Report: Johnny Manziel’s off-field actions have “alarmed” Browns


At the outset of training camp comes a published report indicating the Browns’ organization is concerned about Johnny Manziel’s offseason off-field activities.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing unnamed sources, reported Friday the Browns were “alarmed” by a few of Manziel’s off-field actions since joining the organization, with the now-infamous dollar bill picture particularly of concern to the club.

Moreover, the Plain Dealer reports that Manziel’s play in OTAs “regressed” as the workouts went on — and that members of the organization believed it could be chalked up to Manziel not being diligent enough in his work.

What’s more, the Plain Dealer, citing sources, reported that some in the organization believed Manziel had “lost ground” in the battle to beat out Brian Hoyer for the starting job.

In more positive news for Manziel, the Plain Dealer reported that Manziel practiced well on Thursday. But it’s clear Manziel’s first professional offseason didn’t exactly go as some in the organization as hoped. Now, it’s on the Browns’ first-round pick to prove any discussion of his off-field habits is much ado about nothing.

But for now, before the games have begun, it is definitely much ado about something — especially when there’s now a report from one of the club’s long-time beat writers indicating there’s concern he wasn’t putting in the necessary time this offseason.

187 responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel’s off-field actions have “alarmed” Browns

  1. Man… I really feel for Browns fans at this point. This is just getting ridiculous… And it’s not like this is anything surprising, we all knew this was what he was in school after all. The Browns knew it the same as every other team did. Haslam and his people have no one to blame but themselves for this- but man, those fans deserve better than this mess.

  2. How can you not see Ryan Leaf in this guy? Better question.. How could the Browns not see it on draft day? Or, maybe they did, but the boss didn’t want to hear it.

  3. As a card-carrying Browns Backer, I hated the Johnny 8-ball pick on draft day and I absolutely detest it now.

  4. Uhh…lol?

    You didnt see this coming a mile away Cleveland?

    I guess thats why its Cleveland though, and why even Jerruh was smart enough to stay away.

    You know its bad for your team when Jerruh is smarter than your GM :p

  5. “Report: Johnny Manziel’s off-field actions have “alarmed” Browns”-You don’t say, being a “head figure”, a “cornerstone of the franchise” only a complete moron would think it’s O.K. to run around and do what you want regardless of what anyone else thinks, you simply can’t-unless you’re a moron!

  6. Do not put any stock into anything Mary Kay reports. She’s horrible. Her ‘unnamed’ sources also said that the signing of Manziel could last til training camp. He was signed about a hour later.

  7. Leaking information to get Manziel to shape up. That being said, he’ll still probably be a bust.

  8. Annndddd they were expecting…what exactly? It’s not like he had a quiet presence in college. If the Brown’s are shocked that he’s out partying and doing the exact same thing he did in college, than they’re dumber than I thought

  9. So they’ve gone from “concerned” to “alarmed”.

    If Jerry Jones had drafted him, Johnny would be referred to as “just a rambunctious scamp”, and that all is well in Cowboys Land.

  10. So, sources say. Has anyone actually heard a Browns executive or coach say something. Good reporting on sources say. now we all know the truth.

  11. Wait… acting like a spoiled doofus off the field can make actual adults question your ability to be a mature and productive player on the field?!?

  12. All the teams passed on him in the first round knew what they were doing. The Browns never do…

  13. I’m not writing this kid off, but if he’s going to make it, much less become a star, he’s going to need to man up–as in grow up! The Browns need a great leader, not a great partier.

  14. Wait….a rookie QB is performing erratically in his first NFL training camp. I, personally, think Manziel’s a turd. But why is anyone expecting him to look like a polished player right now?

  15. I think too many college football players peak when they achieve something great. Johnny has “bust” written all over him due to how he’s looked on & off the field since winning the Heisman. He strikes me as a guy who could, in a year or 2, simply say football isn’t really what he wants to do. Add to all of this that he was drafted by a perennial bottom dweller in the NFL (sorry, Cleveland fans, but it’s true).

    Or, he could concentrate on football and be great for a poor organization and put them on the map the way he did A&M.

