Sam Bradford is “full-go” for camp


The Rams hold their first practice of training camp on Friday and there won’t be any restrictions on quarterback Sam Bradford when they do.

Bradford is coming off a torn ACL, but coach Jeff Fisher said Thursday that there wouldn’t be any limits on the quarterback during practice.

“Sam is in great shape,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “He’s ready to go. We don’t have [reservations] — right now as we speak, as camp starts — he’s full-go. If we need to back him down here and there, we’ll back him down.”

One place where the Rams might back Bradford down will be in the first preseason game, which Fisher suggested would go on without the starting quarterback while also saying that Bradford would see preseason action. Whatever action he does see, Bradford will need to use it to build a strong foundation for a season that will see him try once more to prove that he’s the franchise quarterback that the Rams wanted when they took him first overall in 2010.

If Bradford can’t do that, it will likely be time for the Rams to look in another direction under center after spending the last few years concentrating on overhauling the rest of the roster.

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  1. Not for nothing, but this is roster is ready to compete with the best in the NFL except for one position: Quarterback. It’s pretty remarkable when Kellen Clemens has the team playing better than a former first overall draft pick. Now, I don’t completely think it’s all on Sam/Kellen, the team was in disarray last year. Still think Daryl is a capable running back and probably would have been just as productive as Stacy had the offense been performing like it was at the end of the year as it was at the beginning. Despite that though, Sam is probably the number 1 QB that has to step it up this year. They finally have some promise on the OL and at the skill positions to match borderline elite defense.

  2. I the NFC west the Rams will be lucky to go 8-8. They have a lotta talent but the west is loaded.
    Seattle 12-4
    San Francisco 12-4
    Arizona 8-8
    St. Louis 8-8

  3. Sam had 14-4 TD/Int ratio and 90.9 QB rating before he got hurt last year. Rams will be just fine he plays at or slightly above this level.

  4. He’ll get hurt or bomb. Either way, it will provide yet another year where the fans can say “Just you wait!”

  5. Huge Rams fan here and I have given Bradford the benefit of the doubt for 4 years due to 3 different OC’s, horrible O-line, and below average wr’s. This year there should be no excuses. The wr’s are not elite but have the speed and talent to get open. The O-line, provided they can actually stay healthy should be the best O-line he has had. 2 things need to happen here- 1.He needs to learn to better adjust to the passrush as he has always been a deer in the headlights when protection breaks down and 2. Schottenheimer needs to quit being so damn conserative on play calling.

  6. another huge ram fan here as well i am of the opinion that i will always be a ram fan and i will remain a bradford at least for one more year. if shotty doesn’t take away sams teething ring/pacifier, i will stand on the mountain top and scream for shottys head while admitting that if bradford couldn’t put on his big boy pants and convince shotty and fisher to lett loose the reins then he needs to go as well

  7. JUST YOU WAIT, been a RAMS fan from the moment they moved to st.louis. Been there when we were winning (which has been quite some time) and losing. Bradford showed promise his rookie year under pat shurmer, his demise was due to poor management and terrible drafting. I’ve said it on here plenty of times, Devaney had no place as a GM in the NFL, dude was arrogant and ignorant. Then you had his coach, you know that guy that cleans up the locker room for the Ravens now, I won’t even get started on him other than his play calling was give it to S3 every down. All that being said, no more excuses fisher and snead has turned this team to a playoff organization and the season does completely fall on Bradford. The only Stat that matters to me is wins and losses. So again JUST YOU WAIT we will compete in this division and win this year RAMSNATION

  8. There’s a reason why the top NFL pundits recognize that Bradford was playing very well last year before he got hurt — except for that awful two-game stretch on national TV (vs Dallas and SF). Check out Bradford’s 2013 stats in other posts; but here’s a new angle for you. Excluding that awful 2-game stretch, Bradford’s numbers were: 111 for 173, 64% passer, 12 TDs, 3 INTs, QB rating=101.4.

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