Report: Josh Gordon went to rehab after latest arrest

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It’s been a tumultuous offseason for Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon that has seen him suspended (pending an Aug. 1 appeal) for another substance-abuse policy violation, ticketed for speeding and arrested for a DUI charge.

However, Gordon has apparently taken his latest infraction more seriously and has begun to seek help for his string of problems.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, Gordon checked into a rehab facility following his DUI arrest in North Carolina earlier this month. Gordon is still expected to report to training camp with the Browns on Friday and the team currently has no intention of releasing him.

The move to attend rehab won’t do anything to help him avoid suspension. It likely won’t help him avoid further possible punishment stemming from the DUI arrest either. But it may be the first step toward Gordon getting his life in order to be able to return to football at some point in the future.

Or Gordon won’t learn from his mistakes and he’ll follow in Tanard Jackson’s footsteps instead. No matter what choice Gordon makes, the decision is up to him. Checking into rehab and admitting he has a problem is a good first step.

26 responses to “Report: Josh Gordon went to rehab after latest arrest

  1. “Well in that case.. I believe that you are sincere in your desire to learn from this matter and move forward toward a successful career. I’m going to suspend you two games.”

    – Roger

  2. Just figure it out man. If you live a 9-5 life/live in a legalized state then whatever. To each their own. But you’re trading potentially one of the richest contacts in the NFL to get baked.

  3. I wonder why these guys agents haven’t looked to Josh Hamilton’s for advice on how he did it. I understand each person is different in how they get snapped out of their own addictions but it couldn’t hurt given his unbelievable return from his.

  4. Rehab for.. marijuana?

    Cannabis doesn’t have addictive properties that other drugs do, I’m not sure if this is anything more than a publicity stint..

  5. I hope he went to rehab to actually rehab, not just to try to convince the league he really means it this time. A year away will do him well. If he’s serious, he WILL rehab for real, and that’s a nice story. Then he can come back to football and also be a good role model. It’s good he didn’t hurt anybody or anything else.

  6. He admitted he had a problem, that’s why he was in the program initially. Now he’s actually doing something about it. Hopefully he took advice from someone outside of his crew and realizes that the NFL is truly a rare opportunity. I hope he gets it together for his own sake. And kudos to the team for not cutting him either because of talent or legit concern, at least some part of the organization will be there to assist.

  7. The move to attend rehab won’t do anything to help him avoid suspension. It likely won’t help him avoid further possible punishment stemming from the DUI arrest either.

    That’s not what Aldon Smith thinks…

  8. Yes it is a good first step to take accountability & the NFL while being greatful for his actions should still suspend him for a full year as well as inform him in writing that this is his last chance to follow thru on changing his ways permenantly…. Take this time to focus on himself & get the help he needs or be banned for life…again the choice is HIS!!!
    This downward spiral has to be addressed & culture reversed or NFL career is done!!!

  9. Hope he gets his life in order and makes the right decisions. The Browns need him back next year.

    The NFL banning these guys from their teams during their suspensions is foolish. Having the structure would do them more good than harm.

    These players almost always get in trouble when they have too much time on their hands and no structure. If the NFL cares about these players they would let them stay with their teams during the suspension

  10. Free Josh Gordon, he may end up being the greatest ever. He already holds records & led the NFL in yards at 23 yrs. old.

  11. Like most people have commented on threads about Josh Gordon, we are just flabbergasted at this guy’s actions. It’s absolutely insane what this guy stands to lose just because he can’t control his urges. What probably irritates me the most is that this guy has it made and all he has to do is not be stupid. It’s easy for me to say because I’m not in that situation and if you don’t think money change you, you’re fooling yourself. However, I like having money and I would always like to have more of it. Therefore, I’d do whatever I needed to do to get more of it. Gordon (and Blackmon) have put their careers perilously close to the point of no return. I’d like to think most of the people who post on these threads would be hoping they get it together. I hope Gordon realizes now that he needs help and he gets help because the bottom line is that he’s a person, just like you and me. I don’t wish him any ill will. I do wish he’d get his act together because to see someone just throw away something most people could only dream of is unfathomable.