  16. Come on. Really? You knew this was the type of kid you were getting. Football skill speculation aside, it was pretty common knowledge (at least among those not making the draft call in Cleveland, apparently) that he was not mature enough to enter the ranks of Pro Football.

    He’s still a college frat boy who was just given an ‘endless’ supply of money, access to top bars and clubs (who probably funnel free or discounted booze to keep him there for the publicity), and a phone filled with the numbers of Who’s Who in entertainment and sports. Bad things are going to happen.

  17. The steelers weren’t exactly happy with Bens off field shenanigans either, however he did win a super bowl with the help of bill leavy. BUT also lost to Tim tebow, and has regressed, so who knows what the Browns will get

  18. Man please leave him alone, if they dont want to start him fine, seems like they are leaking stuff from the front office if he does not start, this is already proving to be a failed marriage.

  19. The anti-Tebow. All the same distractions but for all the wrong reasons. However, it is funny that the NFL distanced itself from Tebow and his overt Christianity, but then turned around and embraced someone who is partying in Vegas, riding inflatable swans and rolling bills to snort “whatever” in a club bathroom. Guess that shows who the NFL feels more comfortable with and the lifestyle they feel is more representative of who they are and their expectations for players. No guarantee at this point (and based on preliminary reports) Manziel will be any better than Tebow, especially since they are so similar in style. I would figure until he proved he was worth it, he would tone it down seeing how being in the spotlight constantly didn’t work so well for Tebow and all Tebow was doing was praying. Tebowing is getting on your knee, Manzieling is now rubbing your fingers to roll up a bill.

  20. I have been waiting a long time now to see some PFT headlines clearing up what that dollar bill incident was all about. Where are the statements from Manziel and the Browns to tell us what the purpose was for him to be rolling that bill? It shouldn’t be that tough of a mystery to crack.

  21. Ryan leaf 2.0. Watch This guy is so self entitled and spoiled he won’t put the work in to be good. Way to selfish, this KID cares more about being at the party with stars then perfecting his craft

  22. In the same article, Mary Kay stated that the Browns traded up to take Maziel #1 overall. What an idiot. Her entire JOB is to report on the Browns and she can’t even get the most obvious facts straight. I can’t stand her and her “sources”. Oh, and last year, she said Jason Campbell was an elite QB. Haha!

  23. They should’ve given him more of a chance to start. He probably would’ve been way more focused. Saying, Hoyer is the start and that it to a guy who is notorious for partying and is 21. C’monnn.

  24. Maturity is the key for him. Will it happen in time for him to have a good career? Time will tell.

  25. The Browns are a Class D organization.

    They should not be surprised at what the rest of us already knew a year ago.

    They are a joke.

  26. I don’t feel sorry for the Browns, not one bit. Everyone – including the Browns – knew what they were getting when they drafted him.

    Lucky for them they’ll have another high draft pick in next years draft thanks to the Bills.

  27. Am i the only one who is rally beginningnto hate unnamed sources…
    Cmon with this already…my unnamed sources said your unnamed sources are cowards for being an unnamed source

  28. sweetnlow44 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 2:41 PM
    He’s no Russell Wilson.
    He’s not even an EJ Manuel.

  29. Yesterday they’re putting a special package for Johnny Wildcat. Today, they have concerns that he has regressed.

    Is Haslam trying to save money on a PR department or what? Who is signing off on these releases to the media?

    I’ve been as critical of Manziel as anybody, but it seems he’s right in line with the Browns organization, which seems more amateurish day by day.

  30. While his behavior is perfectly in line with what Browns ownership is looking for in a Flying J rebate account executive, for a QB, eh, not so much.

  31. This horse is dead and buried. It’s remains are available at your local drugstore in the glue aisle.

    I can’t believe the paper would report something like this considering training camp has already started. Nothing new to see here – let’s just concentrate on watching the QB battle unfold.

  32. And…this is what happens Cleveland when you get your draft tips from Skip Bayless. Do some real work and you might see what the entire world saw. Oh, and apologize to your fans for stealing their money and loyalty year after year.

