Stephen Jones says Cowboys will run the ball more


It’s fitting, we suppose, that as 34-year-old Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his twice-cut-open back prepare to lift the team to unprecedented heights over the next four-to-five years, one of the team’s top executive says they won’t be relying on Romo as much as they used to.

We will be running the ball more,” Cowboys V.P and COO Stephen Jones said Thursday, via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I think our offensive line is better than it was last year and I think we ran the ball pretty well last year.  I think we’ll run it better this year and I think there will be a bigger commitment to running it.”

If it’s true, why announce it to the world?  While the million who play fantasy football will appreciate the head’s up, opposing defensive coordinators will appreciate it even more.

For that reason alone, it’s possible that Jones is trying to make opposing defensive coordinators think that the Cowboys will be running the ball more, if for no reason other than to take some of the heat off of Tony Romo and his twice-cut-open back.

So before burning a high pick on DeMarco Murray in that upcoming fantasy draft, keep in mind that Jones simply may be providing cover for the quarterback whose back may or may not allow him to perform at a high level, or at all, for a lot longer in the NFL.

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  1. To me, the issue is more about providing cover for a defense that is expected to struggle again.

    They’ll run the ball more in an effort to tilt time of possession in their favor and keep a beleaguered defense off the field.

  2. Only in Dallas is this the norm for the ownership to discuss game planning to the press.

  3. A season late a millions of dollars short.

    They had that chance last year when they gave Murray like 4 carries in an entire half in one crucial game and ended up losing that game.

    Week after week Garrett would talk about how they were gonna run more and week after week they didn’t.

  4. Do we think 31 teams just scrapped their camp plans because the Cowboys announced they are going to run the ball more?

    The opposing D-Coordinators will pay attention to what they see on film, not what anyone announces.

  5. Or, by saying their going to run more, he knows all the def coordinator’s will not believe there’re really going to run, while (secretly) they really plan to actually run more, or will they? All the while knowing this one statement will have all the def coordinators completely confused, Brilliant!!! (note Sarcasm)

  6. The thing is, teams with a great offense can tell you what they’re going to do before they do it – and the result is the same, success.

    Dallas has a great offensive line. Even if they tell you they’re going to run, theres not much opposing teams can do about it.

    Think about it like this: Teams like Minnesota with AP, you KNOW they’re going to run, but he still racks up 100 yard games, and 1000 yard seasons.

  7. Our offense will help our defense as it tries to climb out of the gutter!


  8. Apparently what NFL people say about the team during the pre season is just bluster, unless that NFL person is with the Cowboys.
    If it’s true, why announce it to the world? While the million who play fantasy football will appreciate the head’s up, opposing defensive coordinators will appreciate it even more.

  9. Oh and BTW, that directly contradicts PFT’s assertion that Linehan will pass even more, despite comments since his hiring to the contrary.

    I guess it’s true now since SJ says it now that camp starts.
    Go dig up obscure people who don’t like the REDSKINS name.

  10. If daddy didn’t approve this message, Stevie gonna get in trouble for talking out of turn.

  11. Ha! We’ve heard that one before! I’m pretty sure that Jerry, Cherry (Garrett), Stevie, Callahan, Romo, Murray, Frederick, and anyone else who was interviewed said those exact words. Then they called 50 passes again.

  12. wtfchiefs says: Only in Dallas is this the norm for the ownership to discuss game planning to the press.
    I do recall the browns stating they would be using Johnny Football in wildcat situations so this also let’s opposing teams know whats coming at them when he steps on the field. not trying to troll on u just letting u know

  13. Its like Kennedy they tell you enough story’s. You want no what to believe. Guys, its just football. You can only do one of two things. Run or Pass. Daah!! So its no secret everyone will be coming after Romo. Its the game we play. But that works both ways. Everybody’s looking for Romo to get hurt. So let’s see if Dallas hurts a few QB’s yourself.

  14. They will have a great O-line, so that’s a fairly realistic plan. Now on the defensive side. . . . .

  15. Lac of commitment to the run was a big issue last season. I think running Murray more will not only help Romo but the defense as well.

    For now they are talking about running more but it remains to be seen what they do in the heat of battle.

  16. dublindemonszfl says:

    Jul 25, 2014 9:30 AM

    Blah blah blah, America doesn’t care about the Hasbeenboys.

    Are you sure? Because the fact that you read and then commented on a story about the Cowboys seems to indicated otherwise?

  17. You are giving Stephen Jones way to much credit if you suggest he is smart enough to throw a smoke screen out there to the rest of the league. No, the Jones’s are just that stupid every time there’s a mike in their face.

  18. I have been a cowboy fan for a long time I wish they let tony set out and let dustin Vaughan play for are QB tony gust don’t have what it takes to be a good QB I thank with a little time Vaughan could be a good QB

  19. Folks it isn’t like it’s a secret that they NEED to run the ball more AND be more effective AT IT. They needed to do the samething last year and for the same reasons; the problem was that the Oline wasn’t able to EITHER give Tony the protection he needs in the passing game OR open holes for the RB’s! No holes, no running game, that simple. IF the Oline can stay healthy, they SHOULD be able to do both this year.

  20. We read this every year about the allas Cowboys. But then they play enver and they realize Romo is the only option.

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