    Just like many other people though, he’s going to have to prove himself now and he only has himself to blame for that. Here’s hoping the light will come on before it’s too late and that after he’s through it he can help others.

  12. What kind of a message are the Browns sending to the younger generation? Have talent you can screw up and still be on the team? Sure appears that way Plus Mr. Farmer you get a prestigious job as a minority and look at what you are doing?

  13. Addiction is a disease. No one makes the type of conscious decisions Gordon has made with having some type of problem. That being said, no one can call a person an alcoholic or drug addict and make it stick…the person MUST self-identify in order to get into recovery.

    He SHOULD and will be suspended…my issue is the fact the team basically has to kick in to the curb with no contact during the discipline…He will desperately need that support to succeed. If the NFL wants players “treated” they should suspend them but allow them team access and medical/treatment options within that cocoon of support during that time frame.

    The AMA says addicts/alcoholics are sick people trying to get well…NOT BAD people trying to get GOOD..

  14. Too little, too late.

    Boot this guy for the full year. If he is smart, which up until now hasn’t been the case, he will use the time to get help.

    Quit coddling repeat offenders. If they don’t shape up then ship them out.

    I would love to toke up too but refrain to hold onto a $40K / Year job. This clown can’t do the same for millions?

    Give me a break !!!

  15. Rehab for marijuana… lol

    Seriously, what has he done wrong? He got caught with THC in his system.. GASP!!! I suppose it would be better for him to be an alcoholic, meth head or crack head? After all, all of those drugs can’t be found in your system 24-48 hours after use

    Drug testing, it says “If you don’t want to get busted, then smoke crack instead of weed, because it gets out of your system”

  16. I can read up and down this page, and see a bunch of people that are clueless about marijuana…

    Marijuana and addiction don’t belong in the same sentence. I know many, many, many people that have quit smoking pot at the drop of a dime so they could get a job. I know from experience in life that marijuana is not addictive. I don’t have to listen to the lies that these so called “experts” spout out

    Josh Gordon doesn’t even have a problem, he got caught with THC in his system, that was it. He could play football just fine, marijuana doesn’t affect the guy at all.

  17. What bothers me about it the most is that most of you are like “shocked” that the guy smokes pot, and you think it’s a terrible thing to do, yet at the same time you would be absolutely fine with him using alcohol, a much more dangerous drug. You people and your stupidity

    Why not talk about how the NFL needs to relax on the marijuana rules? Ya know, since it’s not dangerous at all to smoke it?

  18. This is sad and pathetic and I’m not talking about Josh Gordon’s situation I’m talking about the so called “reporting” of the situation.

    Josh Gordon’s DWI was for ALCOHOL not Marijuana which more than likely is what he went to rehab for. Not only that but his “tumultuous offseason” was two traffic stops, I’m pretty sure there are guys in the NFL that which their off season was as “tumultuous” as Gordons. Fact is he has not had any Marijuana issues since being drafted and IF he does get suspended (as he has not despite this article saying he has) and it ends up being marijuana related it would be his first slip in almost 3 years.

    This kid is trying to turn his life around unlike guys like Justin Blackmon and people should be applauding him for taking responsibility for his actions without being asked but I guess you won’t get as many comments unless you make it look like Gordon is toking it up every day even though there is no proof of that.

  19. I am so tired of people saying that he has a drug and alcohol problem and he has to “hit rock bottom” before he gets better. The guy isn’t doing lines of coke off strippers and smoking crack on the corner, and he was just barely over the legal limit on the DWI. Smoking some weed and being literally half a beer over the legal limit don’t make you an addict. What he does have is a serious inability to make good life decisions and choose a path to being a better person and opening himself up to a world of nearly endless wealth, and its quite possible he is trying to self-medicate to cover up some depression issues or other mental issue. Based on his history he clearly never learned how to make good choices and now he has to face the consequences of his actions. The guy doesn’t need rehab, he needs some therapy to help him realize his potential. Until he does that his opportunities are going to pass him by.

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