  33. The media and everybody in football land when you have a player that act the way Johnny Manziel does in the Brown’s organization that is not where he want to be. Before the draft day started Johnny Manziel’s hopes was to be a Cowboy’s player, Jerry Jones let the young man down Jerry Jones knew where the young man wanted to play. Cowboys had a change to draft him, when Jerry Jones didn’t draft him the young man went over the edge. It’s up to the Brown’s to try and get him back on track, his heart was on playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

  34. Ugh, quit quoting Mary Kay Cabot and her “unnamed sources”. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland already reported this same info after sitting down with Coach Pettine.

  35. We live in the National Enquirer age in the Media today & all the armchair qb’s just buy into crap & talk about some kid they have never met!! Seems to be lots of either jealous guys, wannabes or mancrushers!!
    Get a life already!!

  36. If Manziel’s off-field actions “alarm” a billion dollar fraudster like Haslam, you know you’ve got problems.

  37. We all need to give credit where credit is due. Everyone was clamoring for him to go to the big top in Dallas. Jerruh didnt pull the trigger on that one so we at least owe him an atta-boy for that, right?

  38. I was pulling for Hoyer anyway. If Johnny wants to concede the point for this year, then drink up, Johnny. Your rubber swan is right this way.

    Go Browns!

  39. Haha, here’s an idea. If I’m JM and I watched Kyle Shanahan absolutely wreck RGIII last year, I might not be excited about playing in his system as a rookie. And if playing well or not at all pays the same, and if I’ve watched other rookie QB’s get thrown into games before they’re ready and get chewed up as a result…

    Maybe I “play” my way into the backup slot for a year, watch and learn, and hope Shanahan gets fired after a terrible season so that I can victoriously take the reins in my 2nd year. Bwa-ha-ha-ha…

  40. Let’s not get our panties in a wad here, people. There haven’t been any reports of Johnny Football tearing it up in Vegas or anywhere else for a couple of weeks. Training camp is starting and he will be held captive throughout. Let the guy at least show he can’t do it before you start labeling him a bust or the next Ryan Leaf. If he can roll to his left and fire a seed right on target no one will care if he’s puking while he’s doing it.

  41. I can see the vikings or bears trading for him in a couple of years since all of there qb’s suck especially jay butler & heddy bustwater

  42. For anyone who wants the truth. Nate Burleson said Manzeil was “mistake free” in his first practice of training camp and appeared to have a very good handle on the play book. Mary Kay Cabot is a local reporter in love…I mean smitten ..with Brian Hoyer. Her “unnamed team sources” are the little cupid angels flying around her head.

  43. Uh…what exactly did he do off-field, because this article clearly did not say?? Maybe the title of this article should have been…”Manziel’s Work Ethic Questionable”. This article’s title leads the reader to think he did something inapproriate off-field.

  44. If the Browns are shocked about Manziel’s off the field actions then this is reason #10572 that the Browns organization is a giant dumpster fire. It has been for most of its existence.

    PS. And really…..a new dog mascot with the name Swagger? LMAO It would be less comical if they had some before pulling a stunt like that.

  45. Well, this is on Jimmy since he overruled the football people, so I hope he doesn’t try to scapegoat anyone for this. However, he can scapegoat them for passing on Watkins who, unsurprisingly, is sounding like he’s going to be special from reports out of Bills camp. I know they got a great deal, but at some point, you need to start stacking your team with great players and not just more hypothetical picks.

  46. Kellen Moore, who couldn’t cut it in the NFL didn’t even get thrown out of the Manning Passing Academy.

  47. To be a true star in the NFL requires dedication and commitment. Instead, what do we see time and again?
    Drugs – esp. marijuana
    Strip Clubs
    The Posse
    ‘Keeping it Real’
    Domestic Violence
    And new entrants:

    NFL: No Found Logic

  48. We sittin’ here talking ’bout practice!

    Wake me up when the preseason games start. That’s when Johnny will win the starting job. It’s no coincidence that Pettine chose to name a starter after the third preseason game.

