49ers worry about Kendall Hunter’s leg injury

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It suddenly could be easier for the 49ers to divvy up tailback carries, but that’s a very thin silver lining in the dark cloud currently hovering over contract-year backup Kendall Hunter.

Hunter, a largely forgotten 49ers favorite amid the arrivals of Marcus Lattimore and Carlos Hyde in the last two drafts, suffered a leg injury during practice on Friday.  The specific nature and extent of the injury isn’t known, but Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the team is “concerned.”

Per Werder, Hunter went down awkwardly in a non-contact session.  The team “didn’t like the way it looked,” and now time and testing will test whether Hunter will be gone for a little while or a long time.

Lattimore remains on the Physically Unable to Perform list, which means that Hyde could get plenty of opportunities to show that he can do what Hunter does, which includes a 4.6-yards-per-carry average and a thorough and complete understanding of the team’s pass protections and his role in them.

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  1. I certainly hope he is alright but I don’t think this will be a huge problem for the Niners if the injury is season ending. Situations like these are exactly why they are so deep at running back. If they lose him for an extended period of time I would think Carlos Hyde do a great job filling in for him.

  2. My theory on these RB injuries: excess competition. Vick Ballard needs his job back bcuz T-Rich stinks. He tries too hard and tears his Achilles’ tendon.

    Now look at kendall hunter. He’s fighting for a spot and his look at what his effort put him through.

    Lesson: Tailbacks need less wear and tear. They already have taken enough. It’s time to closely Monitor or cut down their work. After all, the QB can’t get hit. QB’s and RB’s are the ones who can control games. It’s better to protect both than one.

  3. agilson78, pretty sure they handed out rose colored glasses with the last round of fliers that explained how to be a fan.

  4. And the seahawks are so deep since their two backs racked up 500 yards last season? Christine is gonna a replace Marshawn and production won’t fall off with that 54 yards he put up last season

  5. Get well Kendall, whether it’s long term or short term the Niner Faithful support you.

    Once again proving that our depth at RB has proven to be a blessing, it will create an opportunity for Hyde and Lattimore.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

    Oh and it’s not even 7 am on the west coast and Seatards are already trolling. Holy crap get a life, get therapy friggin get a dog. But you make yourselves seem like such losers so much so that you don’t even realize when your team has won.

  6. This could be bad news for the Niner Nation. Hunter is an unsung HERO. This cat picks up right where Gore leaves it. The back-ups are un-proven. James is too small to block, Lattimore will never get to the level he needs to be to compete in the NFL. Hyde could be good, but we don’t know yet. I hope he can block. IF Hyde can block, we’ll be OK.

    I REALLY hope this Hunter injury is minor. The dude is a KEY ELEMENT.

    GO NINERS!!!

  7. beefsbrother says:
    Jul 26, 2014 10:46 AM
    I certainly wish nothing bad for the man, but from a pure football standpoint he has done very little for the team in his career.


    Ignorance. Prior to blowing his Achilles he was averaging nearly 5.1 yards per carry. He returned and folks said he was faster and even more agile. Hunter is grossly under appreciated only because of the guy he backs up.

  8. Injuries happen. The Miners have plenty of RBs so cry me a river. Nobody even mentions Lamichael James. He can run but don’t know about his blocking. I thought he was on the trade block? I’d take him.

  9. So deep at RB? Hmmmm, a 31 year old, a rookie, and a cripple. Sounds real deep to me.
    Brilliant observation. That old RB is still a top back, that rookies a beast, that cripple still has promise and have LaMichael James. Yep they are screwed

  10. “agilson78 says:
    Jul 26, 2014 9:22 AM
    So deep at RB? Hmmmm, a 31 year old, a rookie, and a cripple. Sounds real deep to me.”

    You mean a 31 year old Frank Gore, LaMichael James, a cripple, and a rookie? Oh and the cripple and rookie are Marcus Lattimore and Carlos Hyde. Either you are a complete idiot or you are just wishfully thinking that the 49ers aren’t deep at RB.

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