it’s them or other NFL players, can’t you haters on here see that this is a money grab issue??

  18. If only Stephen A. Smith could have gotten his message out to Niya Pickett sooner, she wouldn’t have gotten punched and the NFL won’t have to take out the Iron Fist again.

  19. Kind of makes Suh’s stomp 3 years ago look like a joke in comparison. And people went bat-guano crazy over that one.

  20. Being stupid is in their DNA. They just can’t help themselves. Dumb and dumber!

  21. If this turns out to be just another nuisance suit
    to make a quick buck off, as I suspect it is, I hope
    the judge sentences these three false accusers to
    attend next year’s training camps …
    …. as tackling dummies.

  22. Where’s the police complaint? How about asking that some charges be filed? They went straight for the $$$. Because they threw punches and there’s evidence of that.

    When you don’t have a criminal complaint leg to stand on, go the civil suit route.

    How rich.

  23. Steeler fans remember how you were talking about how despicable the Ravens are for having Ray Rice wear their jersey?

    I ask you now to bring that up again.

  24. Note to the Pounceys – Stay out of the bars, especially on your stupid little birthday! If you can’t behave like adults, then drink alone in your mansions….morons!

  25. isphet, there was video of Suh’s stomp, and of the Rice elevator drag. Where is the video, youtube or otherwise, of the Pouncey beatdown? That would prove this once and for all.

  26. having people like the Pounceys in the league reflects poorly on other players, us fans, and the league itself

    all UMeyer players should have to undergo evaluations prior to being draft eligible

  27. Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. I don’t believe any bit of it, and I think gold diggers suck. There are far too many people trying to make money off someone else instead of working for it themselves.

  28. A lot of people on here persecuting the Pounceys with nothing more than the word of some guys from a bar who refrained from filing a police report. If there were stiches & broken teeth, any reasonably intelligent person would file a police report to insure their lawsuit had merit. At the moment, it looks like an “ambulance chasing” lawyer has attached himself to these fools & is hoping for an out of court settlement (which I predict will never happen).

  29. So Ray Rice is scum and the Pounceys are victims. Like I said before, this site is infested with slack-jawed droolers. Go ahead hit the thumbs down button. wtf do I care about you losers?

  30. sammadison says: Jul 25, 2014 3:52 PM

    That was some hell of a football team Urban Meyer put together in Gainesville. You have Riley the racist Cooper, the punching Pouncey twins and of course our good friend Aaron Hernandez who has killed at least 3 people we know of and most likely at least 1 more while he was at UF. Well done Urban.


    And yet Tim Tebow is the one who can’t get a job. Says it all about the NFL’s priorities, doesn’t it? Play60 doesn’t really mean much when it feels fake and forced.

  31. You’ll miss a season for smoking pot, and serve two games for hitting a woman? This is unbelievable! Violence against women is unacceptable. How many incidences is it going to take for these to PUNKS to go to jail and miss games? COME ON NFL!!!

  32. Clubs like this usually have video…a few years back Julian Edelman was accused of a sexual assault in a club and the video showed that the claims were false. And in that instance the accusers also file a police report.

    Here we have an incident where there are supposed injuries yet no police charges or police reports appear to have been filed in regards to the assault.

    That alone is reason to view the claims with a bit of skepticism. Of course, the Pounceys didn’t show the greatest decision making skills with the Free Hernandez hats so it is entirely possible this is yet another bad decision from them. I think I’ll wait and see how this one plays out before condemning the Pounceys, however.

    Looking at the bigger the plaintiffs should just be happy that Aaron Hernandez wasn’t around to spill a drink on.

  33. The Pouncey brothers have never been arrested for anything. Yes they’ve done some immature stupid things, but we have all been guilty of that at some point. So you trolls preaching about the organizations and the character of the players, take a look at your own favorite team and yourselves. Nothing more disgusting than hypocrits.

    If the tape says they’re guilty, then I’ll stand corrected. You can sue anybody for anything (the old saying; you can sue a ham sandwich for the bread), but that certainly doesn’t mean you will win if you can’t prove the ham sandwich guilty.

  34. If its Like the past they won’t have to be charged or arrested to get twice the suspension that Ray Rice received. Isn’t that right Big Ben? Truth doesn’t really matter to today’s NFL commish.

  35. Riquan,Niya and Brantley. Yep,I’m sure they just stopped in the club for some water and to hear the good music, then the goon football players decided that drinking,eating cake and partying with groupies was getting dull,spied these good folks through the crowd and decided to open a can. So security cleared a lane, the club manager gave the nod of approval and everyone else turned their backs as the pounding commenced.

  36. Well I guess the Pounceys have their own group to corroborate their story. Moreover it would have been smart of the Pounceys to hire a security company with the appropriate insurance that they themselves can now sue for misbehavior or criminal activity. Well perhaps they did but that would be the smart thing to do which is not consistent with behavior the Pounceys have become known for.

  37. Flo, the lawyer,,,or lawest, or maybe lawless. Wheres the beef dude(evidence). Once again you have arrested, adjudicated , and jailed someone who hasn’t been charged with a crime. One would think the Bully scandal,,,that wasn’t a bully scandal would have taught you media types to present some thing more then he said/she said?
    Im sure this is not a contrived incident by the three morons for monetary gain. What ambulance chaser would waste the courts time for that,,,,,?

  38. They needed the Yellow Mega Man to make Ultra Ultra Mega Man.

    Ants in the pants! Ants in the pants!

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