  49. The Browns should have had some kind of a special assessment of all the QB’s in the draft so they could determine who the best pick would be according to the fit of their team…..or something….. maybe they can draft Jameis Winston next year

  50. What??? A self-entitled rich kid didn’t take anyones’ advice and ran amuck doing whatever he felt like rather than buckle down and prepare for something? Who could have ever seen this coming???

  51. Every day it will be some new story for the sake of having a story since the fan boys luv this guy so much…Hoyer may start the season but he will get hurt and then Manziel will get his chance…he will get smacked around the browns will lose a lot of games with him as the starter eventually he will end up on a different team (probably the pathetic Cowboys ala Ryan Leaf/Drew Henson) he will be a non-factor for that team and then will be out of the league ala Tim Tebow….it would be nice if we could just fast forward to that point now so I don’t have to be exposed to all the non-sense in between!

  52. Bwahhaahhaahhhahhhahha! Even Ray Charles could see this coming. Another “quality” QB choice from the mistake by the lake! LMAO!

  53. Sounds like someone in the Browns organization wanted to send Manzel a message publically.

  54. Duh!
    Every NFL team saw the imaturity except the desperate Browns. When Mark Sanchez got drafted, over rated and deserving of a 3rs rounder. Same with Tebow II (without theclass).
    Manziel will wash out and end career as a Raider like all other washouts. Cmon, what kind of (expletive) type personhangs out with Beiber and Mayweather? Id be sooo embarassed if he were my supposed franchise QB. This aintccollege kiddo. These lineman gonna eat him up with half a bite. When that happens, oppositing fans will mimickhis Iimmaturity. I see it coming. Ill he posting laughs and jokes like crazy. Cant wait.

  55. There are almost as many posts about Manziel on this site as there are posts about the Redskins nick name.

    Personally I find the term “Johnny Football” offensive – if he ever trademarks it I hope it will be challenged.

  56. He’s shown what a bum he is probably won’t be in the league in a year or two but he’ll have his money and celeb power

  57. Really, Browns? You couldn’t see this coming through screening this guy. I could, from my couch, lol.

    Although, I think this is blown way out of proportion.

  58. So many haters. He hasn’t played a down, so everything to this point is speculation on his career. Nobody knows what he can and can’t do. Let it play out you morons.

  59. Remember how yesterday PFT reported that the browns coach was NOT concerned, and Florio tried to spin it into saying the NFL shouldn’t care about the players off season activities?

  60. He’ll be released after one year. The Browns will take another QB in next years draft. Just like they’ve done in the past, give up on a player because they have no TEAMmates. Revolving door is their plan.

  61. There is no reason for the Browns to be alarmed. All they have to do is pick up one of those new “money phones” like Johnny has and they won’t be able to hear anything about Johnny. Problem solved.

  62. Given the track records of Cleveland’s #22 overall pick, they should make sure they never pick in that order again. Shouldn’t be a problem next year…they’re on track to pick #2 or #3 in 2015.

  63. Bret Favre played his best on painkillers. Blow and girls didn’t hurt Irvin’s game. Pot didn’t hurt Parish’s game. I could care less what Johnny ballgame does as long as he wins games for the Browns, which will sell tickets, get prime time ads, and give the people of Cleveland faith and hope again. Whatever he has to do to get loose and release the stress is just fine as long as he wins. I could give a damn about his personal life.

  64. I’m surprised it took Mary Kay this long to report it. I heard in OTAs Manziel had to be called out a few times by coaches and some of his teammates are tired of it. I’m not so sure that in 2 years Manziel will still be with the Browns and Connor Shaw won’t. The rookie who lasts might be the UDFA and the first round pick may be the one out on the street!

  65. RussianBreadMaker says: Jul 25, 2014 3:16 PM

    All the talent in the world… but lacking the brain power to utilize that talent to it’s full potential. All too common these days in professional sports.
    Not just in sports, you’ve forgotten about how some of the media is.

  66. Teddy Bridgewater was still on the board.

    Teddy Bridgewater was still on the board.

    They took Johnny Bustball. I just don’t see it. But, from a Viking fan, thank you.

  67. This is why the Browns are a trainwreck. Their owner is clueless, their GM is clueless and their head coach is clueless. No other team has one side of the story come out one day then a total reversal the next.

