Rob Gronkowski: I’m not changing my style one bit


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s right knee is feeling well enough that the Patriots felt confident that he didn’t need to start training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list, but Gronkowski said Friday that isn’t the same thing as being 100 percent.

Gronkowski expects to be limited in practice when the team is in full pads as he works to make sure he’s totally healthy in time for the first game of the season. That wasn’t the case last year, when Gronkowski’s back and forearm surgeries conspired to keep him off the field early in the year. Once Gronkowski is fully operational, he says that the slew of injuries won’t impact his playing style.

“Nah, I ain’t changing that one bit,” Gronkowski said, via WEEI. “I’m going to go full speed when I’m out there and I’m going to keep smashing and dashing in everything I do. Maybe if it’s not necessary one single bit I’ll go down [to the ground]. But if I can make some plays and make some extra yards and get in the end zone, I’m definitely going to go full speed and do everything I can.”

While Gronkowski and the Patriots would be wise to eliminate unnecessary risks, there aren’t that many of those involved in the life of an NFL tight end who is essential to his team’s offensive success. Gronkowski is going to get hit when he has the ball, he’s going to get hit when he’s blocking and he’s going to be left in vulnerable positions while trying to catch balls, all of which are integral to doing his job and going less than 100 percent in any area is going to lead to more bad outcomes than good ones.

That may mean more injuries, but that risk comes with the rewards of having Gronkowski in the lineup.

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  1. Very true, with risk, comes rewards. He’ll be fine as long as someone doesn’t cheapshot his knees again.

  2. The kid flat out balls like no other tight end in the league. Never change Gronk.

  3. Don’t let him fool you. Stick with Jimmy Graham as #1 TE on your fantasy rosters. Gronk killed me last year. Dude is seriously made of fine china.

  4. That may mean more injuries, but that risk comes with the rewards of having Gronkowski in the lineup.
    You have to go full speed or you will end up getting hurt. He shouldn’t change a thing, plus a couple of those injuries were cheap shots, just like the cheap shot that was put on EJ Manuel, might even be the same player. I hate the Patriots, but I can give props to Gronk, best TE in the game when healthy, better than Graham.

  5. “But they who wait for the Gronk shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like Vegas show girls; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not limp.” — Book of Gronkilations, 40:31

  6. .
    The TJ Ward hit last year would have blown out anyone’s knee. It was unavoidable.

  7. Gronk has the right attitude. I don’t know what he could have done to avoid the injuries he has had so far beyond sitting in the bench.

    -Arm broken arm during a point after.
    -Busted knee on running on an open field.
    -High ankle sprain doing – I don’t know – playing football.

    He just has to play his game and let the chips fall where they may.

    On the other hand, it would be nice if Belichick manages his reps. When he has been healthy, he averages the most reps of any player in the offense outside of Brady. The more reps any player is out there, the bigger the chance of an injury.

    Just once I would like to see what the Patriots can do with healthy Gronk throughout the playoffs.

  8. It goes against the mentality of being a tough guy….but guys like randy moss managed to figure it out. As much crap as he took for “occasionally” avoiding contact gave him one of the best injury free (relatively speaking) careers and most productive to date….

    So in the end was it worth it?

  9. I see no reason he should change his style. Go full throttle and do damage Gronk. Be the player we all know and love. And on that note the Pats may want to start looking for another TE to replace him. If he continues playing this way he wont be able to walk in a few years. Good luck with that one.

  10. Like him alot but i have his over under games played this yr at 6
    you just cant take the punishment he has and say im unaffected and 1″9%

  11. “Patriots felt confident that he didn’t need to start training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list, but Gronkowski said Friday that isn’t the same thing as being 100 percent.”

    Wasn’t he simply ineligible for PuP after team doctors cleared him to play?

  12. First off… Gronk is a One-Hit (Season) Wonder. Graham has been consistent for many years. While Gronk is an elite TE, the facts don’t lie… Can’t be a Star on the Sidelines. Brady needs all the help his old arm can get and those two Church Mice (Edelman and Amendola) are good for 3-4 yards a catch. See you in Hot, Humid Miami! Go 31st Ranked Dolphins!

  13. Anyone, regardless of team affiliation, who doesn’t want to see this guy stay healthy and play isn’t a true football fan.

  14. He took a dirty hit last year and everybody say he can’t stay healthy.who can get hit below the knee and don’t get hurt.pats haters need a life

  15. Saw a picture of him and Brady yesterday. Brady is something like 6-4 and 235 and he looked puny next to Gronk.

    I wonder if that unnatural size doesn’t contribute to being injury prone. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. “And woe to the corner who tries to tackle Him high, as his smiting shall not slow Him down. And woe to the safety who goes low, for He shall rise above and walk on the air. Oh humiliation! Oh destruction! Find that your end zone is your only salvation”

    Gronkilations 4:19-20

  17. Gronk when healthy is more dangerous and a tougher matchup than Graham, without a question. I can’t see an actual football fan not enjoy watching this guy play when he is healthy.
    He is not the brightest bulb, but everyone around him says he is a very genuine and good guy. I am a fan.

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