    I said BEFORE the draft, take Watkins at 4, Benjamin or Beckham or Landry at 22 Jeremy Hill at 35, and O LINE MAN at 71, take McCarron, Murray or Mettenberger. This is why the Browns lose 10+ games every year. Their drafting makes zero sense and they are stupid and incompetent

  68. I wonder how today’s media being what it is, I wonder how Joe Namath would have been covered? Back then, it was considered cool to have a good time. Now people expect monks.

  69. Ryan Leaf??? Are you kidding me?? Was Leaf the first EVER Freshman Heisman Trophy winner?? Did Ryan Leaf lead the toughest conference 2 yrs in a row? I’m an Aggie and a Browns fan and all I can say is…….”just wait”.

  70. Hoyer will quietly take advantage of this opportunity. Hoyer may not be the answer in Cleveland for the long-term, but Manziel’s behavior will guarantee that Hoyer gets at least enough starts to show everyone who he really is.

  71. imathey97 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:37 PM
    Ryan Leaf??? Are you kidding me?? Was Leaf the first EVER Freshman Heisman Trophy winner?? Did Ryan Leaf lead the toughest conference 2 yrs in a row? I’m an Aggie and a Browns fan and all I can say is…….”just wait”.


    Ryanl Leaf was so highly thought of he was in the discussion for first overall with Peyton Manning. This is a very similar situation. The great players put their job first. He clearly isn’t right now. He might still have a good career, but it would be better if he didn’t do coke on the weekends.

  72. You guys need to lay off Manziel a little bit and I will tell you why. He left 2 years early. In January he started preparing for the draft. He worked and worked and worked with George Whitfield to get his act together for his pro day and the combine. So unlike other NFL players, he has really had no offseason until after the OTAs in Cleveland. Its been pretty nonstop football for him since training camp in 2013 when he started preparing for A&M’s campaign.

    Sometimes its a good thing to go out and have a great time. Doing so rests the mind, so that when its time for the intensity to return one is ready to go 100%. I know that is how I operate. If one push, push, pushes all the time and have no offseason, one may lose his freshness. He needed some time off to relax and have fun after doing the football thing for almost 11 months straight.

  73. patsfan13 says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:35 PM
    I wonder how today’s media being what it is, I wonder how Joe Namath would have been covered? Back then, it was considered cool to have a good time. Now people expect monks.


    Namath is an admitted alcoholic that would likely have lasted longer if he stayed off the sauce, but he was great. Namath would have been seen as a cool guy even today, I’m sure, because he won. The difference between Namath and Manziel is that Manziel hasn’t don’t one thing yet. He’s a wannabe Namath.

  74. “Alarmed”??? Did I read that correctly!?!?!?!?!? “Alarmed”!?!?!?!?!?!?


    That response really makes the Browns look like total idiots!!! Wow Cleveland fans, and you think last year was a challenge!!!

  75. rekroot says:
    Jul 25, 2014 5:02 PM
    Bret Favre played his best on painkillers. Blow and girls didn’t hurt Irvin’s game. Pot didn’t hurt Parish’s game. I could care less what Johnny ballgame does as long as he wins games for the Browns, which will sell tickets, get prime time ads, and give the people of Cleveland faith and hope again. Whatever he has to do to get loose and release the stress is just fine as long as he wins. I could give a damn about his personal life.


    This isn’t the 90’s. There are tons of elite athletes chomping at the bit. The Irvin’s of the world would need more then talent to carry them now. There are too many guys working hard to get by on talent alone.

  76. Didn’t “they” say this two months ago? Mary Kat Cabot is the one beat writer for a team that actually hates the team she’s making a living off of, so her anonymous sources lack credibility. In another month we’ll hear from a certain sports network how much he’s mastered the offense and has a legit shot at starting.

  77. Wow, first day of camp and he’s a bust. Hang the cleats up Johnny cause anonymity says you regressed.

  78. I’m not that concerned with how well the backup QB does…. Hell, Hoyer is better than half the starters in the league, so as long as he stays healthy, Manziel can party himself out of the league.

  79. Wow, took that long to finally report what we already knew. Everybody saw how poorly Manziel did his 2 minute, studdering and stammering thru his playcalls. Only reason for that would be not being prepared. And while he was out parting, Hoyer was working with the receivers on their routes and timing. Manziel is so far behind right now that don’t be surprised to see Thigpen or even Shaw listed as the 2nd string behind Hoyer for a bit.

  80. Gees, they just cut into Sportscenter with his press conference live. The media created this monster as much as his behavior has. Also, I’ve never seen a more transparent snow job pulled before the draft, lol. He wouldn’t even go the Super Bowl because he was pushing the “I’m working my tail off” angle right up until the Browns picked up the phone that night. After that, it’s been back on, Johnny being Johnny. That being said, I still do hope he succeeds because I’m sick of people pretending like football is rocket science and if you don’t spend 24/7 studying the playbook, you’re a loser.

  81. You would think that falling to #22 and getting drafted by the perennial laughing stock of the league would be enough to make a man put a little more into it. Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, JP Losman, Cade McNown, JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch……..Johnny Football

  82. I call a BIG BS on this article…there are dozens of other articles out this week, by legitimate sports newsmen and women, which refute what is written here…including interviews with Pettine and Shanahan…as well as his teammates. In fact, it was said the 2nd day of Camp he was “perfect”…no mistakes. Almost everyone on here, with very few exceptions, are haters, will always be Manziel haters, and are probably placing bets in Vegas that he will flop. I ain’t gonna happen, boys, so go back to your beer, and your girlie magazines where you have rubbed holes in the pages where the boobs used to be… and your mother’s basement….because if anyone is going to fail, it’s the haters. (I suspect you want everyone to fail, so you can feel better about your own miserable little lives).

  83. saw a lot of news regarding this guy manziel already. what a way to get attention without even taking a real snap for your team!

  84. Agreed heard a interview with Pettine and he said Johnny looked great today. Maybe this source is out to make her look foolish.

    Still juvenile on the Browns part. There is more m is – information coming out of the Browns organization than any team in the NFL. Like anyone is worrying what they are doing. They act like they are good or something, and trying to prevent teams from knowing what they are doing

  85. I first want to start this one off by stating for the record, that Danny Woodhead is not a WR, he is a RB. OK, all jokes aside, well it is the Browns so there goes that notion, lol. Mr. Johnny Football, or Manziel for that matter, did you honestly believe that the Dallas Cowboys were going to waste a 1st Rd pick on you? Seriously?

  86. And this goes out to the Cleveland Browns fans and organization, you could of drafted Johnny Manziel in the 7th Rd, no one wanted him, you give up valuable picks and player to get this guy who is more concerned with learning the ropes of where the best VIP is and not the ropes of QBing in this league? It’s a damn shame. This organization should be alarmed.

  87. That’s the only one that has their head on the right shoulder. At least he spent time behind and mentored by the greatest Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Maybe you can help explain why their not given Hoyer any useful weapons other than Jordan Cameron? And trade away Trent Richardson? SMH

  88. I stopped just short of screaming at the TV when my Jags took another QB in round 1 of the draft. If they were going to go QB in round 1, Manziel was my guy. Thank GOD he wasn’t theirs. We’ve got enough problems with WR’s partying a little too hard, the last thing we needed was a team leader (or future team leader) partying even harder. Good luck with that trainwreck CL fans. On the bright side, I’m sure he and Josh Gordon will get along great, whether it’s on the field or watching their team play from home.

  89. Well, when the owner tells you you’re nothing but a backup, what’s the big deal? How does partying in Vegas inhibit your ability to hold a clipboard?

    Maybe when Jimmy Haslam grows up, Johnny Manziel will, too.

    I can’t even imagine what GM Ray Farmer must go through every day.

  90. There is a reason the other teams, including Dallas, passed on him. This is all on you Cleveland! I’m waiting for Manziel to show up to next off season 20 pounds overweight!

  91. kwjsb says:Jul 25, 2014 2:41 PM

    If he wins, they will be silent alarms

    Key word here is IF

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